"Bodybuilding supplements are a waste of money ... I gained over 60 lbs of muscle mass naturally."

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Muscle building testimonials from the MuscleNOW bodybuilding program
"You have changed my life."

"People accuse me of being a steroid user all the time."

Muscle Gain Bodybuilding Diet and Weight Training Workout Plan Testimonial by Christopher Lopez

Hi Francesco, I just wanted to thank you...

About three and a half years ago, I had nothing going for me, I failed out of a nationally ranked and renowned college, loved drinking, and ate whatever and whenever I wanted, and took up smoking to relieve stress...I was 5'6", and a very sloppy 210 lbs...unhappy and depressed from my current situation, I knew I needed something to help boost my self esteem and my life, because if not, I was going to hit rock bottom, and it wouldn’t have been pretty...it was then that I accidently stumbled your MuscleNow website, and immediately ordered your program...it provided the backbone, information, and motivation I needed to lose just about 50 lbs of unwanted fat in about 7 months...I started looking better, feeling amazing, and surprisingly the way people treated me even changed drastically (it’s sad that people base so much on looks, but it’s true)...I went from a sloppy 210, to a decently toned 162...

Now, I have incorporated your basic bodybuilding principles to my life, and I am actually on my way up...I'm working toward my bachelors degree in communications, and I am a certified personal trainer at a local health center (a very respected one in the area at that) and love what I do...After I lost that weight, I went from a slim and slender 162 lbs. to a presently solid 225 lbs (still at 5'6")...and this was done naturally, which is the best part...I've been putting on weight so fast that people accuse me of being a steroid user all the time...

I just wanted to let you know that you have changed my life, and im very grateful that there are people out there like you...

Thank you again.

Update #1

Hey Francesco, its Chris from Jersey. I hope all is well with you. I just wanted you to know that I finally did that Bodybuilding show that I was telling you about. It's funny...you don't realize how much blood, sweat, and tears go into contest prep until you actually compete in a show. I placed 4th in my weight class, and had a blast. I'm definitely going to do it again.

As for an update on the rest of my life...I managed to get my Associates Degree in Television Production, and I have recently been offered a Full-time position working for a television and feature film post production facility in Midtown Manhattan (NYC). I owe my dedication to reaching goals in my life to the simple principles I learned from Bodybuilding. And I owe my interest in Bodybuilding to you and your program.

Thanks again.

Update #2

How’s it going? I'm doing well myself. I just wanted to give you a shout and an update on what’s been going on with me. I decided a few months back to do another show, so I dieted and trained for 12 weeks, and dropped about 40 lbs. I Started at 215, and weighed in on contest date at 174.5 (just made middle weight!) I placed 5th of 7 competitors in my weight class (although I feel like I should have placed higher.) But I was happy with how I looked, because I know that I did all I could to reach that condition. I didn't cheat on my diet once, and didn't miss a workout. To me, if you do that, the rest is out of you hands.

I'll have you know that I still get emails from potential clients of yours asking what I think about your program. And I always speak very highly of it seeing how I owe my personal bodybuilding success to you and your program, and I also know that the bodybuilding mentality that was sparked from reading MuscleNow contributed to my personal success in life!

Hope all is well, and God Bless!

Update #3
Christopher Lopez Gains Muscle Mass and Burns Fat

Hey Francesco,

Just another update from New Jersey. The pre pics were taken about 7 months after my knee reconstruction surgery, and the post pics were taken after a 6 week period. Just about a year ago, (3 weeks after my last competition) I blew out my knee, and needed reconstructive surgery. Although I went to the gym after surgery, I could not put up the weight numbers that I used to, and put on a few lbs. do to the lack of mobility, etc. I decided to get in shape again, and using the MuscleNOW workout, and food list from the program i transformed my body in 6 short weeks. I did not however follow the diet plan exactly. I modified it as I saw fit, and listened to my body. And cardio was not on a set schedule either. I just did it a few times per week. Other than that I think the program speaks for itself.

Christopher Lopez
Trenton, NJ

"MuscleNOW is the best program on the market."

"I did not gain an ounce for a year
until I ordered this program."

Jonathan Klieman gains muscle mass using the MuscleNOW bodybuilding program

I have to say that the MuscleNOW program is the best program out there on the market. I had started working out at age 18 at 115 lbs standing 6 foot tall. When i got to 21 I weighed 160 and hit a plateau for about a year. I did not gain an ounce for a year until I ordered this program.  Within the first two 6 week cycles I gained 15 pounds of solid muscle and I am on my quest to tip the scale at 200 pounds. I live by the truth and the MuscleNOW program is the best!!!!!

Thank you, Francesco Castano for a life changing way of natural bodybuilding!!!!

Update #1
Jonathan Klieman muscle building update photo

I have sent a lot of business your way, I love your program. It is nice to have the truth about bodybuilding available and not have to rely on the muscle magazine adds for advice.

thanks again...changed my life!!!

Jonathan Klieman
Livermore, CA

Gains 55 Lbs Of Muscle Mass!

"Thanks for changing my life and
completely transforming my body."

Muscle Building and Weight Training Testimonial by JC Van der Westhuizen

Thank you so much for your kindness and patience that you have provided me with in the last 15 months. I started your program 15 months ago as a 5 foot 9, 147 pound 16 year old that loved the game of rugby. I had plenty of talent and promise, but problem was my size. Most backline rugby players these days weigh around 200 pounds, but I was about 53 pounds short of this. I spent hours in the gym each day, tried all kinds of supplements (including the ever popular creatine). But no matter how hard I tried I simply could not get over 147 pounds. But then one day when surfing the net for ideas on how I could reach my goal of 200 pounds I came across your website by either luck or the kindness of God. I was initially skeptical but decided to give it a go as I had nothing to lose. I did not have time to train more than 3 days per week due to school and other sporting commitments. So I closely followed your three day per week workout plan and every aspect of the course for 15 months and completely transformed my body and my life. I increased my biceps on either arm from 35 cm (13.75 inches) to 42 cm (16.5 inches), my chest from 89 cm (35 inches) to 105 cm (41.3 inches), transformed my legs from tooth picks into tree trunks and increased my weight from 147 pounds to 182 pounds. My body fat percentage has increased from 9 percent to 9.5 percent (negligible amount when considering I have gained 35 pounds).

I changed from being the enquirer in the gym asking all the big bulky guys questions to being the enquired (everyone wants to know how to do it). I achieved a quarter of my dream so far of being selected for the All Blacks one day. I was selected for the provincial under 18 Rugby team. I got the nod ahead of some of the other candidates at inside centre because of my immense strength and power (something that I never would have achieved without your help). I am currently in my summer holiday and have some spare time and decided to follow your five day plan for the next 8 weeks as I was tremendously excited about the potential effects that it could do if the three day routine could do so much. I am only 18 pounds away from my goal and wish to increase my biceps to 45 cm (17.75 inches) and my chest to 112 cm (44 inches). With your program I know that this is possible. Thanks again for changing my life and completely transforming my body.

Thank you again for all your help.

Update #1

I have now completed my muscle building phase while on higher calories until I can resume this in the future again. My left arm now measures at 44.5 cm, right arm at 44 cm and chest at 109 cm. I am delighted with the progress that I have made in the past 2 years on your course. I have increased my biceps from 35 cm (13.7 inches) to 44 cm (17.3 inches), my chest from 89 cm (35 inches) to 109 cm (42.9 inches), my weight from 67 kg (147 pounds) to 87 kg (191 pounds) end now leg press a 6 repetition max 880 pounds. What makes these results so amazing to me is that for a majority of the course I had only been following the 3 day per week program and the only advanced technique that I have applied is extending the 5 set week. Thank you so much for all your help.

Update #2

My weight has increased from 67 kg to 89 kg, arms from 35 cm to 45 cm, and chest from 89 cm to 109 cm, while still managing to decrease my fat percentage from 8 percent to 7.2 percent.

Update #3

Dear Francesco,

Just want to keep you updated on my progress. I initially began the Musclenow program in 5.5 years ago at age 16, height = 5'9" (176 cm), weight = 147 pounds (67 kg), chest circumference = 35 inches (89 cm), arm circumference = 13.8 inches (35 cm), and fat percentage of roughly 8.5 % (according to skinfold measurements and various equations, and taken by person accredited in the field).

5.5 years later my measurements are as follows: Weight = 202.4 pounds (92 kg), chest circumference = 45.3 inches (115 cm), arm circumference = 18.1 inches (46 cm), and fat percentage = 9 % (using the same equations and taken by the same accredites person as 5.5 years ago). At 21 years of age I have achieved a physique which I believe many guys aspire to, but never reach due to lack of knowledge regarding nutrition. I was one of those people at age 16, but thanks to the knowledge that I gained from Musclenow, I have achieved feats that I never thought were possible.

Of course, I strive to continue improving on my physique naturally, something which I know is possible if I continue to stay extremely dedicated and committed to musclenow. I think many people come across your website and read what you have to say, but never end up purchasing the program because they simply believe that you are a fraud, and that achieving a physique like yours is not possible without the use of anabolic steroids. I was one of those people several years ago when I first came accross this website, however I went with my instinct and ended up purcahsing the program mainly due to the 90 day money back guarantee. I know for sure that there is absolutely no way that people wont achieve great results from your program if they stay committed and follow it as they should.

In addition, I'd just like to say that I have experimented with several other programs as an experiment and interest sake over the years. However, if it's muscle size that you are after, I personally don't believe that there is another program out there which is nearly as effective as Musclenow. Furthermore, it doesn't take that much time.... Since beginning the program, for a majority of the time I have been performing weight training only 3 days per week. I'd also like to add that I suffered 2 serious sports related injuries about 4 years ago which resulted in me being unable to train for about 9 months. Therefore, I really achieved these results in 4.5 years, all natural, and without the use of any supplements (except protein powder from time to time for convenience).

Thanks for this amazing program.

Update #4

I'm delighted for you that it seems your business is going fantastically well and busy at the moment!! I really do find it amusing and unfortunate how some people continue to believe weird and crazy training and nutrition ideas, when there are people around who clearly have the recipe for success (all your musclenow users). So many guys have asked me how I've managed to achieve what I have, and I honestly do refer them to your site and briefly tell them how the Musclenow sytem works, but yet they refuse to believe that it's effective since they argue that by watching me train (by following the musclenow routine) I'm overtraining, how my rep ranges are too low, how I don't do enough exercises etc. etc. Yet, I look significantly better than them (by following your principles) and they are the ones asking me questions. But when you want to help them they still refuse to believe it (instead believing that I'm using steroids), and continue to smash into a brick wall by following flawed techniques some pro bodybuilders have written, or which they've read in some bodybuilding magazine. Anyway, thanks for your support and assistance.

JC Van der Westhuizen
Canberra, Australia

12 Weeks With MuscleNOW!

"Your program was exactly
what I was looking for."

Gain Muscle Mass Results by Todd Vazquez


It is obvious how much time and effort that you have dedicated to this amazing program. Your program was exactly what I was looking for when it came to weight training; a “step-by-step” approach to working out that didn’t leave you guessing.

In the past I have tried to do my own research to see what exactly needed to be done to maximize results. I had picked up a lot of things on my own, but after reading your program, all the bits and pieces that I had put together on my own had finally come together. In fact, I sometimes catch myself in conversations concerning weight training techniques with friends and they really seem to listen to what I have to say; all of which I learned after reading your program.

I had dedicated one summer to your system (approximately 12 weeks) and the results I saw were incomparable to any other weight training that I had done in the past. Bottom line, anyone looking to either start or modify there own weight training program will DEFINITELY benefit from MuscleNOW.

Todd Vazquez
Oak Ridge, NJ

Gains 30 Lbs Of Muscle Mass!

"This program has everything you need
so stop wasting your time and $$$."

Gain Muscle Mass Bodybuilding Testimonial by Johnny Walker


I wasn't going to submit pictures or a testimonial but I changed my mind since there are so many false, fake, and fraudulent things on the internet.

Dedicated to the skinny from the poster boy of the skinny.

I virtually gave up weight lifting until I decided to enter the EAS Body For Life challenge. For the first month I followed the program in Bill Phillips' book "Body For Life" to the tee, plus using EAS supplements (supposed to be the best in the industry). I got lackluster results with a lot of water retention, not SOLID muscle. Long story short I stumbled across Francesco's "MuscleNOW" course, followed it precisely and VOILA! I grew like a monster gaining around 2+ inches in my arms, back, neck, legs and chest going from a slight 142 pounds to a rock solid 172 pounds ALL NATURAL (doubling strength/155 max to 300 lbs. max). That was in a little over two months of dedication. I received numerous compliments on my proportion. Even my mother (away in military), sister (away at school), and cousin (relocated) didn't recognize me after beef-n-up. The staff at Gold's Gym of Marietta, Georgia witnessed my WHOLE transformation. They were impressed and asked me to place my before/after pictures with testimonial in a book of "member transformations". I felt like a celebrity because guys and women came up to me with questions and were wondering what I did to develop SO much in such a short time. I'm only 5'9" but I feel like a giant. Look, get this program! It has everything you need so stop wasting your time and $$$. Forget everything else, this is it.

p.s. Even though I didn't place (no Corvette, EAS Contract, or $10,000 - $100,000), I surpassed achievements of 94% of the 700,000 plus competitors who entered the challenge. Maybe I should've took pictures professionally!? Anyway, I'm not kissing up, but Francesco proved his course, I proved it is "The Internet's Natural Steroid!" so go for it.

Update #1

HEY WASSUP Man....It's one of your FEARLESS students.

Anyway, I was just dropping a line to say that I really appreciate what you have done in writing this MuscleNow manual. Eventhough it has changed since I first purchased it 8 or 9 years ago, the experience has been deeply integrated in the way I approach life itself and the pursuit of my personal goals. If anything, the journey alone, if FULLY engaged, will serve the individual for the rest of their days in a subtle sub-concious way.

The mind-set has permeated my life-style.

Hopefully things are still going well for you and I wish you much prosperity for this new year.

Kudos for being real in a climate where REALNESS is scarce.

Johnny "JAY" Walker IV
Shreveport, LA

Gains Over 75 lbs Of Muscle!

"I will NEVER touch a supplement again as long as I live."

MuscleNOW bodybuilding testimonial by Pro Wrestler RJ Brewer (John Stagikas)


I am sending you an update on my training, and hopefully you will use this for your testimonial page. I have recently completed your six week program and I am starting it all over next week. The first cycle has been nothing short of magical. I gained about 7 lbs and had increases in all of my measurements. I will be the first to admit that I was skeptical when I first started. I always thought it was a prerequisite to take supplements in order to gain muscle, but your program has taught me the total opposite. It is amazing what food and proper exercise can do for you. I will NEVER touch a supplement again as long as I live.

When I first started your program, I neglected some of your recommendations. Finally, I realized what you said about every principle working together. I used the program EXACTLY like you put it, and my results have been amazing. I am stronger than I ever was, I have veins everywhere in my body, including my neck, chest, shoulders, arms, and even my legs!!! People are always asking me what supplements I use. I tell them that I don't take anything. I have even been labeled a steroid user. Well, I admit to them that I am; I use the internet's natural steroid. I know some people question me being natural, but I know the hard work I have put in and that's all that matters.

I now weigh 205 lbs with about 7% body fat. My goal is 215 lbs, which I know is achievable with this program. I am an independent professional wrestler and at one point I thought to myself that I would never be big enough to make it in the big time. Well, now I know that the future is in my hands because your program ensures success and results. I just want to thank you for putting out such a remarkable product. You are making it a lot easier for me to follow my dream. This program is definitely "all you need to succeed." Thanks for everything and take care of yourself.

Update #1

I now weigh 215 pounds with about 7 percent body fat. I still see improvements constantly and live and breath the MuscleNOW program. Thanks again and take care.

Update #2


I have enclosed some recent photos taken last month. I am back on your program and feeling the benefits. Thanks again for having such a great program that I can continue to look to for guidance.

It amazes me how some people are very hesitant to spend money on an all natural weight lifting course but have no problem spending 60 dollars on a 5 pound container of junk protein. I guess I was on the same boat for a while as well. It's hard to break bad habits but I truly feel now with my diet and workout structure, I am maximizing my health and strength potential. I always have you to thank for setting me on the right path.

RJ Brewer (John Stagikas)
Framingham, MA

"My results have been dramatic."

"It is such a relief that I no longer need to take supplements
to look the way I want to."

Gain Muscle Mass Without Bodybuilding Supplements Testimonial by Stephen Maurer

I've had your program for about 2 months now and my results have been dramatic. Especially because I haven't really been able to follow your program to a "tee" because of time restictions and injuries. However, I was at 6'1 206lbs when I started and as good as I looked then, I look even better now. My abs are starting to show, my muscles are more defined and I even look bigger. It is such a relief to know that I no longer need to take supplements to look the way I want to. Francesco's program is accurate, honest, and very affordable. He has spent alot of time talking to me on email, sometimes about nothing that has to do with weight training. He delivers everything he offers on his website, and then some!!!!! Good people usually deliver good things, and MuscleNow is nothing short of that.

Stephen J. Maurer
Boca Raton, FL

Gains 30 Lbs Of Muscle Mass

"No other program comes close to what this can do."

Gain Muscle Mass Testimonial by Brett Stilwell

my name is brett and i am 21 years old. the body is such a unique thing. its amazing how much it can grow and become stronger in such a short time. but what does it need to do this? well i found out when i ordered the MuscleNow program. it tells you exactly what you need to have for your diet and what exercises to do. when combined the body explodes in muscle size and strength. and the best thing about it is no supplements what so ever, NONE! i never liked the idea of taking supplements and never have even before i started this program. i have worked out for about a year and a half and have never had gains in muscle size and mass compared to what this single program has given me. my strength in some exercies has trippled, not doubled, trippled! in just a matter of months. yes i read this website and was a little skeptical at first but theres a 90 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to loose. hey im living proof of what this system can do for anyone. don't believe me? email me, look at my pictures. and im not done growing yet, this is just my progress so far,which is more then i hoped for in such little time, some people have spent years in the gym and have not achived the size/strength gains that i have. why haven't they?? because you have to have the right diet and exercise, not some advise some steriod body builder gives you. All your answers are here within this bodybuilding program. so if you wanna change how you look in the shortest amount of time and safely without steriods and or supplements heres your answer. in a matter of 3 months my arms grew about 2 inches. my chest grew 2 inches. and i packed on 20 pounds of solid muscle. not fat.... pure muscle. Leg press- 300 on a good day to 920lbs for a good 10 reps! bench press- has doubled in strength, 105 to 215 for a good 5 reps.shrugs- from 180 to 430lbs preacher curls- 80 to 145 all i got to to say is that there is no other program that comes close to what this program can do. i want to personally thank you Francesco, not only for all the time and effort that u put into this system but for answering all my questions that i had. thanks again and god bless

Update #1

hey francesco its brett. since my first testimonial i have gained another 10lbs of muscle (total 30lbs). you can see that my back has grown alot, the muscles are bigger and more defined. my lifts have also increased a lot.

  • flat bench - 275 x 4
  • shoulder press - 210 x 3
  • weighted pullups - bw + 105 x 3
  • deadlift - 410 x 4
  • weighted dips - bw + 180 x 2 (4 plates!!!)

im still amazed how well this program works, and the fact that im deadlifting 200+ lbs over my body weight is amazing. good dedication + musclenow = the body of your dreams.

Brett Stilwell
Hamden, CT

Wins Mr. Idaho!

"I have tried a lot of other programs out there,
but nothing compares to this one."

Muscle Building Diet and Weight Training Workout Plan Testimonial by Bruce Blake


I would like to thank you for your awesome course! Everything is laid out plain and simple. I followed the program for a solid 9 months in preparation for the Mr. Idaho State Natural contest. When the day was over, I walked away with the overall title of Mr. Idaho. I couldn't have accomplished this without the course (and your email support). I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to improve their physique. I have tried a lot of other programs out there, but nothing compares to this one.

Also, I would like to inform you that my wife has been training with your program and is achieving phenomenal results. She plans to compete next year so plan on adding another testimonial. Thanks for your awesome program!

Bruce H. Blake
St. Anthony, ID

Hardgainer Finally Achieving Results!

"This program is the best money you'll ever spend."

Gain Muscle Mass Bodybuilding Diet and Weight Training Workout Plan Testimonial by Jed Leishman


I just wanted to thank you for an amazing program that has changed my life. I was introduced to Musclenow by a good friend of mine who is also found on this site. Before Musclenow I was as confused as anyone else on training techniques, nutrition, and supplements. I had spent countless hours in the gym trying to get results. Musclenow has given me the knowledge of proper techniques and nutrition that have gotten me to where I am today and where I'll be in the future. Proper nutrition combined with proper weight lifting techniques is the formula for success. I was always a hard-gainer growing up...always worked out but just couldn't pack on any muscle. The diet and weight training techniques in Musclenow helped me to learn how to get over that and pack on good lean muscle. I'm glad I have the knowledge Musclenow offers because I'm no longer an easy target for supplement pushers. Anyone who buys this program...it's the best money you'll ever spend. Have faith and follow the program.

Thanks Francesco!!!

Jed Leishman
St. George, UT

"I am seeing awesome results."

"I really suggest you invest in this program."

Muscle Gain Bodybuilding Testimonial by Brian Bartell


This is my seventh week on your program and I am seeing awesome results. One body part that I've noticed really getting big is my biceps. Before they didn't have that much height, but now they look really awesome. The preacher curls have made a huge difference along with the other exercises.

Update #1

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for providing me with your help. I truly would have never made the gains I've been making without your help. I've tried all the pro bodybuilding training programs and diet programs, but have all failed. I've made more gains in this past 8 weeks than I have in 1 1/2 years. If anybody is reading this, I really suggest you invest in this program.

Thanks and God Bless.

Brian Bartell
Bakersfield, CA

Muscular At 42 Years Of Age!

"I consider your program
the best!!!"

Muscle Building Workout Plan and Bodybuilding Diet Success Story by Robert Rillo

I bought your program three years ago and today that I have a lot of training systems and I have also an ISSA certificate of personal trainer, I consider your program the best!!! I start to train again at the age of 38 years old, after 20 years of "bad life”. During these years I was a jazz trombone player so I live on drinking and smoking a lot. Then after an operation of gall bladder that make me only 59 kg of body weight on height of mt. 1.75, I consider to change my life and I transform my cellar into a home gym.

Due to my "glorious past" I hurt often because I used too much weight or exercises too intense, I don't know nothing about frequency, diet, etc. so I spent two years train hard but with no results, I don't transform my body, no muscles gained and no fat loosed. I also read a lot of training systems and visit all the web's sites about body building and fitness. Finally I find "MuscleNOW" of Mr. Castano and all the things about training and nutrition became clear and effective. After one years I change completely my body at 42 years old as showed on photos!! Today I am a personal trainer ISSA certified: well "MuscleNOW" remain a little great gem in the stone! For who like to deep the knowledge, there are thousands of programs to study, but for who want only change his body, the "few pages" of "MuscleNOW" are all the necessary.

Whatever method, course, web site, instructor, personal trainer, if good he has to do the same things written by Mr. Castano, otherwise is complete rubbish!

Roberto Rillo
Bergamo, Italy

Accused Of Being A Steroid User

"Your program is the best I have ever used."

Gain Muscle Mass Weight Training Workout Plan and Bodybuilding Diet Testimonial by Anthony Rinaldo

I started at 145 lbs. (the before pic was taken around april, if you notice im getting ready for graduation, look at the hat) in the second picture i weighed 155 (august of the same year). so from may to august i ended up gaining ten pounds. then i went to mass since i can see my abs. so from september to december i put on another 25 lbs. so in picture 3 where i am posing i wiegh about 175/180.

all the muscle i gained was put on using your system. i could never gain wieght before i tried musclenow. by the way my brother who dosent workout still wieghs 145. so its in my genes to be skinny. following your program i put on about 2.5 inches on my arms and about 5 on my chest. your program is the best i have ever used. very straight foward and no guess work. also the diet is very simple to follow. bench press went form 155 max to 230. curl went from 40 lbs to 105 lbs. people actually accused me of being on steroids. including my mom and grandma. who knew i was on your program. i would reccomend this program to anyone who wants to go to the gym and actually be productive. i appreciate everything you and your program has done for me. thanks again!!!

Anthony Rinaldo
Bronx, NY

"The results are incredible."

"I am now pursuing
a modeling career."

Lose Fat and Weight Loss Testimonial by Wayne Evely Jr.

I have been using your program for 9 months and the results are incredible. Your program worked for me and everyone I see I tell them that I use MuscleNOW to keep myself fit and in shape. I am now pursuing a modeling career and I thank you for helping me by writing this program. I can't say enough positive things about it, my results speak for itself.

Wayne Evely Jr.
Carbonear NL, Canada

"I owe you a lot more than the money I paid for your program!"

"Francesco has truly made an easy to use program
that can help anyone."

Muscle Gain Weight Training Workout Plan and Bodybuilding Diet Testimonial by Nick Holt


I just wanted to write you and tell you how amazing your program is! I have been using your program for around 3 years now and I have to say that I owe you a lot more than the money i paid for your program! Before using your program, I had a thorough knowledge of bodybuilding and nutrition. I had worked at a couple gyms, and various supplement shops. I also had a bodybuilding show under my belt (which I placed 2nd in the northwest natural comp). Your program has basically brought everything I knew into perspective while helping me see a couple new techniques and how to incorporate them into my lifestyle. Your program also helped me with my nutrition. I have had a couple different training partners in the last 3 years and both have made very impressive gains as well! My friend Jason started lifting with me weighing 300 + lbs. and is now at present, 230 lbs with approx. 15 % body fat. The pictures in of myself in the red trunks are from the competition you helped me with (then, I was 163 lbs with around 3% bf). I had some questions that you helped me with thru email, along with information I used from your program.

I just want to say to anyone reading this; Francesco has truly made an easy to use program that can help anyone achieve his or her goals whether it is to compete or to get in shape. I don't care if you are 50 years old and think its too late to get in shape. This program will truly help you!

Ps. I am currently 5'10, 185 lbs with 7 % bf. I plan to do many more competitions, but with this program, I truly stay in shape ALL YEAR LONG. I never get above 8 percent body fat. And that is because, like Francesco, I have chose to make this program a lifestyle rather than just a summer program. Thanks again F! I will send you updates on any further progress!

Nick Holt
San Diego, CA

Gains 45 Lbs With MuscleNOW!

"I am in the best shape of my life."

Gain Muscle Mass Body Building Diet and Weight Training Workout Plan Testimonial by Cory Pederson


I just wanted to say thank you for a great program. I have been following your MuscleNow "formula" for roughly two years now, and I have been in the best shape of my life. Before I started your program, I only weighed 137 pounds and was as skinny as a pencil. Once I began your program I began seeing immediate results. I now weigh 182 pounds and my arms, chest and legs have all seen muscle growth. My chest went from 36 inches to 44, and my arms are at 15. I even went from bench pressing 210 pounds to 320. Even with my busy schedule I am able to implement your program. It's easy to follow and I have recommended it to my friends.

When I buy a product, I am usually skeptical, but with your product, I have no reservations with recommending it to anyone. I plan on continuing this program and I thank you for helping me to reach my goals.

Cory Pederson
Vancouver, WA

"I saw results almost immediately."

"I would recommend it to anyone."

Gain Muscle Mass Without Bodybuilding Supplements Testimonial by Bryan McCauley


I purchased your program because I was tired of being the 120 pound weakling I had been for the first 36 years of my life. After searching the web for different programs that I thought would fit my desire of adding a little "beef" to me I stumbled on your site. After reading it and the other testimonials I thought this would be the one for me. I had no desire to be a body builder or gain the bulking abouts of muscle most mags and others sites show, I just wanted to add a little meat to by body. I also had no desire to start taking all of the supplements and junk the other places want you to use. I had used weight gainer at one point in time and gained about 10 pounds. As soon as I stopped taking it I lost all of it. So anyway I ordered your program and read it cover to cover like you said and when I was done thought "Wow this guy really makes sense." And so I started. I saw results almost immediately. I started at 123 pounds, a 27 inch waist and about 10 inch biceps. I am now 38 years old at 137 lbs, a 30 inch waist and 13 inch biceps.

I know the slower results are of my own fault. I started lifting at home and due to my schedule I could only start lifting at about 9 or 9:30 in the evening. I also was lifting in my basement which got pretty cold in the winter. Living in northwest Pennsylvania. With these factors it was often hard to get the motivation to go and lift. I have since joined a gym, which I really enjoy, and making myself get up in the morning and go in. I have found it gives me a lot more energy for the day after a good work out in the morning.

The muscle now program is truly great for "natural weight lifting" and I would recommend it to anyone.

Bryan McCauley
Northwest PA

"I've been accused of taking steroids twice!"

"You'll get the results you're looking for I promise you!"

Muscle gain and fat loss testimonial by Tom Nelson


When I came across MuscleNow it was because I had been using supplements in a very dangerous way. In the end I blew out two nerves in my left shoulder rendering it completely useless. I could barely lift my dinner plate. I also damaged nerves in my groin area as well, which caused alot of problems, however i won't go into details about that. But I started your program five months ago and worked very diligentally until now. I ended up gaining about an inch in both arms and an inch in my chest. I was also able to get my washboard abs, and a butt which I was lacking in. I have so many people saying looking buff today bro, have you been lifting, dude you're huge! And to be honest I do not mind hearing it.

I would encourage anyone to try this program. Push yourself and you will see results! My results have been so great I've been accused of taking steroids twice! I just smile and say nope I'm on musclenow. To just show you how much I have improved when I first started Francesco's program I only benched 115, now I'm up to 180. I squatted a pultry 135, now I'm up to 255. I could only curl 45 when I started now I'm up to 95. I mean the results are there just follow the diet and hit the gym as hard as you can. You'll get the results you're looking for I promise you! If you have any questions, concerns, or there's anything I cna help you out with please feel free to email me. Last thing, anytime I had a question Francesco was more than willing to help me out, no matter how stupid my question was. He truly is a great man, and he will help you become what you wanna be!

Update #1

Hey Francesco,

Long time no talk my friend. I promised you before and afters for the longest time now. So here they are. Been on the program for about a year and a half now or so. But just wanted to tell you that this whole experience has made me want to switch my major into physical therapy or something like that where I can understand how different muscles work etc. You're the man Francesco, thanks for kick starting my lifting and dieting. Staying on my grizzy for summer now. Cut it down in late july look fresh still in august. Then packin on major pounds again in the fall/winter. Keep inspiring Francesco you're a great man.

Tom Nelson
Naperville, IL
"I Gained More In 4 Months Than In 16 Years Of Training!"

"Your program works,
no need for supplements or drugs..."

Muscle Building Weight Training Workout Plan and Bodybuilding Diet Testimonial by Max Vitulano

I started at 69,7 kg, waist 80 cm, chest 101 cm, arms left 37 cm, right 38 cm, sovrailiac plico 5 mm. The result after 1 muscle gain cicle is the following: pic taken 2 months later, weight 75,5 kg,  waist 83 cm,  chest 105 cm, arms left 39cm, right 39 cm, sovrailiac plico 6mm. For me this gains are amazing as i i have a very busy and messy life style being a long haule flights attendant for the italian airline and working often on night shifts, going through various jet leg, sleeping when i am meant to eat and eating when i am meant to sleep, sometimes i have to eat 2 meals at one sitting because of time limitations and use protein powder for convenience with simpe sugars (fruit juice) on non work out meals. Training as well is affected because of my job i use plan c from 2 up to 4 times a week as my shedules allows any days of the week and sometimes my recovery abilities are very limited. During the cicle i have been sick twice with fewer and stomach upset after a trip to Africa, i train often down routes in differents gyms with different equipment and often i don't find all the equipments i need. But i still made gains. All i did was trying to follow ur course as it is as much as i could and u helped me with advices to fit it into my life stile! That's the reasons why i say that this gains are amazing, i am sure that if my lifestyle allowed me to follow the course and diet just as it is written in ur program i would have made better gains!!!!!! But still i look forward to start another cicle following ur course as muche as i can, training, diet modification after measurements, raising calories or diminishing them if i need to and i am sure that in 5 weeks time i will post another pics with 5 kg of mainly muscles more on my body. That would be 10 kg in just 4 months, more than i have gained in 16 years of training! By the way this gains r even more amazing if u think that i am 37 now and just recovered from a shoulder surgery that made me to lose lots of weight.

My priority was to practice bodybuilding the way or should be NATURAL and thats why the discovery of ur progam has been for me a gift from GOD....In so many years i would never imagine i could get such a result with my lifestyle and most of all without supplements or drugs and thats why i thank u again from the heart.....

What can i say, ur program works, no need of supplements no drugs just dedication pumping iron and strong diet....and if in need ur consideration and help any time and just a few days after posting a question....that worth 10000 more times the price of ur course. Thanks so much Francesco for sharing with us ur effort to build a strong and healthy body and for helping us to achieve it! GOD BLESS U.... 

Update #1

Dear Francesco , as promised here is another update after another mass cicle , i stayed on 3500 cal difficoulties cause of my life stile same and sometimes worse , can t weight food most of the time when i eat out (20 days a month ) , try to match quantity by eye balling the food i weight at home , and all other problems i wrote u about in my last mail , but i don t give up . So progress have been a little slowier during this cicle but consistent almoust every week , i could go up to 4000 cal but it s quite hot now in Italy and don t feel much eating plus i didn t want to put to much fat on .Sunday 12th of July measurement were : weight 77.8 kg , waist 85 cm , chest 107 cm , left arm 40 cm right arm 41 cm , suvrailiac plico 7 mm . That s 2 ,5 kg more from my last update 2 cm more on my chest and 2 cm on my right arm and 1 cm on my left arm , fat gain just a little on my waiste . I will take advantage of the hot season to go on a fat loss cicle for a while till my waist and plico get back as it was at begin of the program and try to mantain as much mass i can . In 3 months i ve gained with ur program 8.8 kg almost the weigth i lost in one year without training due tu a shoulder surgery , and as i said with my life style and age i beilive it s amazing .

People notice the change and they worry that i will get huge !!!!! ( they keep telling me no to go bigger than this ( i am 5.8 tall !) , but after a few mass and fat loss cicle i am sure that i will gain more weight and look proportionate as i won t put to much fat on and that what is amazing about ur course . Francesco let me thank u again for all ur hard work and for helping me with ur e mail when i asked , the money i spent for ur course have been the best spent in 16 years of training , where i waisted thousands of euro in useless supplements and magazines . God bless u Francesco

Max Vitulano
Rome, Italy

Gains 63 Lbs In One Year!

"People definitely accused me of taking steroids."

Joshua Daniel gains 63 lbs of muscle mass using my bodybuilding plan


It has been a while since I last wrote but I wanted to send you some pics of myself. The first one I was 142 pounds before starting musclenow. The second one a year later at 205 pounds. I have more pics in between those two pics that I have to find. 3 months after training I was at 172 pounds. Also my measurements in the first pic were 13.75 inch arms and the last pic 17.25. Chest first pic 38 inches second pic 44 inches. Legs first pic although not shown 21 inches second pic 27 inches. My calves never grew that well started at 14.5 ended at 16. People definitely accused me of taking steroids and said "you cant put on that much muscle that quick naturally" but I know otherwise. Thanks for everything Francesco and God bless. I will keep you updated on my current progress.

Joshua Daniel
Hillsboro, TX

"It was definitely worth the investment."

"MuscleNOW has been the single
most effective program I've used."

Gain muscle mass bodybuilding testimonial by Titus Leflore

Hello my name is Titus LeFlore I’am 30yrs old and I’ve been using the MuscleNOW system for the past 6yrs. When I started college I began working out on campus but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted in my routine. Soon thereafter I became frustrated with my training regimen and began relying on pills, protein powders and virtually anything else I could get my hands on. I will admit the supplements had some minimal effects but they were not permanent. In addition, most of the supplements I was taking had adverse side effects and provided no nutritional value past the empty promises printed on the bottles. I was not willing to admit it at the time but I began buying into ‘fad dieting’ as a desperate means of measuring my success. I had become consumed with products that were considered both dangerous and unhealthy and were costing me literally hundreds of dollars a year. It was then that I realized I had to make a change from the inside out.

I had to change both the way in which I thought about training and how I lived, and I knew it had to be a lifetime commitment and not just a minor inconvenience for the time being. So I began researching and reading articles online about natural body building methods. Throughout my research I stumbled upon a website that promoted a program called MuscleNOW. At first I was a little apprehensive about the claims made on this site although the information seemed legitimate. I visited the site every night for the next few days trying to find inconsistencies in the credibility of the author of the program, Francesco Castano. Before purchasing I e-mailed Francesco on several occasions asking him questions. He was very forthcoming throughout that time and responding rather quickly reassuring me that I would not be disappointed with the results if I followed the principles of the program and remained disciplined. Well after our initial discussions I gave the program a shot and once I received the book I read it from cover to cover. Initially I did see some immediate results however months rolled by I began to lose focus. I reached out to Francesco once again and he gave me a wake-up call that I would not soon forget. He told me that I would have to really kick it into high gear if I expected more dramatic lasting results and that meant becoming more focused and disciplined. At first I did not want to listen and it actual took some time before everything he and the book were describing about my diet and exercise began resonating with me. So after a year of wavering and waffling back and forth I began to conscientiously make a change and this time I was fully committed mentally and holistically. I began following the MuscleNOW principles veraciously and I retrained myself to think differently about my diet and exercise. I don’t believe this would have been accomplished without the MuscleNOW program.

Some of the reasons why I like MuscleNOW is that it is a natural bodybuilding program; there are no adverse side effects, no expensive products to buy and most importantly no gimmicks! The program is designed according to your goals and it is incentive based meaning you will get no more out of it then you’re willing to contribute. From fat loss and muscle gaining to mass building MuscleNOW runs the full gamut of everything that I had been looking for in a strategic training regimen. I truly believe this is the single most important investment I made since I began working out. It far exceeded my expectations and I’m so thrilled to report that I have been permanently released from the shackles of costly supplementation and pills. I hate to sound like an infomercial and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a radical skeptic but this is the best program for real people who are looking for significant results. I would not recommend any other program to anyone who was considering a strength training program.

This has been the most comprehensive resourceful book I've found on muscle training and development. This book has been the single most important investment I've made since I started a consistent training routine. I've made tremendous gains in my physical goals and achievements and I still reference some of the principles used throughout this guide. I can honestly say I wouldn't have been able to come close to what I've been able accomplish without the aid of MuscleNow.

The information was very easy to understand, comprehensive, and most importantly effective. Before reading Muscle Now I used everything from weight gainers to numerous supplements only to have lackluster short-term results. Muscle Now has been the single most effective potent program I've used. I've gained and maintained significant muscle growth and more endurance throughout each workout. Since using this program I've read up on other programs but they don't come close to the information provided in this book. It was definitely worth the investment.

Several of my friends and co-workers have gotten on various diet/training bandwagons over the years. A lot of these individuals knew someone else who was following the same program and had some success. However most of these individuals ended up with temporary results which left them with feelings of doubt because their heart really wasn’t committed to their goals. Francesco and MuscleNOW gave me the confidence I needed to remain focused and to see past these deceptive diet/training programs and concentrate solely on what has delivered results for me each and every time. I thank Francesco Castano and MuscleNOW for not only making me a believer in his program but also allowing me to believe in myself.

Titus LeFlore
Columbus, OH

Former Bodybuilding Supplement User Transforms!

"Now my self esteem is unshakeable."

Muscle building success story by former bodybuilding supplement user Mike Chavez Jr


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Thanks to your extremely well thought out MuscleNow system I am finally on the road to having the body I always wanted. It's everything you said it would be and more. No, It's more than that. It's everthing I need to know about eating right and working out to get the body I want and it will last me for the rest of my life.

The funny thing is, I am not working out any harder or dieting any more stricter than I was in the before picture. I am just following your system. On my path to develop an athletically functioning, strong, good looking body, I read a lot of muscle magizines and trained the way they said to train and ate the way they said to eat. All that happened was I got frustrated and burned out. Let me explain, after doing their "mass gain" diet and exercise routine I was at my fattest having put on almost no muscle (the only mass I gained was in my butt and belly!) Then after doing their "lean" routine (this is the before picture) you can see I have almost no muscle! ! My self esteem was in the dumps. I felt like I just had the wrong genes to look the way I wanted to look. I was really in the dumps.

After a friend pointed me to your site, I decided to invest the money in myself and get your course. I justified the price with the fact that you said I wouldn't have to buy any supplements and since I was already spending over 200/ month on creatine, protein, and stimulant drinks (amongst others) I figured it would pay for itself right away.

I started using the system the 1st day I got it. I started seeing results on the 5th day, and the results haven't quit yet! What a bunch of B.S. in those magizines! What a bunch of B.S. about those supplements! Those models in those magazines must be roiders, and those stupid routines and complicated exercises must be written to sell supplements. I think they give you bad routines then once you don't get any results, they tell you it's because you NEED these supplements! At least, that's what I fell for.

Conspiracy theory or not, you can't hide my results... my before picture is me at 172 pounds using stimulants. The after picture is me at 175 pounds using MuscleNow (and nothing else).

Now my self esteem is unshakeable because I know that the way I look doesn't have anything to do with my genetics or buying supplements that somebody wants to sell me, it only has to do with me using the MuscleNow system.

If anybody ever wants to talk to any of your students because they are on the edge like I was, have them e-mail me. They can contact me anytime. I know what it's like to be at a crossroads in my life.

Thanks again,

Mike Chavez Jr.
Guatay, CA

Gains Over 3 Inches On His Arms!

"I'm 20 years old with the best body in my gym."

Muscle Gain and Fat Loss Results by Errick Cervera


first off let me say that i have been doin your workout without steroids and have done pretty much exactly what the muscle building program says for about 4 years now and thank you!!! im 20 years old with the best body in my gyms and probably one of the best (non steroid) bodys in my city. thank you for the results i have acheived.

Before (17 Years Old)

  • Chest 36 inches
  • Arms 13 inches
  • Legs 17 inches
  • Waist 31 3/4 inches

After (20 Years Old)

  • Chest 42 inches
  • Biceps 16 inches
  • Legs 22 inches
  • Waist 31 inches
Update #1

After reading ur program i will never use steriods...because if i want to get bigger i can ...and if i want to get more ripped i can...so theres no need to as i already have the "success formula" and i thank u for that....ive been working out for 4 years with ur program at 5 days a week...i do the over head tricep press with 150 pound dumbell for 4-5 reps (my favorite exercise because it always makes heads turn!) i also curl 75 in each hand for 4-5 reps and leg press about 1100 pounds for 4-5 reps...its crazy to think this because i started out curling only 25 in each hand ....i started out using only 40 pounds for the over head tricep press and about 200 for leg press...my new stats are 16 1/4 in arms still a 42 chest but im more ripped with a 29 and 3/4 inch waist... ne ways thanks again for the abc success formula and i hope ur message gets across to the whole world of bodybuilders that u dont need steroids ...only consistency and determination!!...hey and by the way a modeling company saw me on ur website and want me to do a photo shoot...thanks again

Anyone with any questions about my results or the program can email me.

Errick Cervera
Houston, TX

Gains Muscle Mass and Burns Fat!

"Your program works like magic for me!!"

Lose Fat and Weight Loss Testimonial by Dejan Vukovic

Dear Francesco!

Friend of mine showed me your MuscleNow program. I read it almost in one breath, transferred program in excel, filled up the fridge with healthy food and started to work out and eat as written in your MuscleNow program. I cannot describe how astonished I was about the results in next few weeks!! In first 10 weeks I lost around 4-5 Kilograms of FAT! I was on some training routines before, but it was only one failure after another, and results didn't want to come...and than I got even my back injured and quit weightlifting. Those were sad days, but they are OVER NOW!! ;D Your MuscleNow program works like magic for me!! All the fat is now gone and I am gaining new muscles almost every new month. I even quit my regular job at the police and started personal training. That's how good is your MuscleNow program!! ;D

And what's the best of it, I benefit from a lot of your advises also in other areas of my life! One can see very fast, that you worked real hard to put that material together into a wonderful working combination... I will keep you posted with new photos of mine!:D Thank you again for all motivating words in your email. I even got enlarged the part about consistency and stick it to the wall in my working studio.

With Kind Regards and outstanding respect from Slovenia!

Dejan Vukovic

"Your program has given me amazing muscle & strength gain."

"The results speak for themselves.  It WORKS."

Gain Muscle Mass Bodybuilding Testimonial by Tormund Roenning

Dear Mr. Castano,

I want to thank you for a great program. It has given me amazing muscle and strength gain in a short period of time. As you promised, I have seen weekly improvements, especially in the beginning. I had some traning experience before I started, but the program teached me how to both eat and train properly, and the results speak for themselves. It WORKS. What made me buy the MuscleNOW program? I thought your testemonial seemed sincere and honest, and it made sense, and all the other testemonials comfirmed it. Then I gave it a try, and here are my results from February to July:

Strength Gains

  • Bench Press: 5 reps x 85 (187 lbs) to 8 x 105 kg (231 lbs)
  • Deadlift: About 5 x 95 (209 lbs) to 6 x 150 kg (330 lbs)
  • Shoulder Press: From 5 x 40 (88 lbs) to 6 x 65 kg (143 lbs)
  • Seated Row: From 5 x 50 (110 lbs) to 9 x 90 kg (198 lbs)


  • Flexed Right Arm: About 35 cm (13.8 inches) to 41 cm (16.1 inches)
  • Flexed Chest: About 106 cm (41.7 inches) to 112 cm (44.1 inches)

I have enclosed a before and an after picture. (The "before" picture is not good, but at least it shows some arm development.)

Thank you!

Update #1

Hi Francesco

Here's an update from rainy Norway.

I have more or less stayed on your program since I started 13 months ago, but for the past 7 months, I have only eaten at maintenance level. I am not sure how much bigger I want to be, if I should do another dedicated cycle of MuscleNOW, with more eating. Somehow I am satisfied, somehow I want to get bigger and more ripped.

I'm amazed by getting e-mails from around the world from people who have read my testimony at your homepage, and want some tips from me. I respond to them that buying and following the MuscleNOW program is the best tips I can give. The program alone is the reason behind my success.

I send you some update pictures to you. I am not huge at all, but as you know, I was thinner before. Could certainly have been better if I had been more dedicated, I have to decide what I really want. More mass, more definition, more strength or maintainance.

Thank you.

Best regards and God Bless.

Tormund Roenning
Lyngdal, Norway

40 Year Old Gains 30 Lbs Of Muscle Mass!

"This program gives you all the knowledge
you need to grow."

Muscle Gain Bodybuilding Testimonial by Alex Lam


This is my story for those who are fortunate enough to be reading it, I hope it can inspire some of you....

Typically I began lifting weights when I was around 18 and after 7 yrs or so of your tradition 3 sets of 8 rep I manage to gained 10 or 15lbs, not a great deal and I stayed like this until about age 28. Due to the nature of my office job I piled on pounds of fat..I went from a lean 145lb to a fat 183lb and remained like this until I was 32, when I embarked on huge amounts of aerobics to lose it..yes within a yr and a half, sure I lost all the fat and guess what all muscle that I had built up previously too..by now I was about 135lbs!!! I stayed like this up to age 38 (before pic), but during those yrs from 25 to 38 I had tried all types weight training programs including HIT,some periodization method, high volume and also consumed creatine. None of which worked on me, sure I got a bit stronger with HIT..but didn't gain any size. So here I was thinking that maybe I'll never gain any muscular size, when I came across this website. I thought 'I've got nothing to lose'..The before pic was taken 4 months before I began using this program..within the first wk my body began to feel different as if it were charged and pumped up, another week passed and my arms had grown half an inch from 13.5 to 14...I was shocked but excited. 3 months later my arms were 15 inches, my weight had gone from 135lbs to 150lbs I had gained in 3 months what took me 7 yrs previously!!!...sure muscle memory, but now came new ground!! After another 9 months of hard work my arms were 16 inches, chest was now 42 from 37 inches and my weight was 165lbs.(pic 2)..Just 1 yr of Francesco's program..totally transformed my physique..and I'm 40 yrs old..I took a break from training but will be back with an update.

This program gives you all the knowledge you need to grow...but only you can put in the hard work...I used to train at home, but now train in the gym. I see the same guys doing the same thing for 6 months with no progress...stop wasting time and start growing.

Alex Lam
Bangkok, Thailand

Gains 50 Lbs In 8 Months!

"It's so great to know
you're gaining muscle so fast."

I have just finished my 1st cycle, that’s 6 weeks of training so far. I've gone up from a weight of 175 to 191, with my waist remaining at a constant 31 inches. My arms have gone from 14.25" to 15.125", so almost one inch. My strength has increased as well. I went from doing 315x1 on squat to 315x5 the other day. This program is the real deal.

Update #1

First, I would like to say thanks once again for the program. My brother from college who hasn't seen me in a few weeks was very impressed with my new size. It's so great to know you're gaining muscle so fast.

Update #2

I would like to update you on my progress as well as my roommate Tom's progress. We have consistently been on the MN program since January 18th. I believe the deal we made was by mid-May I would send you my pictures as well as Tom's so you could post them on you website. The results will be dramatic for both of us, as you will see in about one month from now.

In three months, I have gained 3" on my chest, 1.5" on the arms, and added a good 20 lbs. And this is saying A LOT since I was in an advanced stage of bodybuilding. I am on target for my goal in May, which is a 44-45" chest and 18" arms. I have 1/2" on arms to grow and 1" on my chest to grow, and I will hit them at the rate I'm progressing now.

Tom has gained about 15-20 lbs. as well, and nearly 2" on his arms and 4" on his chest. He's getting stronger each time we workout because of his beginning stage. He's hooked on MuscleNow, and we complement each other perfectly. If one of us is tired or lazy, we get the other one going.

At the gym we train at, I am now probably the largest guy and strongest in there. I have found that even with advanced stages, your strength can go up slightly. I bench pressed 315 lbs. for the first time in my life the other day actually, which only fuels the muscle growth fire.

MuscleNow is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Tom and I get questions all the time..."how do you do this..", "man how are ur arms so big" and so much more.

I'll email you in one month with your progress and the pictures. I'll write a testimonial along with it as well. Tom owns his own copy of MN, so I'll have him do the same as well.

Update #3

I have been on MuscleNow for the past three years, but unfortunately due to other areas of my life I have not been able to be on the program consistently. I finally decided to get serious and I devoted four entire months to MuscleNow. The results? I got bigger and stronger than I ever was...much bigger. In those four months, I gained 1.5" on my arms and 3.5" on my chest, and also gained 25lbs. or so, all muscle. These gains are exceptional cosidering I am an advanced lifter!

I think MuscleNow is the perfect fast gain program that beginners seek for and advanced trainers dream of. The results are quite amazing when done correctly...you will be growing by the week. The program is layed out step-by-step and Francesco did a great job answering all of my questions that I could come up with, which weren't many because the program really explains it all. The overall knowledge in this program is worth the price itself! I am so glad I finally stuck with the program. In the future I plan on sticking with MuscleNow and gaining more size until I finally feel ready to shred up, so these pictures are just preliminaries!

In these pictures I weigh 215 with a 44" chest, 17.75" arms, 28" thighs. I have a 345 bench press, a 505 squat, and a 615 deadlift. I do not have a before picture available currently (perhaps in the future) so just to give an idea of what this program can do for you, here are my before stats--175 lbs., 38" chest, 14.25" arms, 23" thighs, 230 bench press, 315 squat, and 295 deadlift. By the way, this is done with nothing but food, lifting, and MuscleNow!

I have tried many routines. Max-OT, Don Lemmon's nutriton and training, HIT training, training twice per day, training all day on a certain body part, EDT training, Vince Gironda techniques...the list goes on and on. I can safely say that if it's size you're after, MuscleNOW is the way to go.

Matt Gallagher
Bartlett, IL

Reduces Body Fat Level By 60%!

"I finally feel great about myself."

Fat loss Testimonial by Stephen

My name is Stephen and I began using MuscleNow in order to shed fat and gain muscle. My sister bought the program and asked me to try it out. I had been lifting and doing minor cardio prior to starting the program. I am 6'4" and weighed 240 pounds and had an approximate body fat of 18%.

I picked a few friends to do MuscleNow with me. One friend had very little fat and was very skinny. The others had quite a bit of fat to lose and little muscle. We followed the nutrition and training program to the letter. Within six months, I was weighing 198 pounds and my body fat was down to 7%. I could not get my body fat this low even when I was a Marine. I am also lifting 25% more weight than when I began the program.

The skinny friend who needed to gain muscle did and the others who needed to lose fat have dropped down to 9% body fat from approximately 22% body fat. MuscleNow has given me the body and strength I have always desired and I finally feel great about myself. I am now going to introduce this to my father who is now retired and back in the gym. I look forward to sending you his before and after shots.

Comments From Stephen's Sister

The incredible thing about it is he did all of this while living abroad and didn't have a lot of access to weights so he improvised with his body weight and filling up bags with water, etc. He followed your nutrition suggestions to the letter, which helped him a lot. He ended up having about 8 guys following him every day doing this stuff. Some were very over weight and needed to drop fat, and others were very skinny and needed muscle. Your program worked for them all.

Long Beach, CA

"Thanks for sharing your knowledge."

He said "Hey what do you do
to get so cut?"

Fat Loss Diet and Exercise Plan Testimonial by Obadiah Switzer

I thought I'd share something with you that happened to me today that I have to admit I was not really prepared for - I was in the locker room at the local community college I'm attending and had just gotten out of the shower after a workout. I overheard two guys from the weight room talking about diet and protein, creatine and stuff of that nature when I heard one of them say "yeah I want to look like that guy. Hey what do you do to get so cut?" I looked up to find them approaching me!! A recommendation to your MuscleNOW web site soon followed. It's interesting how you can look in the mirror and not really give yourself credit for what you've accomplished but getting a complement of that magnitude was quite a reward.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Obadiah E. Switzer
Myers Flat, CA

"The nutritional knowledge you provided was a GREAT HELP."

The difference in size is obvious.

Muscle Gain Bodybuilding Testimonial by Dario Melendez


Hey, I'm now the national lightweight subchampion. I just won second at the National Independence Pro Cup. I just want you to know that the nutritional knowledge you provided was a GREAT HELP, THANKS! I've been comparing my before pictures with the ones of this competition and the difference in size and hardness are obvious.

Dario Melendez
Santo Domingo, DO

"The results were quite surprising."

"It is efficient, easy to follow,
AND healthy."

Gain Muscle Mass Weight Training and Bodybuilding Diet Testimonial by Chris Bishop


I've followed the MuscleNOW system for the full 90 day trial, in which I was able to test what it was like at putting on muscle AND stripping fat for a bodybuilding competition. The results where quite surprising, I found I easily did both.

During the first 35 days I gained strength, mass, and only slightly elevated my body fat levels. I started with a 31 inch waist, and as the program outlined, only gained 2 inches around the waist before I started dieting. During this time, my strength increased consistently, and I gained 3 inches around my chest (and back), and 1 ½ inches on my arms, on the shoulders and the legs. As I ventured on with this program, following the diet DID get easier. The amount of food, and consuming the natural sugars around my workout was something I was not accustomed to, but the results speak for themselves.

After 1 week of dieting I lost 1 1/12 inches from my waist, so I was nearly back to my starting waist measurement, the fat just melted away. You don't realize how much you have, until you lose it. It starts from you extremities, revealing the separation and vascularity of you forearms, and works its way up. Immediately my abs became clearer, veins started to run up my legs up to my knees. My quads split right down the center. What took me 10 weeks to look like last year took me 4 using this system, and I still had 2 weeks to go!!

I would recommend this system to any recreational bodybuilder, as it is efficient, easy to follow, AND healthy. Following this system, you will not put the fat on like common bulking diets have you do, you will not be cutting out any food group as all groups are equally important, and most importantly, you will remain healthy through a system of exercise, diet and rest.

Today I have started back after a week off, and I am excited about what changes will occurs in the next 6 weeks.

Chris Bishop
Annerley QLD, Australia

Member Of U.S. Military Gains Muscle Mass!


Muscle Gain Bodybuilding Testimonial by Garrett Anthony Turner

First of all, an extension of thanks. I was overseas to support Enduring Freedom as well as to deter North Korea. Due to manpower configuration, most of the time we had descent shifts. While there I made a commitment to your program. I have always been in great shape as I grew up on the beach. Never was I serious into bodybuilding. I read your program page to page, and after the first seven weeks, I became curious as to measure my progress. With in a two week period I loss an inch in my waist, gained half an inch in each arm, gained an inch and a half across my chest, and gained almost a pound. I took measures five consecutive times, with assistance in disbelief. Strength took me by surprise as well. I kept a well disciplined diet and took NO SUPPLEMENTS. Upon my returning home, family members and loved ones immediately noticed. Below is a photo posted in a classified location (I am the individual on the far left). I would just like to commend you on your program and again thanks.

Take care as I know you will and God Bless you.

Garrett Anthony Turner
Barksdale AFB, LA

"I am finally able to realize my life as a bodybuilder."

"Thank you Francesco
for sharing your knowledge."

Gain Muscle Mass Weight Training Program and Bodybuilding Diet Testimonial by Rene van Vessum

In my opinion Francesco has discovered all the principles needed to do natural bodybuilding, or to have natural muscle growth, by using an intelligent planning, smart training and food. The strange thing is that if you neglect only one of these principles, you won’t have growth or success. Most of us are confused by fake knowledge spread by Gyms, magazines and supplement sellers. It still seems like a strange world to me, where I think about 90% of the bodybuilders are using steroids in which case bodybuilding is not an art at all.

Why do people question your system? Strange, it works very well, and I think it’s almost the only way to do natural bodybuilding (of all the other systems you will get sick and demotivated). You must be a person with the capability of introspection otherwise you would have never discovered all of these principles.

Thank you Francesco for sharing your knowledge. I am finally able to realize my life as a bodybuilder, which before seemed impossible.

Update #1

the system is really great, seems like one can get bigger and bigger, really addictive and freaky even,

Rene van Vessum
The Netherlands

Burns 7" Of Stomach Fat While Gaining Muscle Mass!

"This is a truly amazing program."

Lose Fat Diet and Exercise Program Testimonial by Victor Fan

I want to write you to thank you for designing this wonderful program. I had just finished six weeks of the fat loss phase and have begun a new cycle of the muscle building phase. The result has been both physically and mentally rewarding. I am 5'6" tall. My weight was 155 lb and my waist was 35" when I first started. By the time I had completed the first cycle, my weight had dropped to 147 lb and my waist to 28". My chest and biceps, however, have grown an inch respectively, looking firmer and bigger as the fat level assuaged.

I worked out with three trainers before and had tried many different theories, methods, and supplements. Last year, I had even given in to steroid precursors, which bulked me up to 180 lb. While my chest, arms and legs became massive and solid, I ended up with a 37" stomach. From a holistic medical standpoint, I also experienced side effects that were related to toxication of liver and kidney, and had a compromised immune system. I found that a lot of steroid users who recommended ways to administer these products and workout programs were highly uneducated and misinformed. The result was that my body would entail an increasing dosage of these products and supplements, whereas the accompanying training was often so strenuous that attending a gym had gradually become a burden. I did quit training for half a year after a minor work-related injury. Needless to say, the cost of purchasing these supplements made one wonder if bodybuilding was equivalent to creating debts.

Your program is a gift of which everybody who is interested in training would dream. It has answered every question that has been puzzling me for the past seven years. After reading the material, I have been feeling that you, a sagacious and earnest trainer, have been always with me to motivate my workout. The program has not only changed my physique, and has encouraged me to keep attaining an increasingly higher and practical goal with patience and perseverance. It has truly maximized my physical and mental potential. It has certainly boosted up my immune system, and I would not hesitate to admit that it has even increased my hormonal level in a positive, constructive, and natural way. I have also noticed a very affirmative energy within me that helps my life and creative work in general. In other words, what I have gained from your program is beyond a physical transformation.

Once again, I would like to thank you again for your work, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn from you. I am sure that this is only the beginning and I will experience something similarly or even more amazing as I progress by following your program.

Update #1

Dear Francesco,

I would just like to give you an updated photo and a quick note of my progress. I have not stopped using your program ever since I have purchased it seven months ago. My body fat level kept lowering and I have finally achieved a level of definition, especially on my abs and arms, of which I have never dreamt before. My chest and arm measures maintain the same from the last time I wrote you, and my waist is now about 27 1/2 inches.

Once again, this is a truly amazing program. I am now trying to focus on bulking from this week on. Hope that everything is going well with you.

Victor Fan
New York City, NY

"Thank you for your e-mail support."

"Your program is easy to follow."

Hello Francesco,

I just wanted to send you a note after completing my first 6 week cycle on your program. I followed all instructions carefully and really want to thank-you for your e-mail support.

Your program is easy to follow and very educational. In the first 6 weeks I gained 1 inch on each arm as well as just over an inch on my chest. My weight went from 180lbs to 186lbs.

I am looking forward to more gains in the next 6 week cycle.

Thanks again for all your help.

Dave Kasdorf
Winkler MB, Canada

"I liked the idea of not wasting any more money on supplements."

"If I can do it, you can do it."

I liked the idea of not wasting any more money on supplements that don't work, but most of all was Francesco's sincerity and personal guarantee that the program would work, so I bought the MN course. I haven't been completely perfect in the diet due to medical reasons, so I attribute most of the improvements to the workout (plan A) itself. I had quit bodybuilding due to joint pains from the old "3 sets of eight" routine, always heavy, never growing. The musclenow program allows for my joints to cycle, using both heavy and light weights, but always with full intensity.

I would undoubtable have even more gains by taking the diet more seriously. I'm 51 and 200lbs. I've had two major heart attacks seven years ago, and have a pacemaker. That little lump under the scar isn't a muscle. My OTHER heart, the original is working better than ever! AND...my taste buds have come to crave the simple healthy foods. If I can do it, you can do it.

Gary Chandler
Acworth, GA

Gains 46 Pounds!

"My mom even had suspicions
that I was using steroids!"

Muscle Building Weight Training Workout and Bodybuilding Diet Plan Testimonial by Philip Bugeja

Hello Francesco,

hey I am philip

I am doing something I never dreamt to do it’s a testimonial of something that changed my life and that week after week continues to do. The musclenow program a short description it works more than that it does miracles. I never believed and if fact it’s the first thing I ever bought over the internet its a complete guide thought your career of body building from the day you start till the day you decide to stop. Well I have seen a great amount of gains the first time I saw the musclenow I felt that this program had something special if fact I decided to send a e-mail to Francesco Castano and that very same day I received an answer I was amazed.

As many of you might know not getting answers or getting 100 different types of answers will only lead to frustration. well I used to be frustrated before but since I started the musclenow I never got frustrated again because knowing that I can e-mail the author himself and get a reply that very same day will solve the problem that automatically keeps me going on stress free.

I am writing this testimonial out of my own will I think a person like castano deserves it because he puts a lot of effort in keeping everyone happy and also knowing that his main objective is that the client will continue to see gains.

well if you have any questions about the program or any of my experience please e-mail me. personally it started for me just e-mailing castano for some problems I encountered as I had an accident and needed some help with the injuries I had he is no more the author for me he has become one of my best friends someone I admire and look up to. I started weighing at 135 kilos went down to 76 skinny so you can imagine how I changed with the muscle now I am 97 kilos now so imagine the amount of muscle I gained.

  • arms where 13.5 now are 16 inches
  • chest was 43 now is 46.6 inches
  • calf was 14 now it is 17 inches

if you want any more measurement just ask (I have fun giving my measurements now)

I followed the program word by word and the results where amazing believe me I could not believe how much I have grown and yes I am supplement free I just use a protein shake if I will be outside and cannot eat and that happens rarely. I have heard comments like you are on steroids you are growing to fast but it is a problem for me showing people that I am only doing as you tell me. my mum even had suspicions that I was using steroids and she did a blood test and it resulted negative. thanks for your amazing program ( seriously I was also amazed I never saw my arm this big).

I will be posting pics in the future as I will soon compete and I would like all you people to be amazed with my results. People family members that I have not seen for some time did not recognize me so believe me its good it makes me feel proud that I live and the musclenow life.

Well I have a motto that I say to people who have or do not have the musclenow I do not just train by the musclenow but I breathe and live the musclenow day by day hour by hour and every step and meal and workout I do I keep the musclenow in mind. In short it’s a life style

I will send updates in the future thanks F castano.

Update #1

after 11 months with muscle now I placed 7 th in a powerlifting competition as I gain an amount of strength and muscle mass

Philip Bugeja
Republic of Malta

Develops Ripped Abs!

"This program will transform you!!"

Fat Loss Diet Plan and Weight Training Workout Routine Testimonial by Andrew Cunningham

It’s just absolutely amazing how fast my body’s changed since starting with musclenow. I have just started on my 3rd cycle so that means I’ve been doing it now for around 13 weeks. If you look at my pictures which were taken right before I started and now, you can see the difference. I’ve been working out off and on (more off though) for about 8-10 years. Ever since starting lifting weights, I’ve always been told that I just should eat healthy food and eat more than usual so that way it sustains muscle so then I can build more muscle. Also, I’ve been under the misconception that there’s no real need to worry about fat much as long as I work hard in the gym because that’ll burn it off and PLUS..muscle eats fat so that will be taken care of with time. Well, learning and using this program sure changed all of that thinking! I’ve realized just how important it is to eat the right things, when, and how much. All of these factors play important roles. Francesco’s program has taught me how to do it all. Mind you, I NEVER knew anything about looking at food labels and measuring my meals or any of that before starting this program. It’s taken time and practice. Now, I’ve gotten much better. Francesco has been there every step of the way for me. Most every time I email him for something, I get a reply the next day. Not only has he helped me in the muscle building and fat loss areas which is his job, he’s gone further to explain how I should avoid lots of different food that I would have never known to avoid for reasons such as it’s cancer causing. He hasn’t had to do that seeing as there are quite a lot of things out there to eat and it will help build muscle however, it’s not good for health. I was working out pretty hard core for about 8 months before getting this program. I did increase in my strength on my workouts but I also got fat and you couldn’t really see any of my muscle. Using this program, I’ve changed all that. I see guys in the gym working out pushing an enormous amount of weight but they look like fat couch potatoes! If I saw them outside of the gym I would never imagine in a million years that they’ve ever even seen a gym. I used to wonder when I saw them why they don’t look better than they do. Well, now I know. They’re not using a program like this to change the way they look. This program will transform you!!

Update #1

Dear Francesco,

I hope you're doing well lately. I would like to tell you that life has taken me to start my own business as a publisher of a health newspaper here in Hong Kong. I bought the franchise from California and am operating here now. I would have never done any of this without your MuscleNOW program! I've gotten my brother in Florida onto the program and it seems that he really likes it as well.

Andrew Cunningham
Hong Kong

Loses 40 Pounds & Burns Over 7 Inches Of Stomach Fat!

"Thank you for providing a system that really works...fast!"

Loose Fat Diet Plan and Weight Training Exercise Routine Testimonial by Craig Leonard
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After ten years of working out regularly and seeing less than satisfactory results, I spent three and half years devoting little time to fitness and put on fifty pounds of fat. I had tried spending two hours a day in the gym, several different diets, and countless supplements that promised to help me reach my muscle building goals. While I saw modest results from my efforts, I didn't feel that the return was adequate for the amount of time, money, and effort I was spending to achieve my desired physical improvements.

I eventually become disgusted with the amount of body fat that I had gained and decided to give body building another shot. I decided to count calories as a way to lose fat. While I did actually lose about 30 pounds, I lost quite a bit of muscle in the process as well due to a lack of nutrition. I was searching the internet for a way to get back on track with gaining muscle while not putting on too much fat in the process. I stumbled upon MuscleNow and after seeing the testimonials paired with the 90 day money back guarantee, I decided that I had nothing to lose and purchased the system.

It took me about 2 days to read through the entire program. Everything is explained in a common sense fashion and can be understood by people looking to begin changing their bodies. While I had to make some changes in my schedule, diet and workout routine, the changes weren't overwhelming and after two weeks, I was following the program with ease. While the program offers a fat loss and muscle building phase, I decided to follow the fat loss program since I still had some unwanted body fat that I wanted to get rid of.

The results were incredible even after the first week. I lost a half of an inch of off my waist after just the first week! After following the fat loss phase for 9 weeks, I have lost 5 inches from my waist and can finally show off the six pack that I haven't had in over 6 years. If you would have told me that such incredible results could be gained in just 9 weeks, I would have thought that you were crazy. I achieved better results in 9 weeks than what I had achieved over the past year of working out and dieting. If the muscle building phase works as effectively as the fat loss, I can't wait to see the transformation that will take place in a few weeks when I switch to muscle building.

After these 9 weeks, I have received compliments from all of my friends and family and have even gotten paid from MuscleNow for friends that purchased the system because of the results that they noticed on my body. This system is the real deal and I can't recommend purchasing it enough. The price of this program is a bargain to achieve the kind of life changing results that you will undoubtedly see if you follow the system as it is described. Thank you Francesco for taking out all of the guess work and providing a system that really works...fast!

I have attached pictures of my progress over the past nine weeks. I will be sure to send updates as I continue to transform my body using MuscleNow.

Thank you for the encouragement and for the incredibly effective system that you have provided.

God Bless.

Update #1


After not even one year on your program I have increased my strength on all lifts by at least 50% and have lost over 13% body fat! MuscleNow is continuing to transform my body and has changed my life. I am more confident in all areas of life because of the success I have been able to achieve using MuscleNow. It is awesome to see how so many people are amazed at the results that I have acheived. Just look at the definition in my abs and obliques! What is also incredible is that I have gained over 10 pounds of muscle mass to go along with the 13% decrease in body fat. I cannot recommend this program enough. For anyone looking to transform their body, MuscleNow will get you the results you have always wanted. Thank you for all of your assistance throughout the past months Francesco; I couldn't have transformed my body without your help. My statistics are as follows:


  • Weight: 215lbs
  • Waist: 39.25"


  • Weight: 175lbs
  • Waist: 31.50"

I also want to note that these numbers do not fully do justice to my progress because I spent about 4 months on muscle building where I neglected my cardio (I now realize that was a huge mistake) and increased my caloric intake much too fast which put my measurements back where I had started after I had dropped 25lbs and lost 5 inches on my waist. So in reality, over the past year I actually lost a total of 65 pounds and 12.75 inches from my waist - all while dramatically increasing my strength. I hope this helps and I will continue to provide transformation updates. It is the least that I can do for you after you have provided me with a system that actually works after spending many years of much effort in the gym with little rewards.

I will continue to keep you updated on my physical transformation progress. Thanks again and may God Bless you for dedicating your life to helping others live a more healthy and fit life!

Update #2

I am getting tired of dealing with the inconveniences that go along with my membership at my local gym, and I wanted to make sure that I found a piece of equipment that is smooth and will not sacrifice the results I have been able to achieve at my local gym. Yesterday I purchased all of the home gym equipment I will need to workout at home. It should be arriving late next week, at which time, I will be resuming my weight workouts. Your brother, Greg, was extremely helpful throughout the process and provided me with unbeatable pricing through IncrediBody.com. Thank you for the equipment recommendations and advice.

Update #3

I received all of the pieces to my home gym (except one) and am really enjoying working out at home. The equipment is almost as smooth as the commercial pieces I was using at my local gym and I love being able to crawl out of bed and get on my elliptical machine. I am saving over 20 minutes of drive time to the gym every morning which allows me to sleep a little later or spend some extra time with my wife and daughter before heading to work. I feel that your brother was able to get us an exquisite deal on the equipment and I have no regrets regarding this purchase. I am continually thankful that I came across your MuscleNow program and don't know what my life would be like without it.

Craig Leonard
Saint Charles, MO

Gains 55 Pounds of Muscle Mass!

"I could see my body transforming weekly
and it is such an awesome and satisfying feeling."

Hello Francesco,

I just wanted to let you know i think your program is awesome. First off when I ordered your program I was very skeptical, as I have tried numerous programs before yours all with very minimal success. I figured I would give yours a try expecting the same lackluster results but boy was I wrong. I even emailed you a couple times with questions and you were very supportive and very prompt with your responses. I honestly must say this was one of the best purchases I have made in my life since your information is so valuable and vital to anyone trying to enhance their body, and this program is the best on the subject i have ever read.

Before using your system I realized I wasn't eating properly and you put a fix on that real quick! MuscleNOW has changed my life entirely, and I truly hope others that are just as skeptical as I was take a chance and order your system, as I GUARANTEE they will NOT regret their decision. After starting your program and reading all the info about diet I could see my body transforming weekly and it is such an awesome and satisfying feeling, I was getting more ripped, stronger, and after awhile when people saw the gains I was making accused me of taking steroids which I have never done.

When I began your program I was 6"1 and a measly 140 pounds but after just 2.5 years on your program I weighed in at a "ripped" 195 pounds and the results are so satisfying to me you have no idea. I hope anyone thinking about ordering this program just goes for it, as they will not be sorry.

Frank Terescavage
Trucksville, PA

Gains 45 Pounds!

"It's nice to see your hard work pay off."

I want to thank you for your help, your program has really done a lot for me. I used it for a little over a year and managed to gain 45 pounds of quality weight! When taking measurements as suggested in the program, I noticed I gained about three inches on my arms and nearly ten inches on my chest while only gaining two inches on my waist. It really was a phenomenal transformation, looking back on it. I followed the diet and training principles outlined in your program diligently throughout that time. I remember it was a very exciting thing, people commenting on how different I looked It's nice to see your hard work pay off in the mirror and in the gym. Before applying your program to my life, I worked out like crazy and saw no changes whatsoever. I remember being so frustrated...

Anyone who believes they are a "hard-gainer" should give this program a try. It taught me that there really is no such thing as a hard gainer, just an ill-informed gainer. The program also forces you to be disciplined with your diet and to take control of it. This is something more people should consider.


Kris Khera
West Chester, OH

"This is the only way to train."

"I felt like I have wasted many years training
by not having this program."

Hi there, my name is Darren, from Sydney, Australia.

Just thought I would let you know that the MuscleNow course is fantastic.

At 32 years old, I have been training quite seriously for over ten years and thought I had pretty much reached the end of my development at 94kgs and quite lean. After two months on your program I have cracked the magic 100kg mark, which was a goal of mine, and still quite lean.

I felt like I have wasted many years training by not having this program. I have never been stronger or so enthusiastic about my workouts (the week 5 sessions are bloody tough though!)

This is the only way to train. All other methods just dont make sense to me anymore.

Well done and best wishes.

Darren Wardle
Sydney NSW, Australia

Gains 30 Lbs Of Muscle Mass!

"Right away I saw results;
I'm talking in days not months, I was blown away."

My name is Diego Munoz and Im 19 years old. Im 5' 6" and my starting wieght was 130 pounds, my arms were 10" and my chest was 28" and Ive been on musclenow for a few months now. I started training a little under a year ago without any Idea of what I was doing. I tried a bunch of stuff that people from my gym suggested without any real muscle gains. I even got myself a trainer, who told me it was only possible to gain 12 pounds of muscle a year! As soon as I got the course I started right away and followed it exactly never questioned any part of it. Right away I saw results I'm talking in days not months, I was blown away. You quickly gain momentum when youre growing and the really incredible part is it doesnt stop as long as you stay consistant. I started at disgusting 130 pounds very very skinny I could rest my arms on my hips T_T with a 28" chest and 10" arms and i always thought of myself as a hardgainer. With Musclenow I found out thats all rubbish! My arms have gone from 10" to 14" my chest exploded from 28" to 36 1/2" and the most incredible part is I now weigh 160 pounds all in muscle which blows my mind because I was told from a profesional that i would only see a 12 pound gain in a year of consistant body building. The best part that comes with the musclenow course is just the amount of compliements I get from my friends and family about the transformation of my body which makes every drip of sweat and last exhausting set and rep worth it. This program is amazing plain and simple gives you all the knowledge you will ever need to know to gain muscle so it worth every penny!

I keep getting comments from friends and family members that my arms are huge compared to what they were almost 2 weeks ago. I'm getting to the point where clothes are fitting anymore. I thought results like these took years to acomplish and I have yet to take measurements to see if I need to raise my calorie intake. Your advise is changing my life! THANK YOU!

I’ll email more updates on my progress! Thanks Francesco!!!!

Update #1

Hey francesco, i just wanted to tell you how thankful I'am for your program and the additional help you have given me. I still see results constantly, without your program and help, I wouldn't be where I'am today. I constantly get asked if I'm taking supplements if they only knew that dieting correctly could bring them unimaginable results at a insane rate. I'll be writing a update testimonial as soon as I start cutting. Thanks for all the help.

Diego Munoz
Glendora, CA
Gains 17 Lbs of Muscle Mass

"How many girls notice me versus before is astounding proof
to the effectiveness of the program!"

To Mr. Castano,

I have continued to read your Musclenow course and the results are amazing. I have been working out now for about 40 days and have gained about 17-18 pounds since. And the best part is that I did not gain any substantial amount of fat in the areas that I was afraid I would gain (legs, butt)!

Thank you very much for all your help and again, this program has already brought me extraordinary results!

Update #1

Hello Mr Castano!  How are you?  I'm doing great!  Its been 7 months since I started the program and the results have been great.  Just by observing how many girls notice me versus before is astounding proof to the effectiveness of the program!

Mario Stylianou
Astoria, NY
Gains 25 Pounds With No Waist Size Increase!

"Your program is great; you always get back with me
in a very timely manner on my questions."

I am on the muscle building phase and I have had great results. I have gained 25 pounds and not an inch on my waist.

Your program is great - and you always get back with me in a very timely manner on my questions. That is very much appreciated.

Joel Berry
Kerrville, TX

Gains 7 Lbs

"My wife is very impressed with my results.
I am so happy with your program."

Hi Francesco. I want to update you on my progress so far. I have completed 3 weeks of my first 6 week cycle. My weight has increased 7 lbs. (184-191). My biceps have each increased by 1/2 inch. My chest has increased by 1 1/4 inch. And my waist has stayed the same. My wife is very impressed with my results. I am so happy with your program. I look forward to every workout and every meal because I have never been able to get results like this so quickly.

Thanks for all your guidance.

Jeff Weissman
Woodbury, NY

Former Hardgainer Gains 30 Pounds Of Muscle!

"People like Schwarzenegger are basically responsible
for wasting years of my life."

Hi Mr. Castano,

I started lifting when I was 17 in my last year of high school. I started out lifting 6 days a week and I gained a tiny bit of muscle and strength in the very beginning while on creatine. After gaining a little bit in the beginning my gains stopped, however I did not stop lifting. I am a very determined person. Among my friends who know me best, I am known for that. In my entire life I have been a perfectionist and accomplished a lot of goals. I have lived by the code that determination and perseverance are omnipotent. I am not someone who tries anything half-heartedly if it is something I'm interested in. In spite of all this, weightlifting is something that I've had an exceedingly hard time with.

Even though I was gaining NO muscle or strength I continued to lift for 6 days a week for an entire year. I was hell-bent on gaining muscle. I kept thinking that maybe this is just how slow gains come and maybe you take a small step forward every six months or so. I kept on lifting thinking what I was doing was right and I felt that it was still worth it no matter how slowly gains came. After a little over a year I began trying some other things. I want to list as many of the programs I can remember so people will see how much I have to compare this to. I won't be able to remember all of them.

One of the first things I tried was doing a cycle where for 4 weeks you do a certain rep amount and then you change it for a second and third set of 4 weeks making it a 12 week program. I got nothing from this. I tried a 5 day a week one where you train each body part once a week. I tried what that steroid user Bill Pearl says in whatever his book is. I got a book by a guy named Ralph Mann and tried at least one program in that. I tried "beginner programs" from magazines where you lift 3 days a week. I tried at least one other 4 day a week beginner program. I tried the thing in the book "bodybuilding 101". I tried this program from "flex" magazine where they'd give you a little more in each issue. I tried "the weider approach". I tried schwarzenegger's advice. I also tried a bunch of splits and workouts I made up myself. Basically I tried everything. I tried most of these programs for between one month and 12 weeks waiting for my body to "start responding". "Superslow" and "Heavy Duty" were two others I tried, in fact, I tried those a lot and there was nothing that confused me more than those two programs. They are to a very large degree responsible for my failing for so long. The programs were so different and philosophical that there was no grey area. Those programs were either right or wrong and I could never decide which because neither that way or the traditional approach did anything at all for me. I will say however that Mike Mentzer (author of heavy duty) is the only author besides Castano that I don't dislike. This is because even though he was wrong about what he said, he, unlike pretty much everyone else at least acknowledged the fact that what works for steroid users will not work for the non-user and he did his best to find something for non-users. I really can't stand most of the authors I dealt with before Castano because they either only test their ideas on themselves while they're on steroids or they test their ideas on other steroid users (like weider would). They never mention that their advice won't work for a lot of non-steroid users and they act like it will and act like they're not on steroids most of the time. They are nothing short of frauds.

Sometimes I would gain a really little bit of strength or size on a few of those programs but only for a really short amount of time or only while I was on creatine (water-weight). Overall I can honestly say that I got absolutely nothing for all my efforts for all the years that I tried those!

When I first started lifting I don't think I knew that the people in weightlifting magazines took steroids. I realized it very slowly due to the fact that their advice didn't work but if you read magazines enough, like I did, you will hear most the guys admit it. A few of them are entirely honest (for example Flex Wheeler and Mike Mentzer) but most of them at least admit it. just not very often. You have to read enough to find out that they use and to see the interviews where they talk about it. They don't just take steroids, they are nothing but professional drug users. People who are unfamiliar with the fact that those guys are drugged up out of their minds should look for a magazine called "Natural Bodybuilding Magazine". Those guys are on the honor code and don't take anything illegal (but still take supplements sometimes in increased dosages). They are not as big as the users, and what I find really interesting is that you can use the people who admit it and the people who definitely don't use as reference points to see who is and isn't on steroids. If a baseball player or other athlete looks more like the users or even like the top non-users. well, he's a user and a whole lot of athletes apparently are. I considered taking steroids but I never did because I have been a successful athlete in ways outside of bodybuilding and I am known for it and I feel respected among my friends and I didn't want people to be able to say "yeah but he takes steroids". My other sport (mainly skiing) is one of two reasons I didn't ever take steroids. The other reason is because I believe it is cheating.

Anyways. I didn't want to take 'roids so ultimately I gave up, completely, for more than a year. In the end it was something that Mentzer said that made me give in. He said that everyone has different potential and some people only have the potential to gain a really tiny bit of muscle. Since I'd tried everything and gotten nothing I decided that that was me. Weightlifting became the one thing that made me think that people can't accomplish anything they put their minds to after all.

After a good year of not lifting, this summer (summer '05) I was reading online about natural ways to raise testosterone just for the sake of having high testosterone for sports and I came across Francesco Castano's site. I read a few testimonials from guys who had similar stories to mine (tried a lot of things with no results first) who said that this program finally worked for them. In fact a lot said that this finally worked GREAT for them, and that is exactly how it's gone for me. I did not have high hopes when I ordered this program because I no longer believed that it was possible for me to gain strength.

I cannot believe how different this program has been from any others I ever tried and I could not believe how well it worked. I started lifting on July 5th this year and for 3 months followed this program to a tee. I don't have good potential for weightlifting and I believe that others should be able to gain at least as much or more in three months on this program if they follow it as well as I did. For three months I only did the bodybuilding phase and ignored the fat loss phase so I was gaining as fast as I could. This testimonial is for my first 3 months because those months are an indication of how well this works when it's followed perfectly and fully. I also stopped after 3 months to ski for a while so that's the other reason this is just for the first 3.

The results were visible within a week. I kept track of my arm measurements and increased from about a 14 inch arm to 16 inches even within the first 3 months I did this program. I only measured my arms because it wasn't very necessary to measure because it was so clear that this was working and my bodyweight increased from 165 to 195. There may have been a gain of about 5 pounds of fat. There were two weeks in which I gained just under a quarter of an inch on my arms in the week alone and one week where I gained a FULL quarter of an inch on my arms, just in a week! I used machines for a lot of my exercises and here is how I increased: If I used the same weight from one workout to the next I usually did at least 2 more reps but sometimes much much more. There were certain workouts I had where I would increase 20 pounds on a few lifts since just my last time that I did them. One day I increased 30 pounds on machine flies just since my last chest workout. At the beginning of the three month period I worked out with 200 on the bench machine and then at the end of the months I was working out with 270. On the incline machine I started with 90 and ended working out with 180. On the shoulder press machine my gain for the 3 months was the same and went from working out with 90 to 180. On lat pulldown I went from working out with 190 to 250. Everything else increased at a similar rate to all of this. Triceps were among the fastest gaining body part. There was one thing I didn't increase in strength much on and that was shoulder shrugs, however, I recently got a deep tissue massage and had a large increase in strength as a result of that. I guess the muscle was just too tight. Whenever I stopped gaining I just increased calories, and started gaining again. This program enables you to fully understand all the variables involved and it is so nice to be able to pinpoint a reason for a lack of gains rather than wondering. So far on this program the only times I stopped gaining I just needed to increase calories and that was the only reason. Castano's concept of increasing workload amazes me. It amazes me by how clear it becomes that it is the key ingredient to bodybuilding and how this program proves that it's necessary.

Being stronger has been great. Every movement I make feels more supported. My joints feel better and I feel more athletic overall. My friends who hadn't seen me for a while all noticed my difference in size.

I am not going to post before and after pictures right now because since I started concentrating more on skiing I actually lost a little muscle (no matter, I know how to get it back now), so it would not be a clear indication of what I gained. I will however post a picture of my face so that people know that I am a real person (see my myspace site). I have not met Mr. Castano outside of the internet but he succeeded in something that I never would have without his help and it is partially because of my appreciation of him that I have written this. I also wrote this simply because I want as many people as possible to find their way out of all the B.S. that is in other books and magazines and into an effective program. Perhaps the main reason I wrote this is because I feel that this is the only way for a lot of people to gain muscle (besides using steroids) and I am pissed off at the steroid using authors who advise people like me who don't use steroids. I absolutely can't stand those authors. People like Schwarzenegger are basically responsible for wasting years of my life. Just thinking about all the confusion, and time wasted and effort for nothing makes me want to vomit. I want to save as many people as possible from either completely failing or wasting as much time as I did on account of confusion.

I believe that this program is the one true way to lift. I can't see any reason why this wouldn't be the best for everyone even if it's not the ONLY thing that'll work for everyone like it was for me. Look at what an enormous difference it made for me!

Thank you for enabling me to finally have control of my strength and fitness.

Blake Saunders
Winter Park, CO

Alessandro Gains 85 Pounds!

"Give this a chance, you won't regret it."

i will never forget that july afternoon. school was out and i was becoming a senior in high school. One thing though, i was thin!! iv always looked up to bodybuilders as i was growing up. they put in a lot of time and dedication. I like mostly natural bodybuilders, not a big fan of the freaks or the juiceheads. so i was online searching on mass building routines. i was determined and nobody could stop me. i came across the musclenow website. i read the whole page and without thinking twice i placed the order. This is where my life changed. Nothing has ever changed my life in such a positive way.

i recieved the program and soaked in all the info and processed it. i actually took one week before starting so i could fully absorb and understand every single detail in the program. The week that i began was brutal. How can one eat so much food? The workouts were also intense. of course i started out light but i made sure that i went to failure on each and every set. i was soar for a long time. But i couldnt give up just yet!!!

I was on the 4 times a week workout regiman that francesco wrote out and it was working like a charm. i cycled the workouts as stated, followed the diet, and anytime i had a question, Francesco was right there to help me. I must have emailed him 100 times but he never got mad. He just kept motivating me and making it easier for me to grasp and workout. This of course fueled my fire and i was on a roll.

In a month and a half i started to look different already. First day of school people were like wow you changed during the summer, what are you working out?? i said yea im working out alittle bit, nothing crazy. Was i feeling good and pumped!!! My well being was increasing, strenght was going up, confidence was deff. going up and i just felt healthy. I felt like a champion.

As the years went by, i made sure to never miss a meal, follow francescos rules, and train as hard as possible. I was getting bigger, stronger, and much more healthier each year. This was too good to be true i said to myself.

Now lets recap this. i started out weighing 135lbs at 5'9, very very lean and skinny. In three years i went up to 220lbs. Was i ripped?? No. was i big? yes. i was a big boy. The ripped look is not my style, but this program will get you ripped and add muscle at the same time i just chose not to go that route and gain solid mass.

Everybody was like oh alex your on steroids. noway in hell can one gain so much weight in such short period of time. People who havent seen me in like 2 years were like what happened to you!!! my neck was huge, my arms were huge, and my shoulders were just retarted. 5'9 220lbs is not bad for a natural bodybuilder. i was 20 years old at that time. My parents actually sent me to go get tested for steroids!!! because they were shocked.

Now i am 23 years old and stopped lifting weights for 3 yers going on 4 years due to my job and other stuff in life. but i emailed francesco and he got me started again and i am beginning the program once again!!!

If your willing to change your life, be stronger, bigger naturally, then this is the program for you. But this program will give you stretch marks caused by the rapid growth. And get ready to get yourself a whole new set of clothes because you will get bigger and leaner. so for those who say yea you cant do it naturally???? I want you to add this up. 135lbs to 220lbs in 3 years NATURALLY on the musclenow system.

Its too bad i stopped. If i didnt stop the francesco system, who knows where i would have been today. Id probably be competing and way bigger. Give this a chance guys, you wont regret it.

New York

Gains 25 Pounds With MuscleNOW!

"I have finished my first month
and am astounded at the results."


I have finished my first month on the MuscleNow Program and am astounded at the results. I have grown so much more than I had thought I would, I knew I would grow but I was rather skeptical because I had been lifting for one year and had long ago reached a plateau. Your program requires so much dedication, but it has paid off. Fat levels are also declining (just as you said in the program). I just thought I'd thank you for the program and tell you about my progress. Thanks.

Update #1

I want to say your program is great, I started at just under 135 lbs (5'8'' tall) over a year ago and now weigh 160 at the same height. I have learned so much from that program and wanted to again thank you.

Tom Bridges
Heber Springs, AR

Gains 10 Pounds and Achieves Ripped Abs!

"I feel and look much better than I ever have."

Hey Francesco, this is Josh Ghavidel. I just wanted to thank you for putting together such a wonderful plan. I have not missed a workout and I have stuck to the diet consistently. What do I have to show for it? Well, a six pack, many compliments, and 10 more pounds of solid muscle!! I feel and look much better than I ever have.

I do not mind at all if you use this message as a testimonial. I mean, if someone reads mine, and that reading convinces him or her to buy your plan, I would help out a person to reach their physical goals, and that is great. So go ahead and use it.

Thank you so much.

Josh Ghavidel
San Antonio, TX

Increases Biceps Muscle By 2 Inches!

"I've made more progress in a month and a half
than I did in a year and a half."

I'm in the second cycle of your program. The first 6 week cycle was pretty good-- I gained 2 inches on my arms and 2 and a half inches on my chest.

Your program is great -- it is the first comprehensive one I've ever seen. I've made more progress in a month and a half than I did in a year and a half without the proper information.

David Aronson
Southampton, PA

Gains 22 Pounds Of Muscle Mass

"My friends always comment on the
incredible gains I have made and how much better I look."

Hi Francesco

Just thought I'd drop you a line to say I am progressing pretty well. It is coming up on my second year of training, and my progress has been pretty rapid so far. I stick to the diet and exercise 3 times a week because of my schedule. (I admit I have slacked off from time to time because of illness, however I always train with as much intensity as I can).

For the first year I had to take it slow and ease myself into the exercise program. You see I was still recovering from a very serious internal injury. (Long story short, 3 days in intensive care, and a week under close observation- 4-5 months off work. And still recovering 3 years later. I had dropped down to less than 115 pounds because I couldn't eat properly. I was in constant pain for over a year. Bouncing off the side of a mountain and busting your liver wide open will do that to you. Not really something I like to think about or remember. It was touch and go there for a few days.) Needless to say any exertion, let alone exercise was totally out of the question at that point. But a year afterwards, I wanted to do something that would get me back to a mental & physical level that I have always wanted to be. I am a "hardgainer," high metabolic rate etc. Or so I thought...

One of the only things I could do was to read and surf the net at that time. I found your site one day and spent over 3 hours reading your material. I took a gamble and made my first ever internet purchase. I ordered your program. It came in the mail less than a week later. I have been re-reading it and going over the lessons and sticking to the diet and exercise plans ever since. My friends always comment on the incredible gains I have made and how much better I look. My confidence levels are high and the funny thing is people are now asking me for advice on how to exercise and get in shape!

I have all my exercise equipment including a very well built and designed squat rack, lat pull down and exercise bench options from a Canadian company called Northern Lights. I also have an exercise bike and treadmill. These were all bought over a period of time as I progressed and funds became available to me. (I hate going out in the cold in the Canadian Winter to a gym. I prefer to have my own equipment and play my own music and go at my own pace.)

My Gains

  • 22 pounds of actual muscle mass
  • 3" Shoulders
  • 5" Chest
  • 2 1/4" Biceps/Triceps
  • 1 1/4" Forearms
  • 2 1/2" Legs (Quads)
  • 1" Calf

(All these measurements were taken early in the morning after my six week cycle, with relaxed muscles- not flexing.)

If anyone has any reservations about your program then all I can say is: If you really want to do something good for yourself, then do not hesitate to get started. Knowledge + Healthy Diet + Proper Exercise + Intensity + Perseverance + Patience = A state of being that will last a lifetime.

Take care and thanks for all the quick replies to my queries and the knowledge necessary to get me back on the path to a full recovery.

Rob Chong
Toronto ON, Canada

Gains 40 Pounds and Doubles Bench Press!

"I am getting compliments from people left and right."

In the past 8 months I have gone from 130lbs to 170lbs on a 5'9" frame using your program. Needless to say, I have experienced amazing results. Before starting the program I had tremendously painful tendinitis in both shoulders and my left elbow. I could hardly lift school books or a guitar without something hurting. I decided to try the diet first to see if merely the nutrition aspect of things would help my pain, and within a month my pain got much better, so I decided to try the weight training, and though I had start slow, the gains just took off.

I started Bench Press going to failure at 90lbs, and am now at 185lbs. Preacher Curls went from 40lbs to 105lbs THIS PROGRAM WORKS!!!! I was completely skin and bones before starting this thing, and now I am getting compliments from people left and right, and they have asked me how I have made such progress in a short amount of time. I am looking forward to seeing what future months will bring.

Nearly everything about my life has changed for the better this past year thanks to this program. I feel stronger, more energetic, I sleep better.

Thank You.

Chris Liepe
Ft. Collins, CO

Gains 46 Lbs Of Muscle Mass!

"I just want to make believers of the skeptics
who think I've done steroids."


I've gained 46 lbs in the last year and I haven't even followed the program strictly because I have two kids and a wife who doesn't value my efforts as much as I'd like. I have 8% body fat and I went from lifting 185 to 325 on bench and 40lb dumbbell curls to 70lbs. I haven't kept track of my chest size but I've gained 3 inches on my arms from 15 to 18 inches.

I have a lot of friends and family who ask me what I've done to get so big in the last year. When I tell them about the program and the lifetime personal training they all look at me with disbelief, and instead of the guys in the gym asking me for bits and pieces of info I'll just refer them to the web page and the testimonial section to convince them. I just want to make believers of the skeptics who think I've done steroids.

I will continue to keep you updated of my progress and when I can I'll give you before and after pics with dates because words only go so far. If there is any work I can do for you as far as advertising I'd be glad to, as I am a card holding member of the International Association of Fire Fighters and I will be entering the Firefighter Challenge this coming year. What better way to get your program out there even more than on a nationally televised program!

I'll talk to you soon!

Eric P. Naylor
Derry, NH

No Longer A "Hardgainer"

"I got so excited about the very noticeable results."


the results from doing the muscle building program have been mind blowing!! i always considered myself a "hardgainer". after reading your program, i realized i was always misinformed. i started the 5 day plan, and after the first week, i put on a 1/2 inch on each arm, and a whopping 3 inches on my chest!! your program rocks!! i also lost an inch on my waist. i got so excited about the very noticeable results that i forgot to measure my legs. i can't wait to see what the results will be in 6 mos or a year! thank you sooo much for the time and effort you put into the program. you are the man!!! god bless you my friend!!

Jim Neal
Bakersfield, CA

"People ask me daily if I'm doing steroids."

"Your program works, just as you promised."


First, I wanted to thank you for cutting through the B.S. with your program, it works, simply just as you promised.

Second, people ask me daily if I'm doing steroids, I don't know whether to be offended or to take it as complement to your program? But rest assured, I've been sending them to your web page.

Since starting your program (5 weeks ago) I have increased my chest 2", arms 1/2" and I maintain a 32-33 inch waist, all while gaining 12 lbs! (This is after training for 9-10 years, hard!)

Again, Thank You.

Brett M. Johnston
Colorado Springs, CO

Gains 16 Lbs

"I was the hardest gainer in the world
until I got on your program."

When I first heard about your program I was very excited that someone would offer a money back guarantee in three months instead of six weeks. When I started working out and following the diet I gained an impressive 16 pounds in one month!!! I was the hardest gainer in the world until I got on your program, but now I don't have to worry because with your plan the pounds just pack on so easily. What I like most about the work of routine is the cycle that you have set up for all of us, that to me is ingenious. Thanks for all of your knowledge and personal training tips that you have given to me also.

Jared Reynolds
Zanesville, OH

Former "Hardgainer" Gains 17 Lbs of Muscle!

"I have always been made fun of for being skinny."


I want to really thank you for all your hard work you have put into this program. I have read it from front cover to back cover at least 3 times. It's great reading material especially when you lose confidence. But it's really hard to lose confidence when I'm following the guidelines of your program. It is SO INSPIRATIONAL. I couldn't get over how it just lifted my self esteem. I have been lifting weights for a while. I never gained an ounce. I got much stronger, but the results weren't there. So now Im starting to gain weight and lots of strength! I began as 129 pounds and now I'm at 146 pounds after just 4 weeks into the first cycle. I have always been made fun of (and still am) for being skinny. So out of frustration, I got online that night and found your program and ordered it. I am so thankful for your time and efforts.

It would be great if you posted this email! I want it on your site because I was the hardest gainer! Seriously! Thanks for all your help!!!!!

Elias Georgaras
York, PA

Gains 20 Lbs!

"I was very skeptical at first,
but the promises you gave have proven true."

Dear Francesco,

I purchased your MuscleNOW program about 4 months ago. As for my results, I gained 20 pounds in one month! I regret to admit that I have slacked off a bit and have yet to gain anymore. I did, however, gain an average of 2--2.5 inches on my entire body including my biceps, chest, legs, and so forth in that same month. I have begun the program once more and I am determined to make my goal of 175 lbs. I have always weighed about 128--130 lbs, but I now weigh around 150 and I owe it all to you. I was very skeptical at first, but the promises you gave have proven true. With hard work and determination, anyone can succeed with this program. Once again I thank you for what you have given me and for what you are offering to many others.

Marco Vega
Harlingen, TX

Gains 15 Pounds With No Fat Accumulation

"I've been mistaken for a Junior
countless times (I'm a freshman)."

Dear Francesco,

Between July 1st and August 9th I gained 15 pounds (152 to 167) and didn't gain any fat (in fact, I think I actually lost a small amount). Its been about a month as of now (september 25) since I've stopped following your program to the letter, but I've been able to maintain my weight (in fact I gained another three pounds between August ninth and the first day of school, so now I'm 170). As for the dividends, I've been mistaken for a Junior countless times (I'm a freshman). Many thanks, and expect another letter when I get my act together and begin again.

Jordan Rosenfeld
Germantown, MD

Gains 30 Pounds Of Muscle Mass & Triples Strength!

"I have gained more than 3 inches on my arms."

Dear Francesco,

Since starting your program I am over 30 pounds heavier and have not gained any extra around my waist. I have gained more than 3 inches on my arms as well as 4 inches on my chest and my neck is also over 2 inches thicker. My calves which were always stubborn to grow have even added almost 2 inches!! In addition to these results since beginning all my exercise weights have at least tripled!! Thank you so much for your help!!

Blair Dennett
Bathurst NSW, Australia

16 Year Old Gains 19 Pounds

"Thanks for the great program
and most importantly for one that works."


Thanks for the great program and most importantly for one that works. I have picked up 9 kg, added 3cm on both biceps, 3cm on the chest and several around my quads, and I am a 16 yr old male.

Dan van der Westhuizen
Invercargill, New Zealand

Former Hardgainer Gains 20 Pounds!

"I gained 20 pounds in three months
versus zero pounds in the previous ten years!"


I purchased your program two years ago. I gained 20 pounds in three months vs. zero pounds in the previous ten years! (I was weight training off and on... mostly off.)  I have your weight lifting knowledge in my head.

The testimonials on your site gave me the confidence to purchase the program. I knew that what you were saying made sense, but since it is different from most weight lifting advice, I wasn't sure. Hearing other people's success stories clinched it for me.

Keep up the good work. You are doing something great.

Craig Duncan
Philadelphia, PA

"The program is nothing short of amazing."

"It is still hard for me to believe the miraculous results
I wake up to daily."

I am on the end of my second week of my first cycle. I have gained 6 pounds already and my strength has increased in all areas. I have followed your diet and workout plan to the letter. I know what is like to be skeptical. I actually looked up the name of one of your testimonies to see if they existed. No discredit towards you, it us just that a life time of empty promises from so many companies has left me a bit jaded. I would be happy to help others that experience similar doubts. It is still hard for me to believe the miraculous results I wake up to daily. I had just taped myself for the first time since I started two weeks ago and gained the following (my height is 5'8"):

  • Arms: 14.5" to 14.75"
  • Chest: 38" to 38.5"
  • Legs: 19.75" to 20"
  • Weight: 151 to 160 lbs

My strength also increases every time I go to the gym. Keep in mind that I have been working out consistently for 7 years and have never experienced gains like this. The best part is it is not water weight from so many cell bloating supplements I have used in the past. The program is nothing short of amazing, and I cant thank you enough.

Eric Vinceslio
Dyess AFB, TX

Gains 25 Pounds of Muscle Mass

"I have had terrific results so far,
and I'm not even strict with the diet."


I really love your program. I have had terrific results so far, and I'm not even strict with the diet. I have gone from 5'8" 135 lbs. to 160 lbs. in a little more than two months, and have also added 25 pounds to my bench press. Thank you for the invaluable information.

Guy Bardascino
N. Andover, MA

Gains 12 Pounds Of Muscle Mass

"I have never been able to gain weight before
despite repeated attempts."


I have been on your program for 12 weeks now (2 full cycles) and am impressed. With your 3 day routine, I have gained 12 pounds of muscle and increased definition. My goal when I started, by the way, was to gain 10-15 pounds. I have never been able to gain weight before despite repeated attempts, especially when I was a high school and college athlete, so I complement and thank you for your program.

Kelley Williams, Jr.
Jackson, MS

Gains 20 Pounds - "I get compliments all of the time."

"Before I saw your site I was so clueless and mis-informed."


In the last four months I have put on 20 pounds, and I continue to get stronger and stronger on your program. Before I saw your site I was so clueless and mis-informed that I would have gone nowhere any time soon. When I started lifting I gained fast but than I hit a wall for two years and went nowhere as far as size and strength. I'm progressing now like I just started again. I get compliments all of the time. Thank you so much for putting this program together. It seems like your really clearing up all the misinformation there is out there in bodybuilding. Keep up the good work.

David J. Finlayson
Aberdeen, MD

Gains 45 Lbs Of Muscle Mass!

"I have put 3 inches on my arms and 6 on my chest!
It is unbelievable!!"


I know it's hard for people to believe these testimonials because I was once the one on the outside reading them. I was searching through yahoo looking for an easy way to put on lean muscle mass. Once i found your program I thought that I would give it a try. The price is about what I was spending on supplements a month anyway. I have been on your program now for 6 months. I have put on 45 lbs of muscle and have increased my max bench by over 100 lbs, while dropping by bodyfat. I have put 3 inches on my arms and 6 on my chest! It is unbelievable!! I'm not special either. Before muscle now i used to spend hours in the gym each day with very small strength gains if any and no size gains. The program works for everyone. You have taken the trial and error out of workouts! My friends spend twice the amount of time I spend in the gym and can't get any result. Your program is the only way to truly unlock "your true body's potential". I love the way the program walks you through everything by giving you examples. I also would like to thank you for getting back to me on my questions within a day every time! Francesco your program has changed my life. My confidence level has gone up so much.

Thank you!

John Burchette
Clarion, PA

"I gained PURE muscle and look more cut than ever."

"ANYBODY with a skinny or fat body
can change with your program."

Dear Francesco

WOW, You have changed my life, for real. I had bought your program one year and a few months ago and it has given me gains that a SUPER fast metabolism body couldn't break down. All my years I tried lifting and eating alot (actually I've always ate tons) but alot of it the wrong kinds of food and tried supplementation. None of it worked. I was so skinny, Last year I was about 140 or so, now I am about 165, steady. I gained PURE muscle and look more cut than ever. I don't have to worry about exercise, since my metabolism is so high and I play 3 school sports a year, and TONS of other sports all year long. I always new I could be good looking if I just gained some weight. Now it's all sprung out.

Another GREAT thing about you is your quick emails that answer anyone's questions perfectly. Your emails directly reflect your program that is written so understandably. I still feel like I owe you sooo much! If I would have taken a before picture, or not had already gained the weight, I would have entered a contest for the biggest transformation. Now after seeing the results of your program, whenever I look at ANYBODY with a skinny or fat body (or who says the want to change) I KNOW they can with your program, it's just they don't want to put in the hard enough work to morph themselves. But if they were like me and REALLY want to change, they would, simply put.

Adam Bott
Warsaw, IN

"This is definitely the best program I have ever used!!"

"I would like to thank you for such a wonderful course."

First of all, I would like to thank you (once again) for such a wonderful course. Many things happened to me since buying your course, preventing me from consistently following the course but I finally managed to start again 10 weeks ago. Since then, I gained 8 kilograms!! I never weighed this much in my life... Thanks a lot Francesco! This is definitely the best program I have ever used!!

Jacobus Marthinus Koekemoer
Bellville, South Africa

Gains 27 Pounds - "I can tell you this works!!"

"I am much more confident now
and have people complimenting me on my physique."


For many years I have been uncomfortable with my size (to the point of depression) and have tried everything albeit not with any longstanding conviction. This was precisely for the reasons you outline in your program thank you. In a week and two days I have already put on half a stone (7 pounds) of body weight to which I now weigh more than I ever have in all my years. This is extremely encouraging.

Update #1

Everything is going according to plan i have gained 14lbs since i started.. I have grown 3 inches on my legs.. 3 inches on my biceps and 2 and a half inches on my chest.. I particularly like the way my whole body is improving!! It gives me great satisfaction that i am able to make good solid progress.

Update #2

I have completed 2 cycles of your program and here are the results so far. I promise to send pictures as soon as i have reached my goal.

Before (March 15)

  • Chest: 34"
  • R. Biceps: 12.5"
  • L. Biceps: 12.5"
  • R. Thigh: 17"
  • L. Thigh: 17"
  • Waist: 29"
  • Weight: 131 lbs

12 Weeks (June 8)

  • Chest: 40"
  • R. Biceps: 15.25"
  • L. Biceps: 15.25"
  • R. Thigh: 21"
  • L. Thigh: 21"
  • Waist: 30"
  • Weight: 158 lbs

I want to emphasise one point I was so eager to begin the program I actually completed two cycles incorrectly. I don't want to go into too much detail on my mistake but I shall tell you this I am probably a good few pounds behind what I could have been. As the measurements suggest I have gained a whopping 27 pounds something that I considered impossible prior to the program. I am much more confident now and have people complimenting me on my physique. I still have a way to go. But all the way from London England I can tell you this works!! Wait till you see the pictures there will be no doubt about this.

Thank you Francesco.

Darren Pinnock
London, England

Gains 31 Lbs of Muscle While Burning Fat!

"My bench went from 90 to 200."

My weight has increased 31 pounds (hard gainer no more) my bench went from 90 to 200 in 12 weeks. I've gained two inches on my upper arms, my chest measure 4 inches from what it was and my waist has dropped almost an inch. I'm 6'0" and I was 150lbs I'm now at 181 lbs. You can post my improvement as a testimonial if you like.

Adam Wright
Connersville, IN

U.S. Military Member Serving In Iraq Gains 16 Pounds

"This program takes the guess work out of it."


I am in Iraq. I have used your system to bulk up when I first got here from 170 pounds to 186 pounds. Truly amazing! I am now focusing on the fat loss phase because I want to tighten up before I am reunited with my family. This program takes the guess work out of it. I have been working out and "playing with fitness" for years. Your MuscleNOW program more than lived up to my expectations. I have introduced your system to many of my friends ~ all have had the same successes. My very best for you and your family.

Capt Jeff Decker
Serving In Iraq

Gains 20 Lbs - "...and it is not fat."

"Thanks for all the information
that was in that great program."

I have been putting this off for a while i forgot all about it but i want to say thanks for all the information that was in that great program. People have noticed that i have gained 20 lbs in a month and a half and they say it looks great on me. I was at a 165 lbs now im at 185 lbs. And it is not fat either it does look good on me. And my strength is getting up there to. So thanks again.

Niklaus Wallace
Pocatello, ID

Gains 21 Lbs of Muscle - "I was a definite hardgainer."

"I had been living in ignorance
to proper training and dieting techniques."


I am 26 years old and I bought your program several weeks ago. Words cannot express how pleased I am with it. I am in my second 6 week cycle, week 4 (10th week total). To give you some background on myself, I was a definite hard-gainer until discovering your program. I started the program at 5'11" and 134lbs. I was so skinny that you could literally count the vertebrae in my spine. I tried working out in spurts over the past few years, but always failed to build any significant strength or mass gains. I had been living in ignorance to proper training and dieting techniques. Your program is so detailed yet so logical and informative. I can't imagine the years of frustration that you must have endured in order to find the perfect training program.

Your years of research and technique trials have paid off immensely for the rest of us. You have eliminated the "guess-work" for anyone wanting to explore bodybuilding the right way, the natural way. This program produces results unlike anything I have ever seen! Weighing myself after my 9th week of training on your program, I had gained 21lbs of muscle mass. My quadriceps have increased by 2", my biceps by 1", my chest by 3", and my body fat level has only slightly increased. I feel within the end of this 2nd workout cycle I will have a nice set of "6-pack" abs, and I will hopefully send some pictures to share my success. I have already been receiving complements on my gains and my self confidence has really taken a boost. My goal at this point is to reach 170lbs. I definitely feel that this goal is within reach. Thank you so much for your efforts and sharing them with the rest of us in need.

I have already recommended your program to a couple of local friends and they are showing interest.

Thanks for all of your help and God Bless.

Todd Shoemake
Albuquerque, NM

Gains 25 Lbs - "This program is outright outstanding."

"I am really impressed from the additions
you have recently made."

Hello Francesco,

I dont know if you recall but i had purchased your program about 2.5 years ago. I still remember the day i got it i read it cover to cover about 4 times the first week! making sure i could keep every detail in mind. Of course I still have the program and I have to say, from myself a student of exercise physiology, this program is outright outstanding. for the regular "joe or jane" that doesnt study this stuff for their future and present this is definately enough information to develop a soild, bodybuilding type routine off of.

When i started the program I was at 180# within ~2 months i was up to 205#! mostly muscle gain ~2 inches on the waist but that dissappeared pretty fast. I had a friend who i saw once a week at work and i vividly remember, every week he would mention how i have gotten bigger since the last time i worked with him (1week)

once i started the fat loss phase last summer (which worked quite well) i fell back to my roots (kickboxing and exteme conditioning) Needless to say, i stopped using your program buy the end of last August and have changed my fittness goals dramatically (function before form), Im now triaining Muay Thai and train for expliveness, strength and overall conditioning.

My one major regret from being on the MuscleNow program was that i didn't take any before/ after photgraphs. I did however keep measurements and training logs with the poundages i lifted each day and those were and still are a constant inspiration.

I think its absolutely fantastic to seen the program constantly evolving to greater heights of knowledge. I am really impressed from the additions you have recently made in terms of exercise and diet (remember I'm an exercise physiology major :-) )

Thank you for your knowledge and only the best to you!

Lovedeep Dhunna
Winnipeg MB, Canada

Gains 20 Pounds Of Muscle Mass - "I thank you very much."

"You have saved my life from using dangerous drugs
or giving up on a nice body."

When I sent in my payment for your system I also sent a letter saying this was my last hope before I was going to try steroids. Needles to say I loved the program even though I never implemented any of what you told me except the diet. I would calculate all the food out in bags but I never would eat it. Well time went on I put the program in the top shelf of my closet and continued to use supplements. I went through a lot in my life drinking heavily on weekends with my so called friends and my workout were really bad do to my body recovering from the drinking all week long. 4 years ago I met a lady who changed my life around and we had a daughter I was still working out off and on I was weighing in at 135 at age 24 pretty bad still choking down weight gainers and not gaining a pound. Having kids I could no longer afford supplements and I hated choking down pills and powders before and after my work outs. I promised I was no longer going to take them any more and that's when I found your program in my closet in my mom's house right were I left it. I read it over again and promised I would fallow it no matter what. Well I did except for the diet I kind of eat all the time but made sure I had a lot of protein and carbs and eat a lot of fruit before and after my work outs. But I stuck to the work out routines and cycle and O MY GOSH!! I loved it I was working out with less intensity and my body blew up!! Week after week I was getting bigger my strength was going thought the roof my shirts were getting tight around my arms, chest and back I gained 15 solid pounds in one six week cycle!!! I'm going on my next cycle next week but I'm going to fallow the system to a "T" diet and everything. Francesco I thank you very much you have saved my life from using dangerous drugs or giving up on a nice body. I went from 135 to today 155 but every one can't believe I'm only weigh 155 with all the muscle I have. I'll use your system for the rest of my life and I read into it just for motivation some times. Like I seed I will be starting my second cycle and expect huge gains since I will be using the diet as well as the routines.

Update #1

Thank you again for everything you done for us natural lifters. I used to read all the bodybuilding magazine back in the 90s and I did a Google search the other day for all the bodybuilders that used to be in all the pictures and have read that some have died and a lot have kidney problems and wont live past their 60s and THEY ALL ARE SKINNY NOW. Thank you for showing us the natural way!!!

Dustin Weigelt
San Diego, CA
"Words can't tell how great I feel about myself."

"It's only been a month,
and the results have been AMAZING!!!"

Hey Francesco,

All I have to say is that your program rocks!!I've been following the program for ONLY 2 weeks and I've already gained half an inch on my biceps and chest although my weight has'nt really increased but thats fine according to your weighing scale theory!I just wanna say thank u and I cant wait to see how I'll look after 3 months. Once again thanks man & god bless u.I'll e-mail u when i get further with my results.

Update #1

It's been a while since I last e-mailed you but I was just waiting to complete a month with the course & so far the results have been AMAZING!!! I mean words can't tell how great I feel about myself & it's only been a month! Starting out at 5'9, my chest measured 35 inches & biceps 11 inches(exactly one month ago) & now,chest=35.5 inches while arms=12.5 inches!(that's in a month!!)

Thank you & I'll definitely send you some pictures once I acheive the desired results.Take care & god bless you man.

Asad Zaidi
Islamabad, Pakistan

Gains 2 Inches On His Biceps

"This program is pure gold,
and you will not find anything like it anywhere else."

After being on the MuscleNOW training schedule and diet i grew 2 whole inches on both of my biceps in 2 short months...what is even more incredible is that one of the guys in my gym that trained at the same time of day as myself only put on around 1 whole inche in the same space of time...AND HE WAS USING STEROIDS!

This program is pure gold, and you will not find anything like it anywhere else (believe me i have looked).

Thanks again for all of your help and advice Mr. Castano...

Mike Carlton
United Kingdom

"Your techniques are far and away the most effective I've come across."

"I'm really satisfied with the steady progress."

Dear Francesco,

hi - hope life is treating you well. A short summary of my progress since starting MN in January was that I gained about 1.5 inches on my arms and 2-3 inches on my chest in about 3 months. For me this was a massive achievement because, like so many lifters I don't gain muscle easily. I put the changes down to three basic factors:

1. your programme explained exactly how to train to consistently 'over-stretch' my body/muscle capacity.

2. your programme explained EXACTLY how and what to eat to produce growth without excessive fat gains

3. prior to using MN I had trained for 3-4 years and had EITHER under-trained to produce significant mass gains OR under-eaten.

I am so grateful. Since May I've been cutting because when I started your programme I already had a fair amount of body fat around the waist. Your dieting technique has enabled me to lose over 3 inches on the waist in just over three months without significant loss of muscle. Whenever I cut back in the past I used to lose everything all at once and, annoyingly, keep the stubborn fat stores.

It's not easy; it takes time and dedication to produce results, but your techniques are far and away the most effective I've come across and I've searched the internet over the years and read mountains of magazines/scientific 'advice' on the subject.

I really am grateful for the invaluable knowledge. I'm really satisfied with the steady progress so thank you loads.

Huw Macartney
Manchester, England

"Your program truly works."

I hope you post this testimonial on your website.

How are you Mr. Castano? I hope you are doing OK. This is my fourth week of the first cycle and I am satisfied with the results.


  • Chest: 36 1/2"
  • Waist: 34"
  • L. Biceps: 15 1/2"
  • R. Biceps: 15 1/3"
  • L. Calf: 15"
  • R. Calf: 15 1/2"
  • Weight: 176 lbs

3 Weeks Later

  • Chest: 37 5/6"
  • Waist: 34"
  • L. Biceps: 15 5/6"
  • R. Biceps: 15 3/4"
  • L. Calf: 15 3/4"
  • R. Calf: 15 3/4"
  • Weight: 178 1/2 lbs

I hope you post this testimonial on your website. It will serve as evidence that your program truly works. Thank you Mr. Castano. I will keep you updated.

Eddy Urbino
Bronx, NY

"Even my family can't believe my muscle gains."

"Thank you so much for making me feel better
physically and mentally about myself."


Thank you so much for not only making me feel better physically about myself, but also for making me feel better mentally. I am confident in everything I do now. This has allowed me to perform better in college and at my job. I did the EAS contest recently. In 16 weeks, using MuscleNOW, I gained 10 lbs of muscle and lost 1 lb of fat! I have been using the program now for 6 months. I weighed 120 lbs when I started, and now I weigh 136 lbs! (and have an even lower body fat level than when I began the program). My arms were 11.75 inches flexed and now are 13.3 inches! My chest has gone from 35 inches to just under 37 inches! Even my family can't believe that such a "stick" boy could produce such good muscle gains. This program has provided me such great results that I have not experienced a workout day that wasn't filled with motivational thoughts. Thank you for being so supportive and answering ALL of my questions. You have helped me realize true happiness in my life!

Cory Millhollin
Ames, IA

"Your system is incredible, that's all I can say!"

"It is for sure one great program."

Hi Francesco!

How are you, I've been using the system now for one week, and it's incredible that's all I can say! I've put on aprox 7-10lbs, see a lot of nice cuts on my body especially my arms! It is for sure one great program, and thanks for answering all my questions.

Perry Rubino
Lynbrook, NY

"I definitely feel the increase in testosterone levels."

"I achieved a 2 inch chest increase
and a 1 inch increase on my biceps."

Dear Francesco,

Just e-mailing you to let you know that I am done with my 3rd week, and I have already had a 2 inch chest increase (40-42) and a 1 inch increase on my biceps (12.5-13.5). I definitely feel the increase in testosterone levels (it feels awesome!). I will definitely get some pictures to put on your website later on.

Amogh Sahai
Mayaguez, PR

"My strength gains are incredible."

"I can't believe what is happening."


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how I'm doing. I started your system two weeks ago and I can't believe what is happening. My strength gains are incredible. I've gained a half inch on my biceps, an inch and a half on my chest and lost an inch on my waist!

As you know I'm a police officer. Just after Christmas, I was attacked by two people when I responded to a bar to take an assault report. The "victim" and his brother took their frustration out on me and after being punched and kicked by them, they tried to take away my gun. Due to my training (and my partner's good timing) I didn't get hurt and the bad guys went to jail. I got lucky.

After that, I couldn't help thinking how different it could have been. Increased strength has been a futile goal of mine for ten years, but after the bar incident it became my mission. Granted, there is always someone out there who is bigger, stronger, etc.. but I want every advantage I can get. You have made that goal possible.

As a department Defensive Tactics trainer I will recommend your program to all of my trainees. After all, officer survival isn't just about winning the fight, it's about staying alive, going home to your family every day and living longer, healthier.


Rich Hopkins

"Your program was exactly what I needed."

"I've been following the program for only two weeks
and I already see results."

I've been following the program for only two weeks and I already see results. My chest has gone from 32.5 to 34 inches and my biceps went from 11 to 12 inches! Remember this is in only two weeks. I was on weight gain formulas and creatine before I started your program. I stopped because it started becoming too costly and it wasn't all it was cut out to be anyhow. Your program was exactly what I needed.


David Weiss
Boca Raton, FL

"Your program has truly made a difference."

"In 5 years I gained practically no mass
with other (expensive) products."

I purchased MuscleNOW two weeks ago, read it cover to cover in two days and have been rigorously following Workout Plan A and the nutritional guidelines given.

In one week I have gained 4 pounds, which may not seem like much, but I've been seriously working out for 5 years and have gained practically no mass after trying a multitude of other (expensive) exercise plans, supplements and diet regimens.

MuscleNOW has truly made a difference and I recommend it to anyone who has all but given up hope!

Stephen Dierna
New York, NY

"I do feel as if my muscle growth is limitless!"

"I am getting bigger without using any supplements."


A few months ago I wanted to gain 15 lbs and it was not until I started your program that I started to pack on the muscle. Everyone notices that I am getting bigger no matter where I go whether if it is at school, the gym, or work. I feel good and I feel even better that I am getting bigger without using any supplements. Right now, I do feel as if my muscle growth is limitless!

Sidney Garabato
San Francisco, CA

"Everyone is telling me how much better I am looking."

"Thanks for helping me build more confidence in myself."

Dear Francesco,

I just wanted to give you my update after six weeks of training. I started off at 132 lbs and went up to 144 lbs. I am very pleased with your program and recommend it to anyone that is not happy with his or her appearance. I see how well it has done for me and plan on pushing even harder on my future workouts. Everyone is noticing a difference and is telling me how much better I am looking. Thanks for all your help and also for helping me build more confidence in myself.

Bryan Tushek
Memphis, TN

Chris Is Gaining Muscle Mass Fast!

"In 3 weeks I'm bigger and more cut than my friends
who have been lifting for 3 years."


It's only been 3 weeks now and I'm bigger and more cut than my friends who have been lifting for 3 years. The greatest thing is I did it all by myself, and of course thanks to you!

Chris Augustino
Ocean Grove, NJ

"I could accomplish any type of body I want with your program."

"I have received many compliments,
and people think I work out a lot!"


Hey! I haven't sent you an e-mail in years! Yet, I have stayed on the program since I started. To sum everything up, I have seen that it definitely works extremely well. I have received many compliments, and people think I work out a lot!

There is no doubt that I could accomplish any type of body I want with your program, as it has allowed me to have very good muscle development, and I am proud of my body. All in all I am truly satisfied, and plan to continue the program for a long, long time.

I was never really skeptical of your program, but it seemed like most people I knew were. They keep quiet now, because they can see that the system works.

Derek Haynes
Somerset, KY

"Why aren't you on TV?"

"I can't understand why you aren't getting more exposure."

I've only been on your course for one week, but believe it or not my whole body has become firm and I can feel my lats constantly pushing against my inner arms. I can't understand why you aren't getting more exposure. With so many fake courses and useless gimmicks on the market why aren't you on TV?

Andrew Timothy Jarvis
Dusseldorf, Deutschland

"I immediately noticed a change in my body."

"I am finally gaining substantial muscle."


I stumbled across the MuscleNOW website while searching the internet for advice on how to gain weight. Adding muscles to my skinny body has been a lifelong struggle, so the website really spoke to me. I decided to give it a try. I began the program and immediately noticed a change in my body. It is hard work, but well worth it, as I am finally gaining substantial muscle. I look forward to working out and I feel and look better than I ever have! I can't thank you enough for making this information available!

Chris Martin
Chicago, IL

"My body added new muscle mass at a incredible rate."

"The results are tremendous."

Dear Francesco,

I would like to thank you for a totally awesome program. I've completed the first six week cycle and the results are tremendous. I have been working out for about 3 years, as you said I hit a brick wall because I did the same number of sets/reps for every workout. I also never ate correctly. When I started your program my body automatically responded by adding new muscle mass at a incredible rate. My chest went from 44".5 to 46", biceps 16" to 16.75", forearm 13.25" to 14.75". My body fat is so low I can see the muscle fibers. For months I was stuck on the same weight but since starting I've increased between 10 to 40 lbs, the most being in the bench and squat. So this program definitely works.

Mike Baker
Mt. Lehman BC, Canada

41 Year Old Is Gaining Muscle Mass!

"Francesco, I'm so happy with my size gains,
and want to continue!"

Hi Francesco!

Just wanted to give you an update with my progress on your program. I began on Oct. 2, and measured again on Feb. 4 (almost four months to the day). Anyway, I'm 6'1", and 41 yrs. old, and my results follow:

  • Chest: 39" to 42.5"
  • R. Biceps: 14" to 15.25"
  • L. Biceps: 14.5" to 15.5"
  • Thighs: 21" to 23"
  • Body Weight: 169 to 179 lbs

Francesco, I'm so happy with my size gains, and want to continue!

Mike Sciacca, Age 41
Huntington Beach, CA

"I got the nickname 'roid boy' due to the speed of growth"

"Props for your assistance
through the program and email mediums."

Mr. Castano,

First, let me give you many thanks and props for your assistance through the program and email mediums. I've had great results, most, if not all, of which is due to your expertise. I used the program for about six weeks last year before I went through a move and lost steam. In that short time, I got the nickname 'roid boy' due to the speed of growth. That was reward enough in itself! Thank you very much.

Trevor Hall
Crawfordsville, IN

"I have had so many compliments on my body."

"I was aiming for a well developed body,
and you have made it happen!"


I just wanted to tell you of the improvements I have gotten over the past 5 weeks. I am now on week 6 of your program....starting the program I measured 15 inch arms...in week three I gained a 1/2 inch! I can't wait to see the measurements at the end of this week. I have veins that I have never had before; very much detail now in my muscles. The diet is very easy to follow. I have had so many compliments on my body since I have started your program. This is the most legitimate workout program I have seen yet! I get a kick out of watching people workout now....I have even caught up with a few of the older guys in the gym who were way past me in strength....but strength isn't even what I was aiming for...it was just a well developed body, and you have made it happen! I recommend your program to anyone who is looking for the most effective way to gain muscle mass FAST. Your program is real and I thank you for your knowledge.

Mike Grafton
Sulphur, LA

"Nothing beats being able to go to the author for diet & training answers."

"The lifetime personal training has helped me
in ways I couldn't begin to explain."

Do you want to be entertained by an audio and videotape or do you want to workout and get big fast, etc., etc.?

Anyway, MuscleNow has worked for me. I bought it almost two years ago, tried it briefly then, but had to stop because my wife and I had a child and we both had to rearrange our schedules.

Now, 18 months later I've started the program again. The results have been eye popping. Friends and family are shocked at the difference 2 months have made on my bod. I went from 163 lbs to 175 in 2 months (6 pounds the first month and six the second). My physique has changed dramatically. I don't have to flex for anyone to see how ripped my chest, back and arms have become. I feel great about myself.

And the lifetime personal training has helped me in ways I couldn't begin to explain. He's helped with my diet, and recommended different exercises. No question I asked was too difficult or too dumb. I usually had an answer from him within 48 hours (most times 24).

If I had the other course, my online help would have elapsed after a year and I'd be stuck with videotapes and a cassette tape, which can't answer my questions. Nothing beats being able to go to the author for diet and training answers.

The course is well worth what he's charging for it. Actually, it's worth more. My advice? Go with MuscleNOW.

Joe Wigfall
Yonkers, NY

"I am just thrilled with my results."

"I have never loved working out as much as I do now."

I just wanted to tell you I am just thrilled with my results. I have been working out off and on for the last year, but I could not stick to it faithfully because I was frustrated with the results. Well, I have been on your program for 4 weeks and have went from 134 to 141. I had put on that much weight before, but it took 4 months. and a lot went in my face and stomach and was due mainly to fat gainer, I mean weight gainer. I did it again in just 4 weeks. And not one bit is fat. I can't wait to see what the future will bring. I have never loved working out as much as I do now, and all thanks to you.

Cory Lambert
Gonzales, LA

"I have seen dramatic changes in my physique."

"I highly recommend this program
for everybody who is interested in looking great."

I would like to thank you for the many different things you have done for me. Your program is very helpful and very cheap considering paying for a personal trainer or some other form of training aide. The program has taught me many things about muscle building that I was unaware of before. My chest, biceps, and forearms have all increased by at least 3 inches while my strength increases have been over 50 % while I have only been on this program for a month! I have seen dramatic changes in my physique while receiving comments from my friends. I would also like to note that I appreciate the personal help you provide for specific questions that come about through your email. It has helped me my continuing my motivation instead of staying confused and quitting. I would highly recommend this program for everybody who is interested in being the their top physical shape and looking great. Thanks again.

Daniel Choi
Oxford, OH

"I'm starting to see growth in my measurements after only 1 month!"

"Thank you very much for all the help."

I just wanted to drop a quick note saying thank you very much for all the help you've been. I think I lost count of the number of questions I fired at you after buying your program, yet you always sent back a polite, helpful, and prompt response to all my questions. I purchased your program a while back and due to my own busy schedule and lack of initiative I only made a half-hearted effort, not getting all the results i had hoped for. Now i've re-started your program with a renewed intensity and a firm commitment to fitness and lo and behold: i'm starting to see results and growth in my measurements after only 1 month! i'm excited and encouraged and just wanted to say great job, keep up the good work; I wish you the best of luck and success in getting your program and support out there to more people who would like to get fit, healthy, and gain muscle mass!

Miguel Cervantes
Berkeley, CA

"This course REALLY works!"

"Nobody in other gyms
can make my body change like this!"

Hi! How are you? First I have to say that this course it REALLY works! Incredible I have many change on my body, I increase my weight and some important muscles like chest, back, triceps, legs. This really works! And I have only one year with this course and nobody in other gyms can make my body change like this! Thanks very much!  Sorry for my bad English.

Jose Maria Chavez Trillo
Ciudad de Chihuahua, MX

"The fastest muscle producing system that I have ever seen."

"My life changed 180 degrees in less than 6 weeks."

MUSCLENOW is the fastest muscle producing system that I have ever seen, and believe me I have seen a lot. Based on pure logic - this system managed to get me on the road that I’ve been trying to get on for the past two years. It stresses the critical factor in eating right. Most people underestimate this factor but then again most people don’t make consecutive gains in muscle mass, do they? Also, cycling is the most important principle in bodybuilding yet most people seem to ignore it, again this is what Francesco Castano, writer of this amazing program generously offers you. Whether you want to be a beach boy or a champion bodybuilder, this is the system for you. You can also ask Francesco questions through E-Mail and this totally personalizes this amazing system. Its liking having your own professional coach!!! My life changed 180 degrees in less than 6 weeks why shouldn't it do the same for you?

I'd like to tell you, Francesco, that your system is definitely the best around. I have gotta hand it to you - really! Mass is the name - and Mass is the game!

Amir Mishriky
Cairo, Egypt

55 Year Old Gains 13 Lbs

"I am very pleased with your course!"

I am a 55 year old male who is following the course to the letter; have gained 2" on my arms (13 to 15"), lost 2" in my Abs (40 to 38"), gained 1.5" in my chest (44.5 to 46"), my weight went from 182 to 195 lbs after the first 2 weeks! I am very pleased with your course!

Bill Batchelor, Age 55
Rancho Cordova, CA

"I put on 4 kilos, and I'm a vegan!"

"No drugs, no supplements..."

Hey Francesco, Believe it or not I put on 4 kilos in just two weeks!!! No drugs, no supplements, and I don't even eat animal products 'cause I am a vegan. Just a lot of hard work!!! Congrats on your program!


"I don't hear 'skinny' or 'too thin' any more."

"I've been hearing lots of compliments recently."

I have been following your program for the past three months, and I now look far better than I initially did before I started your program. Just before I began, I weighed 125lb with my chest measuring 35", biceps at 11.5". In about three months, I weighed 144lb with my chest size at 38", and biceps at 13.25". I don't hear the word "skinny" or "too thin" any more. In fact, I've been hearing lots of compliments recently. My co-workers are surprised at how my dress shirts that once fit sluggishly now actually look small on me. My housemate's friend thought that I was a different person. He asked my housemate, "Did you get a new housemate?" I THANK YOU so much for your support and advice throughout my training.

C. Chung
North Arlington, NJ

"I've gained an inch on each arm!"

"What an amazing program!"

Well, thought I'd update you, just started week 4 of your program! During this time I've gained an inch in each arm and an inch in my chest! What an amazing program! I trained for 4 months before using your program and gained an entire amount of zero inches on every body part! :) I hope to send you pictures once I've attained enough mass!

Kris B. Michaud
Orono, ME

"Your program really works!"

"I noticed a difference in my chest,
but I never imagined that I had packed that much on."

Just want to drop a short email and update you. I have followed your program closely since I last contacted you (about 2 mo. ago). I have been pretty strict on my diet, except for a couple of times. I wrote out the exercise program and started carrying a notepad with me to the gym, documenting everything. I am on my first 5 week cycle through the plan. I started with the higher reps, lower weight...now I'm on the last (week 5) of the heavy stuff.

It has really made a difference!!! I measured 39" on my chest before I started getting serious about your program. I had been at that for months...with absolutely no increase. I measured my chest yesterday morning and was surprised that my chest was almost 40.25"!!! I had noticed a difference in the way my chest looked, but I never imagined that I had packed that much on. I even measured again this morning just to be sure, and it was just under 40.25". WOW!

Thanks again for all your help. I am really enthusiastic about all this again. Your program really works!

J.H. Keahey
Hampton, GA

"Your program is great and well worth the investment."

"I am truly amazed as I thought that the program
would never work like this."

Thanks for all your help and I would just like to say that in these last four week (I just started the program) I have noticed drastic results. I and my family are starting to see muscle definition even under all my fat and I haven't even started the bigger diets. I have lifted weights before and have no where near achieved the fast results like I have on your program, it is excellent. I can only imagine I good I will look and feel and I fit I will be for football next year. I am truly amazed as I thought that the program would never work like this even when I started. YOUR program is the only one that I have found that tells me exactly what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, what sort of exercises and the amount of exercises to do. It is great and well worth the investment considering I will have this knowledge and your guidance for life. You have truly created an excellent program and most importantly a unique one! You have done well my friend. I will keep you posted with my results.

Daniel Swan
Macksville NSW Australia

"My size and strength have SKYROCKETED!!!!"

"People who haven't seen me in a few months
are all amazed at how much bigger I look."

Your program is awesome. Within the past two weeks, I have added 1/4" to my arms and 1" to my chest and have gained an extra 5 lbs without increasing my waist.

Update #1

Hello Francesco...I just wanted to praise your program again and let you know that your weight training philosophy/strategy is priceless. My size, and most importantly my strength, has SKYROCKETED!!!! Remember, when I first started about 9 weeks ago? I told you I could barely do 95lbs a few times...well, last Thursday I max'd out at 205lbs!!!! And I could've done 210lbs if I hadn't tried to max out at 195lbs before. Plus that was with free-weights and not the smith machine. The crazy part is that this is basically after only 1 cycle of your program! Over 1 inch on my arms and 2.5 inches on my chest in this period. When I first started your program I was about 145lbs give or take a few lbs. I recently topped out at 160lbs.

The coolest part is that people who haven't seen me in a few months are all amazed at how much bigger I look...they can't believe it sometimes. You have helped me more than I could've imagined.

Fouad Samir Said
Beverly Hills, CA

"I'm pleased with the results."

"From comments I've received from my wife and friends,
I've come a long way in a short time."

hi francesco,

i just completed my first 6 week cycle and i have to admit, i'm pleased with the results. my goals when i bought this program was mainly to add about 15 quality pounds and to look "pretty good" for a over forty man. from comments i've received from my wife and friends, i know i've come a long way in a short time. most size gains were in the 1/4" to up to 1/2" range with about 4 lbs of weight added. for me, true intensity didn't really occur till about the 3rd or 4th week when i could go in and bang it out without thinking to much. i wonder if the people who do this understand that the measurements are only one and not necessarily in my opinion, the most important indication of success. getting bigger is not the goal, getting better is. better covers all the angles. the most surprising improvements to me were muscle hardness, increased vascularity, definition, and strength increases. you can't build a house without first building a strong foundation. all i can say is thanks for the knowledge.

Rick Armstrong
Albemarle, NC

Gains 10 Lbs - "Your program really works!"

"The weight workouts have really worked like magic."

Hi Francesco,

After 4 weeks, I recently weighed myself and retook my measurements. I gained 10 pounds, with only a half inch increase in my waist, while gaining 3 quarters of an inch on my biceps and a full two inches on my chest! Needless to say I am very impressed. The program does take some hard work and dedication, but I found once I had gotten through the first week the meals were much easier to eat and my body adjusted. The weight workouts have really worked like magic also. In my past workouts I would feel sore or like I had really stimulated my muscles only for the first few days after a layoff, but under your program my muscles have felt constantly stimulated throughout the whole 4 weeks. I could really tell that something was going on there, even before I checked my progress. As an added benefit to physical appearance, your course has taught me much about the proper foods to eat and the proper ratios to each other, and believe me, this is a vast improvement over my previous diet! Even if I would stop exercising altogether, I would be better off than I was because I am now eating healthier.

Your program really works! Thank you very much.

Tim Minore
Portland, OR

Gains Nearly 1.5 Inches On His Arms

"I am so much more defined."

Hi Francesco,

I have just began the 5th week of the cycle.

I'm just writing to tell you, that at the end of the 4th i have gained roughly an inch on every muscle group, my lats have exploded, and my arms have gained nearly 1 1/2 inches, and I am so much more defined.

Chris Ball
Tadley HAM, England

"You weren't kidding about seeing results in 2 weeks."

"I have worked out for 1-2 months at a time before
and have seen less results."

You weren't kidding when you told me I should start to see something in 2 weeks... I have worked out for 1-2 months at a time before and have seen less results... I started two weeks ago, on a 3-4 day plan. So far, I have gained 1/2-1" in chest and shoulders and 1/4-1/2" in biceps after only 6 training days. And definition has improved from a smooth surface, to seeing small rippling bulges along the pec edges, and lines on the upper arms.

Brian K. Wallace
Miami, FL

"I've gained 2 inches around my arms."

"I should be reaching my goal very soon and I'm stoked!"

Dear Francesco,

I've been on your workout program for almost three months and it's been doing great! I've gained 2 inches around my arms and I've put on a good 15lbs. I should be reaching my goal very soon and I'm stoked!

Bryant Lee Foreman
Evans, WV

"I am totally blown away by the gains your program has given me."

"I have accomplished more in 5 weeks
than in those 3 years combined."

I am in my 5th week of my first 6 week cycle. I am totally blown away by the gains your program has given me. TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!! I have been working out off and on, sometimes serious sometimes not, for over 3 years. I have accomplished more in 5 weeks than those 3 years combined. Those 3 years don't even come close to what your program has done for me over the past 5 weeks.

I found your website while searching the net for cures to hardgainers. I found two sites that were of interest to me, yours and one other. What sold me was that you downplayed the use of those bogus supplements, all those good for nothing products that just waste your money. So I decided to give your program a try. What the heck, if it didn't work then I would have blown my money on something else from GNC. The problem with my training in the past was that I didn't eat enough. I thought the only thing that I needed was protein with little carbs. Boy was I wrong. My arms are no longer like toothpicks, I am getting some guns. I am starting to get that V-shape torso. It is unbelievable. I have a curved spine that has caused me great back pain in the past, but no longer. My back in solid and strong and I have not had ONE episode of pain since starting your program. Everybody keeps asking me questions and wanting to know what supplements I am taking. I just laugh. It is also funny when they see me eating and can't believe how I eat so much and look the way I do. Even my wife is amazed, now she is a believer.

I plan on recommending you to everybody I can. All I can say is I hope that everybody would give this program a try. I was a huge skeptic, even after the first week, but after that once I saw the results I knew you and your program was no joke or hoax.

Thank you so much and God Bless.

Gregory C. Jones
Bluff City, TN

"Every muscle building goal will turn into reality with this program."

"It works!!!"

Hello Francesco!

One year and six months ago I purchased the MuscleNOW program, but unfortunately I've not been able to consistently follow this great program for that period of time. I've been on and off, but on long enough to realize that every muscle building goal will turn into reality with this program. IT WORKS!!! (Guess you already knew that...)

Kenneth Storsveen
Etnedal, Norway

"I am in the best shape of my life...wow, what a program."

"The local muscle head asks if I'm on juice."

Wow, what a program. For close to 10 years, have been trying to "bulk up." Like you, I have tried everything from weight gain powders to extreme diets only to be left with thin arms and a thick belly. With the help of your program, that has all changed. This year brings with it my 40th birthday gladly celebrated because I am in the best shape of my life. I catch myself being startled when reaching for something and my bicep brushes against my chest, very cool. Or, when the local "muscle head" ask if I'm on juice.

Thanks for those moments.

Michael R. Bohannon
Charleston, SC

"Thanks for all the advice and the great program."

"So many preach the wrong info."

Just to let you know my progress after 2 weeks:

  • Weight: 132 to 139 lbs
  • L. Biceps: 10.25 to 10.75"
  • R. Biceps: 10.25 to 10.87"
  • Chest: 33 to 34"

Very pleased with the above. Never expected these sort of gains in 2 weeks. Thanks a lot, and I look forward to more gains in the future!

Update #1

I was browsing around some bodybuilding sites and I recommended you and your site to a natural bodybuilding site where the author "claims" that you can only put on 1 - 1.5 inches in a year, and I told him proudly that with your program I've put on just over 1 inch in 5 and a half weeks with no drugs/supplements!!!!

It's hilarious really - so many preach the wrong info. One site I came across said 20g was enough protein for each meal with 6 meals per day - and then the author claimed that only 10 pounds of lean mass could be gained in one year! Most bodybuilding programs seem to limit themselves; by making it easier, they make it harder in the long run.

Thanks for all the advice and the great program. I look forward to even more gains.

Jacob Tsevi Rosten
London, England

"I don't think I've ever been so excited!"

"Now that I've seen the gains
it's easy to tell people about your web site."


THANKS!!!! This is awesome, I love it!

I put two inches on my chest and a half an inch on my arms in two weeks!! I wish I would have had this info three years ago. I don't think I've ever been so excited! Now that I've seen the gains it's easy to tell people about your web site, and I think a few have checked it out. Well I do wish you the very best!

Update #1

Within 4 weeks I put an inch on my arms! This program has worked wonders for my mind as well as my body! I'm very thankful I ran across your web site.

James Al Spence
Lillington, NC

Gains 2 Inches On His Chest

"Thank you!"

Hey Francesco,

I thought I'd e-mail you my 1st cycle results to let you know that the workout's are going well. I've gained 2 inches on my chest, an inch on my arm, 2 inches on my thighs and an inch on my calves. Take care of yourself and THANK YOU!

Tom Field
Farnborough HAM, England

Gains 15 Lbs

"I am totally amazed."

Here is a little update on my progress. After two weeks, here are the results:

  • Weight: +15 lbs
  • Chest: +2"
  • Arms: +1"
  • Quads: +1"
  • Calves: +½"

I am totally amazed with my results thus far. I only wish I had started 3 years ago after purchasing the program.

Bruce Fischer
Milford, OH

"These gains are almost unreal to me for 6 weeks."

"Now when I go to the gym
I know that I'm not wasting any time."

Today 3 days away from the end of this first cycle I am at my heaviest I have ever been. I hit 147 lbs this morning. My arms are up a good 1/2'', my chest is up too. Legs are a full inch bigger at least, and I can't say enough about my back and traps. This is just a brief thing i wanted to let you know, as I really plan on sending you a technical update including actual before and after measurements and maybe some pics in the future because i really want 4 or 5 cycles, six months or so to pass so I can really brag about my gains. I'm really, really excited as each week passes because I can't wait till I hit a year or so following your course. I'm glad you provided me a solid foundation for me to build on, as I was just tired of hitting the gym not knowing what I was doing and actually wasting my time for the minimal gains. Now I go and I know I'm not wasting any time. I know I'm growing as fast as humanly possible versus the average person in a gym getting minimal gains every six months or so. I know you've heard this a thousand times but thank you very much Francesco for this course and laying out the foundation I needed. I found it very simple to read and understand, by the way. All of this has me more motivated than ever as these gains are almost unreal to me for 6 weeks.

Once again thank you Francesco.

Robert Rodriguez
Ormond Beach, FL

"Your program truly is the NATURAL steroid!"

"I still don't understand how every day
I am getting more muscular...every day!"


Amazing improvements with almost 3 full months of going 2 to 3 times a week to the gym (it's better for me than 5). A few people have accused me of Juicing up! lol They comment that its impossible to grow that huge with so little training and in such a minuscule period of time . Also , the fact that every single week, my strength increases! Just amazing! I feel like I 'm on Steroids . . seriously. I mean, the Strength is unimaginable. Your program truly is the NATURAL Steroid! It's quite frightening How big I am getting! The Chest is Ripped and Very large + the Traps and back muscles are huge because of those shrugs. I still dont understand how everyday I am getting More Muscular and heavier . . every day ! I mean the arms & the chest, shoulders, traps and so forth are all so Large . . Quite Incredible.

Update #1

I'm squatting usually between 425 and 510 Pounds . . The numbers are way up there now and my legs are getting huge . . Also I have been doing Heavy shrugs of between 350 and 450 Pounds . . people are already telling me that it's AMAZING that an 18 yr old is squatting 500 pounds but ur gonna kill urself ? lol

Matt Aklin
Lavel QC, Canada

"I gained the strength and size I was so desperately seeking."

"It's always good to know you are there!"

I just wanted to drop you line and thank you for your program. I've been on it for just over a year and have gained strength, weight, and most importantly size. I've gained approx. 20 lbs of mostly muscle and it keeps climbing! I've been asked several times,"What are you taking?" And it feels great to say, "nothing!" Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Update #1


It's been sometime since I've emailed you with my progress using your extraordinary MuscleNOW program. I hope all is well with you. I began your program 7 years ago and was astonished with the results it gave me. I am a "hardgainer" and for years I struggled to gain any size. I tried all the latest supplement that came out, and nothing worked as it claimed to add size. When I stumbled onto your website by chance, I read the promises and figured I've got nothing to lose, as I was spending the same amount of money on supplements anyway. After following the diet and workout plan pretty much to the letter, I gained the strength and size I was so desperately seeking.

The increased strength unfortunately made me greedy. One day while working back and triceps, without my usual workout partner and spotter, I injured my shoulder. And like most devoted lifters, I tried to continue lifting with my injury. This lead to some bad tendonitis in my shoulder/upper bicep area that totally crushed me. I lost all the confidence I had gained. This on top of other issues in my life, forced training to the back burner where it stayed for two years. But I'm happy to say, that I gained a new drive to return to the gym, and get back the almost 30 pounds I gained using MuscleNOW the first time. Yea, almost 30 pounds! I started your system at roughly 163 and was 190 when I was injured. I lost 20 pounds of that during my off time, and am determined to get every pound back harder and trimmer then before! That's why I have decided to return to the MuscleNOW system. I'll keep you posted on my progress, and thanks again for all the support you have provided through you emails, it's always good to know you are there!

Scott Ricker
Butler, NJ

"Thanks mate, your program works."

"My wife thanks you for your suggestions on weight loss."

Hi there Francesco. I measured yesterday for the fist time and found I have gained half an inch on each bicep and half an inch on my chest. HALF AN INCH!! Other people have told me that this size gain is only possible over a series of months while I have achieved it (thanks to your program) in a couple of weeks. If these sorts of gains are consistently possible I am going to be HUGE. Thanks again mate for your great program and all your help. Also my wife thanks you for your suggestions on weight loss and is currently putting them to use.

I think more people need to be educated in this very confusing area. I see so many people, even experienced lifters, who have terrible form, don't know what to eat and worst of all buy crappy supplements (by the bucket load). I only have one worry -- someone from my gym may buy your great program and end up getting as big as fast as me! Thanks again mate and talk to you soon.

Update #1

Well measuring time has come around again and I am proud to say that I have put ANOTHER quarter inch on each bicep and over 1 inch on my chest. I have had a half inch increase in waist size put this is minor compared to my arm growth. I have noticed a nice big vein running up my bicep and hope to see more of it in the future. thanks mate, your program works.

Update #2

Just had to tell you that when I started 7 weeks ago I could bench 75 kilos, but this morning I cranked out 3 sets of 4 at 110 kg!!! That's all for now.

Shane Parker
Rockingham WA, Australia

"Every body part has gotten stronger & fuller."

"I got a very good compliment last weekend."

Hi Francesco,

I've just completed my first cycle, it was grueling. I managed to gain about 8.5 pounds, I can't wait to start over. Every body part has gotten stronger & fuller. Thank You for this program.

Update #1

I got a very good compliment last weekend. Myself and some friends went to a batting cage to hack around. When it came to my turn I thought of taking off my sweater, so it would give me more mobility when swinging. Though I was wearing a tank top underneath my friends said wow....look at your biceps, chest and back! I was a little embarrassed and said leave me alone. During my at bat they kept on looking and commenting. One guy said Sam, I'm starting to feel motivated again.....That was the best comment of all.

I've now gained about 10 or 11 pounds. My goal is to gain another 15 pounds maximum then just eat and workout to maintain. Delts have really improved, and I'm starting to see the "V" shape of my back. Thanx for listening and the great program.

Update #2

Things are excellent with my diet and training (196 lbs. at 7.5% body fat -- test done by electrodes). My goal was to reach 200, but I think I look really good at my current weight; I'm trying to maintain this build rather than gaining.

It was really funny when I went to this gym, the guy doing my fitness evaluation asked me if I was getting ready for a show...I told him that this is purely done for aesthetics. Even a couple of guys that asked to work in with me happened to ask how I got like this. I could not believe my ears!!!!!!! It got so ridiculous that someone wanted to pay me.....I told him that I'm actually working on a system derived by someone I have never met. I gave him your email address.

Thank you for everything.

Samuel Amodeo
Toronto ON, Canada

Builds Muscle Mass Without Fat

"I am really happy with my results."

I like the enhancements in my chest the most! I am really happy with my results listed below:


  • Weight: 146 lbs
  • Waist: 31"
  • L. Biceps: 12.8"
  • R. Biceps: 13.5"
  • Chest: 33"

Week 4

  • Weight: 154 lbs
  • Waist: 31"
  • L. Biceps: 14"
  • R. Biceps: 14.25"
  • Chest: 35.5"

Zaid Khan Ghori
Mysore, India

Gains 7 Lbs - "Thanks for this great program."

"Everyone around me is already noticing the change."

I wanted to thank you for your information, it has proved incredibly valuable. I actually bought your program about 4 years ago but had not gotten serious about it until this year. It's been 2 weeks since I started and I've gained 7 pounds. I was at 157lbs and now 164lbs. I've gone from 11.5 inches on my arms to 12. Although my goal is not to get "big", I have even more confidence that your program will get me there in an incredibly short time. Everyone around me is already noticing the change, just imagine 5 or 6 weeks from now!!!

Once again thanks for this great program.

Yensa Reyes
Boston, MA

Simultaneous Muscle Building & Fat Loss Results!

"Good news!!!!"


Good news!!!! This is the first time I got to take measurements since I started the program 2 weeks ago! Here are the measurements:


  • Chest: 36.5"
  • R. Biceps: 13.5"
  • L. Biceps: 13.25"
  • Waist: 37"

2 Weeks

  • Chest: 37.5"
  • R. Biceps: 13.75"
  • L. Biceps: 13.5"
  • Waist: 36.25"

Brian Kunes
Beech Creek, PA

"Let me just tell you how impressed I am with your program."

"I have noticed more improvement in my muscle mass
than ever before."


First off, let me just tell you how impressed I am with your program. In a little more than a month, I have noticed more improvement in my muscle mass than I have ever before, even when I worked with a so called 'personal trainer'. I have noticed at least 5-10 lbs of muscle growth. Thank you for sharing your techniques.

Christopher J. Preti
Long Beach, CA

Gains 39 Pounds Of Muscle Mass - "I highly recommend this program."

"What an amazing program you have come up with."

Hi Francesco,

I am writing to you regarding your MuscleNOW course and how I have progressed. I don't know if your going to use this on your testimonial page but I just wanted to tell you what an amazing program you have come up with. I have been seriously bodybuilding for 2 years now and in the last 6 I have put on more size than I have in the last year. My arms have increased by 1/2 inch, my quads have increased by 1 inch, my calves by 1/2 inch and my chest by 1 inch, while only gaining 1 inch around my waist. My weight has increased from 158lbs to 172lbs. My strength has increased every week and some weeks were a dramatic change. My max squat used to be 315lbs for 1 rep now I can squat that same weight for 4 reps. To anyone considering this course I highly recommend it. I am now starting my 2nd cycle and I can't wait for the results.

Update #1

I have still been receiving phenomenal gains while using your program. Since the last time I emailed with my results in mid Oct. I have went from weighing 175lbs to 188lbs. I have gained another half inch to my arms and all my measurements have been increasing steadily and I am very impressed. My legs are getting so big that I can't even fit them into most of my pants anymore and my legs are still rock hard with no fat gain on them.

Update #2

How's it going? My training has still been going great I am still making good gains as well. I am 197lbs now.

Thank you and God Bless.

Derek Wilson
Calgary AB, Canada

Gains Nearly 20 Pounds


Hello Francesco,

I have gained close to 20 lbs since ordering your program...Awesome.

Lenny Pannell
Newfield, NJ

40 Year Old Gains Muscle & Burns Fat

"I cannot begin to tell you
how happy I am with my results."


I just want to say thank you for everything you have provided with your MuscleNow program. I have just completed my 10th week of your program, and I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with my results.

I am 40 years old, and began weight training again about 4 years ago. I had always kept myself in decent shape, but my wife always wondered what I was actually doing at the gym since my body never really changed that much. I followed other online programs, drank protein shakes, and received pointers from everybody at the gym, all for naught, so I was somewhat skeptical about your program. Boy, was I wrong.

What I found was a program that was flexible and easy to follow. It was amazing, but as I was reading the training manual I would have a question, and it was covered in the next paragraph. My results to date are:


  • Weight: 188 lbs
  • Waist: 35"
  • Biceps: 14"
  • Chest: 42"

Week 10

  • Weight: 194 lbs
  • Waist: 33.5"
  • Biceps: 15.5"
  • Chest: 44"

Along with these changes have come increased strength in all areas. Thanks again for everything.

Mike Qualley
Shoreham, NY

"I'm the strongest and the biggest that I’ve ever been."

"I have always considered myself a hard gainer."

Dear Francesco,

First I would like to congratulate you on a very well written program. There is alot of valuable info and you have laid it out in a format that is very easy and enjoyable to read.

It has been alot of hard work for me but you also should be congratulated. I have always considered myself a hard gainer. I naturally have a lean body style low body fat, fast metabolism. Growing up I despised being called skinny. I never thought I could put on real muscle weight. With your program I have gone from 161 pounds to 180 pounds in two full cycles (12 weeks). I have gained 1-1/2" on each arm and 3" on my chest. All of my strength has gone up in every single exercise. Thanks for a great program.

Update #1

On your program I'm the strongest and the biggest that I’ve ever been. Many relatives have been complimenting me and embarrassing me by calling me Schwarzenegger and saying I look like a Chippendale. But thanks to your program my efforts have been working.

Thaddeus Michael Brown
Huntingdon Valley, PA

"I am looking more muscular than I have ever looked in my life."

"I continue to be impressed with the results,
as are my parents and family."

Dear Francesco,

I am starting my 3rd week on the program today, so that means yesterday I took my two week measurements. I gained almost three pounds and it must have been muscle, because I lost 1/4 of an inch around the waist. I gained 1/4 inch on my biceps and almost an inch on my chest. My caliper reading went down 2mm!!! To top it off, I'm eating like a horse, all good foods of course.

I started the Muscle Now program when I was six weeks into the body for life program. So I have some before pictures from when I started BFL; however, there was little change in the six weeks. I believe I have made more progress in two weeks on the Muscle Now program then six weeks on BFL.

I can not deny the discipline that I have gained from BFL; however, your program puts it all together in a winning way. You also add an aspect of getting in shape that the others lack, and that is your focus on Jesus Christ.

I am looking more muscular than I have ever looked in my life. In addition to how I look to myself, others have noticed the improvements.

Update #1

I am beginning my seventh week on the Muscle Now program and I am so impressed with my results. Two weeks ago I upped my food intake and the results are in!! I gained six pounds, added almost 1/4 inch on my biceps, and added 1 inch around my chest.

Since I have started the program I have gained nine pounds, added about 1/2 inch to my biceps, and added two inches around my chest, all while keeping my waist essentially the same (I lost a little in the waist then added a little when I upped my food intake, the loss and gain in the waist was 1/4 inch). Over all my body is improving quite a bit. I almost don't know how to act when I see my reflection in the mirror.

I want to thank you again for doing all the research and publishing your Muscle Now program. I continue to be impressed with the results, as are my parents and family.

Thank you and God Bless.

Randolph S. Abrams
University City, MO

"You said it like it is and you lived up to your promises."

"I can't thank you enough."

Well I just finished my first cycle, and for somebody who had no idea about working out, plus not following the program properly for the first three weeks, I have experienced gains. I have written to you in the past couple of weeks because I wasn't experiencing any major gains, but I realized that I wasn't using the program correctly and I would like to thank you for your patience in clearing some points out for me. My biceps have increased 7/8 inch and my chest has also. You said it like it is and you lived up to your promises. I can't thank you enough.

Giuliano Macri
Montreal QC, Canada

Gains 16 Pounds of Muscle Mass

"I found a routine that's not too difficult,
and shows results."

I have a 3 month update. First of all, I think that i have got my moneys worth. I have gained approx. 16 pounds, and gained almost 2 inches on my biceps and 3 inches on my chest. My workouts are getting more intense. Well, thats all i have for today, thanks for the support these past months.

Im glad to know that i found a routine thats not too difficult, and shows results. Your program would be great for high school sport teams. Parents wouldnt have to worry because their kids arent taking any supplements that could harm them, and they would be eating healthier. parents are always trying to push their kids to eat better these days, especially mine. thanks for everything.. adios

Greg Fisher
Destin, FL

39 Year Old Says "This program is the real thing!"

"I can't even begin to express
how much I love this program."


I would just like to say, I'm ending my third week on your program - and WOW! Not only am I loving the eating plan, but it has re-energized my workouts.

Just for the record, I have seen more muscle and size gain, and more fat loss in the last three weeks, than I did in 12 weeks on the Body for Life program. In addition, I have stopped wasting money on supplements and have found that you were absolutely right about how these products are such a rip off.

To be honest, I did not anticipate these kind of results, so I did not take a "before" pic. The only pic I have is the before pic I took as I started BFL, twelve weeks before I started your program. The changes from the BFL program were not much to brag about and my appearance was not much different from when I started, so I didn't even take an "after" pic. Having explained all that, I now wish I had - because my body is changing so fast!

Here are some measurement changes over a 3 week period while following your program. Remember that I am 39 years of age:


  • Chest: 38"
  • R. Biceps: 13 3/8"
  • L. Biceps: 13 1/4"
  • Waist: 32 3/4"

3 Weeks

  • Chest: 39 1/4"
  • R. Biceps: 14 1/8"
  • L. Biceps: 14"
  • Waist: 33"

Thanks so much for putting your "stuff" out there, it has changed my life.

Again, I can't even begin to express how much I love this program - I will never approach eating or working out the same again.

Thanks again, this program is the real thing!

Greg Gibbs
West Orange, NJ

Gains 12 Lbs

"I achieved very good success."


Today marks the third week I have been on your program and I achieved very good success. So far I have gained a little over 1/2 inch on my biceps, have gained about 12 pounds without any appreciable body fat gains. Thank you for all the excellent information!

Tim Glenn
Stroudsburg, PA

"I added 3/4 of an inch on my arms in my first week."

"I've been having great results."


I FINALLY started going full force on MuscleNow about three weeks ago with the full range of exercises and following the diet exactly and I've been having great results. I added 3/4" on my arms in my first week, lost 1 1/4" off my waist in a week and a half, I'm lifting 5-10lbs more on each exercise every 3 days consistently and my legs have gained so much mass that I outgrew 4 or 5 pairs of pants... all in my first 3 weeks of doing EXACTLY what you said. :)

Thanks for everything, Francesco!

Jon Jones
Oklahoma City, OK

Breaks 6 Year Plateau & Achieves 18.5 Inch Arms!

"Great program - in fact, it's unequaled."


I've been using the program now for 2 months. My job (active duty U.S. Army) prevents me from being able to follow the dietary requirements to the letter, but the results have still been awesome.

My arms were stuck at 17 3/4" for 6 YEARS (no kidding), and after 2 months on your program, they are just over 18 1/2" now, plus 10 lbs of lean mass. I'm lucky if I can eat every 4 hours, let alone every 3 hours. I usually get 5 hours of sleep at night, 6 or 6 1/2 on a good night.

Great program- in fact, it's unequaled.

Charlotte, NC

"My gains have attracted considerable attention."

"Your program was all I hoped it would be."


I finished my first cycle Friday and thought I would update you on the results. I gained a total of eleven pounds, added 1 inch to each flexed arm, and 1.7 inches to my relaxed chest measurement. However, my waist also grew 2", but with only a 3 1/2 mm increase on the caliper (8 to 11.5mm). Strength skyrocketed from week one to the final week as well, adding over 40 lbs. to the Bench Press and about 60 lbs. to the Squat. But much of this, of course, was muscle learning. But overall, I am very pleased. I can truly say, that your program was all I hoped it would be, and my results all I had expected -- maybe more. I have achieved more in the last 6 weeks with yours and God's help, than I had in the last year of genuine training -- without proper knowledge and combination of techniques. And I work in the fitness field! It goes to show how important it is, to humble yourself, and listen to someone who has been where you want to go. God bless you.

Update #1

To date, after two cycles on your program (3 months) I gained 16 pounds (174 to 190), and 1 1/2 inches on my arms and a little more for chest. I added 65 lbs. to my squat and 50lbs. to my bench with the other exercises in proportion. And I should add, my gains have attracted considerable attention. It's kind of funny. Prior to receiving your course I had labeled myself a hardgainer -- now I realize, I just wasn't eating or training in the best way for gains. Thanks again for all your help.

Tom Morrison
Calhoun, GA

25 Year Veteran Bodybuilder Builds Muscle Mass!

"Your training methods and nutrition truly do work
and are worth the money."


I ordered Muscle Now and started the program 5 weeks ago. Since then I have experienced excellent results and have gained just over 10 pounds of muscle without gaining body fat. I am 41 years old and have been weight training for over 25 years. Somewhat like you, I was a skinny high school kid that bulked up from 130 lbs. to 195 lbs. with a lot of muscle and a fair amount of fat as well. I began body building in my early 20's and lost the fat and was a muscular 170+ lbs.

Over the last 10 years or so since I got married and my wife and I had children, I've struggled with finding the time and desire to work out using my "old" workouts. Even when I was able to workout consistently, I was finding it difficult to build and keep the same muscle mass that I used to have when I was in my 20's. I assumed that it was just part of the aging process, and that I would have to resort to using "steroid-like" supplements in order to gain muscle mass as I got older (which I did not want to do).

I am extremely confident since I started your program that I will be able to put on as much lean muscle mass as I wish. Without giving away your "secrets," the keys to your program are: 1.) your method of varying the workouts so that your muscles can't adapt and stop growing; 2.) your unique, common sense approach to nutrition; and 3.) a well thought-out group of exercises/workouts that provide the right amount of direct and indirect stimulation to each muscle group on different days. Due to my travel schedule, I have not been able to completely follow your training and nutrition completely, but I was able to modify it easily to fit my schedule. Even with the modifications, I've gained roughly 2 pounds per week - and just over 10 pounds total.

For anyone considering buying "MuscleNOW" that are skeptical like I was, I will attest that the training methods and nutrition truly do work and are worth the money. Thanks for an excellent program, Francesco, and good luck!

Richard Waidmann
St. Louis, MO

Gains Muscle Mass While Burning Body Fat

"Program going good so far."

Program going good so far. I have gained 1.5 inches on chest, .75 inches on arms, .25 inches on legs, and I have lost 1 inch on waist now 34 inches. Its been 5 weeks so far.

Robert Taylor
Silver Spring, MD

"What are you doing in the gym? You're huge."

"It was great to hear a compliment like that."

I hit 170 pounds. For 4 years after college I was still stuck at 155-160 and for the past 6 months, I couldn't get over 165. And in 2 1/2 weeks of your program, I put on 5 pounds!! Wow.

Update #1

I went to Philly to see a buddy of mine who I hadn't seen in a while. He takes one look at me and is like, "what are you doing in the gym? You're huge." It was great to hear a compliment like that. I really hadn't seen much progress in the last 3 years and the gym started to feel like a waste of time. Anyway, thanks again and talk to you soon.

Update #2

Just wanted to send over a progress report - I'm through the first cycle with great results:


  • L. Biceps: 13.5"
  • R. Biceps: 13.5"
  • Chest: 37"
  • Waist: 35"

6 Weeks

  • L. Biceps: 14.25"
  • R. Biceps: 14.25"
  • Chest: 38.5"
  • Waist: 35.5"

This is the first time in years that I've stayed on a program for over 6 weeks.

Thanks for the help and we'll chat soon.

Daniel DeRocco
Convent Station, NJ

"I am a doctor of Family Medicine (MD)."

"Proper diet and exercise are the keys to physical fitness."


I wanted to give you an update that you can use on your website. I am a doctor of Family Medicine (MD) and am always looking for good programs I can recommend to my patients that need to get into shape. I was intrigued with your program when I found it on the Internet. I am a firm believer that proper diet and exercise are the keys to physical fitness.

I just completed the first 6 week cycle of your muscle building program. In that short time I added one inch to each of my arms and an inch to my chest. With a little planning the diet is easy to follow. I recommend that users keep a record of meals they like that add up to their needed totals so that after a few weeks they can easily know what to eat and don't have to do any more figuring. They can continually add to their record to add meal variety.

I have found your principles to be sound and I appreciate the fact that the diet is based on common every-day wholesome foods and does not exclude entire food groups like some common fad diets. Keep up the good work. I'll keep you posted.

Dan Tovey, MD
Highland, UT

48 Year Old Says "Your program has been truly amazing."

"There is an enormous amount of information
in your program and it all makes sense."


I have been working out for easily 15 years and have never seen results. I am now midway through my second cycle on your program, I've gained 10 pounds and am seeing serious changes. And so is everyone else. And get this. I'm 48 years old and a classic ectomorph (skinny). There is an enormous amount of information in your program and it all makes sense. You start to realize that it's not a mystery. And somehow, I don't know how, you have a way of actually getting through to people. There are a trillion plans on the market and I've never stuck with any of them longer than a month before I get bored or start to adapt and then the whole thing falls apart before I know it. I am coming up to 12 weeks on your program and I've never missed a workout or thought to alter your recommendations in any way. THAT'S an accomplishment!

Thanks for your help. Your program has been truly amazing.

Anthony LeBaron
Toronto ON, Canada

45 Year Old Building Muscle Mass & Losing Fat

"I disdain the steroid and supplement culture
because it's unnatural."


I cannot tell you how many times in the past 10 weeks I have said to myself, "This is working."

I was a trainer and Nautilus facility manager in the mid-'80's which was a great education on form and discipline. My education ended there and it stood me in good stead for all these years. But I am now 45 years old. Metabolism has slowed and I am facing the years when muscle mass declines with testosterone levels. At the same time I disdain the steroid and supplement culture because it's unnatural. And I am frustrated with the workout-of-the-month mentality of the current men's magazines -- too many contortions and not enough results.

So I went looking for a non-steroid program with a rational basis and found yours. In fact it was my birthday present to myself last November.

I am in week 5 of my second series of six week progressions of your program. I have missed just a handful of workouts. I have not been strict about diet except to improve balance of protein and carbs and to make sure not to miss any meals. My post workout meal is nothing more than a Carnation Instant Breakfast (an improvement over my favorite breakfast -- peanut butter crackers and a Coke!).

I weigh in every Sunday morning and find that a pattern has developed. Fat gain has stopped cold -- in fact, I've lost a pound and a half of fat. More important, I've gained a half pound of lean mass EVERY WEEK since we began. That's five and a half pounds of lean mass, so far. I am proud of this steady and noticeable improvement. My shirts feel a little tighter around the sleeves, my torso muscles cast shadows that I've never seen and my leg muscles begin to show "bellies" not seen for years. I'm not massive nor headed for competition. But I notice the difference and like it. And at an age when most of my counterparts expand around the middle, get shorter of breath and lose lean mass, I can finally bench my weight, I'm confident of my fitness and I'm growing bigger where I want to.

All of that to say, thanks.

David Herbster, Age 45
Orlando, FL

Gaining Muscle Mass Without Body Fat Increase!

"I'd like to express my content
with your method of diet and training."

Hi Francesco,

First I'd like to express my content with your method of diet and training. I ordered your program and started training/dieting according to your scheme beginning five weeks ago. I've in total trained for about 16 years, and never experienced a training program which stays interesting and motivating through the constant variation which it incorporates.

Since now it brought me about 4 kilos extra weight without adding waist size or fat, as far as I can judge, while muscle has increased.

Ewout Batstra
The Netherlands

"I was an underweight hardgainer until I tried your course."

"I am experiencing more growth than I ever have before."

Hi Francesco,

I've been using your course regularly for the past 10 weeks and am experiencing more growth than I ever have before. I was an underweight hardgainer until I tried your course. But I'm sure you're not surprised. Thanks for your great program.

Jay Posey
Durham, NC

"Your program is awesome, and definitely works."

"My wife took some pics on our digital
and I also said WOW!!"

I've only just finished my first cycle and I flexed my back to ask my wife how it's looking. She sounded totally shocked and almost laughing saying, "WOW you should see your back Brett!! It almost looks freaky!!" She was referring to the muscle size of course. She took some pics on our digital and I also said WOW!! That's awesome to see the results- I just don't see my back too much and want to improve the gains in the muscles I do see in the mirror.

Your program is awesome and I look forward to working it more. Your system definitely works.

Brett Irvine
Wilberforce ON, Canada

Gains 40 Pounds of Muscle Mass & 8 Inches On His Chest!

"I went from a 36 inch chest
to a 44 inch chest."

i was wondering if 8 inches increase in the chest and 3 inches in biceps and 1 inch in waist = 40 lbs of muscle. anyways i am reasonably 40lbs heavier going from 36 chest to 44 chest on this program.

Jon Schmittou
Plano, TX

"After a few months I am still getting results."

"The best compliment I have received is from my wife."

I just wanted to tell you that I have been following you program for 4 weeks and people are noticing a difference. After Jui Jitsu training I took my shirt off and one of my buddies asked if I have been hitting the weights hard. That was pretty cool!

The best complement I have received is from my wife, I told her that I have gained about 4 pounds and she said that my body fat still looks low. That was great coming from her because she sees me ever day. The program definitely works!

Update #1

I have been using your program from a few months and I wanted to let you know that I am still getting results. I saw one of my cousins and he made a funny comment to me. It was something like this, " How the roids doing? Looks like they are working." I just laughed to myself. This made me feel good. Your program is still working.

Thank you.

Rudy Rosales
Bakersfield, CA

"I got my first compliment last weekend."

"A lady walked up to me and just stared at my arms."

Mr. Castano,

How are you doing? I'm really enjoying the program. I'm in week 4. I got my first compliment last weekend. i was in Chucky Cheese with my brother, his kids and mine. A lady walked up to me and just stared at my arms. I thought it was because my son cut her off while walking. She said it wasn't she was just admiring the size and shape of my arms. And she grabbed them. I never had anything like that happen before. I know if I stay true to the program I will get many more to tell you. Thanks.

Thomas H. Jones
Woodbridge, VA

"Thanks to you and this program I am now a solid 190-195."

"I am going after an AAU bench record."


Hi my name is eric prescott. I haven't emailed before because you did a good job explaining everything in the program. I finally decided to eat exactly like i should this past fall and i've seen phenomenal results. I have a high metabolism and graduated high school weighing around 160. Thanks to you and this program i am now at a solid 190-195 and am going after an aau bench record. I want to send photos, but i will wait until this time next year where i will hopefully be around 215 with 18 in. arms. Who would have thought? Thanks for developing this program and letting people know supplements aren't needed.

Eric Prescott
Opp, AL

Gains Muscle Mass & Strength

"Thank you for the information you have provided
because it has been most useful."

Hi there....

Two months ago i purchased a home gym and just finished the first six weeks on your program. My results were as follows:


  • Arms: 14.5"
  • Chest: 40.75"
  • Waist: 33"

6 Weeks

  • Arms: 15.5"
  • Chest: 42.6"
  • Waist: 33.5"

Thank you for the information you have provided because it has been most useful.

Update #1


  • Arms: 14.5"
  • Chest: 40.75"
  • Waist: 33"
  • Weight: 165 lbs
  • Bench Press: 135 x 8
  • Shoulder Press: 70 x 7
  • Biceps Curl: 70 x 5
  • Squat: 95 x 8
  • Lat Pulldown: 85 x 7

12 Weeks

  • Arms: 16"
  • Chest: 45.25"
  • Waist: 33.75"
  • Weight: 178 lbs
  • Bench Press: 230 x 6
  • Shoulder Press: 120 x 6
  • Biceps Curl: 115 x 5
  • Squat: 205 x 8
  • Lat Pulldown: 160 x 7

Kyle Buckles
Mansfield, OH

"I have gained 6 inches in my chest & 70 lbs on my bench."

"Very impressed with the program."

How you doing man? I have not emailed you for a long time. My name is Nick Lyons and I started your MuscleNOW program around the first of the year. things are going good. very impressed with the program. FYI: I have gained 1.5 inches in my arms and 6 inches in my chest. my bench has gone from 110 lbs up to 180 lbs. and that is how much I weigh. that was a big accomplish for me to be able to bench 100% of my body weight. later

Nick Lyons
Chesterfield, MO

"In 6 weeks I gained more than a few years gave me before."

"I've broken plateau after plateau."

I thought I'd drop a line just to let you know that after only the intro phase and the first week of the muscle building phase I've broken plateau after plateau. Just before i started the program, I could reach around my thighs with both hands and touch my fingers and thumbs; now there is at least a 1 to 2 inch gap between my thumbs if my fingers are touching! I haven't taken formal measurements of my legs but the simple test I performed in the shower this morning (out of pure curiosity) proved to me beyond the shadow of a doubt that your program works! Know I'm very curious to see what my measurements in my upper body are at the start of the third week. Thank you so much!

Update #1

I'm still making gains. I've gained about an inch and a half in my chest (in one week!) up to 40.5", and fractions of inches in every other measurement. Another great gain is my overall strength, I'm still very impressed as to how fast I'm able to increase weights 5 to 20 lbs with no problem!

Thanks again for all your help.

Update #2

I'd like to update you on my progress. I've completed my first cycle and only missed two workouts. My gains were very impressive. In measurements i gained at least 8 inches total. My sister that I see only once a week would note every week that i look bigger and more muscular every time she saw me. My muscles are definitely more shapely and toned than before. In 6 weeks I gained more than a few years gave me before. In 6 weeks I broke plateau after plateau. My strength has skyrocketed! I went from benching 135 to 175 lbs! My goal is to bench 225 before the summer ends! My arms are also incredibly strong compared to what the used to be. I am doing almost twice the weight I used to do in many exercises. The other great change is how i feel. The diet is great! When you start eating what your body wants, when it wants it, you feel so good. I am probably the healthiest person I know! Thanks again for all your help! Feel free to use this message in your testimonials if you wish, I know how important the testimonials are, they were the major factor in my investment in the muscle now program.

Update #3

Its been forever since i'v written! I'v been insanly busy with school, and of course, working out! I thought i'd drop a quick line to let you know how i'v been doing with my prgress and a years progress. Last year at about this time when i started the program, I weighed about 155lbs at 6'1" tall. I know weigh 177 lbs and some change with 10% body fat. Pretty much ever muscle group is really improved and Body building/fitness has become so much more to me. I am student supervisor in my Colleges amazing new weight room, and I love helping people out in the gym, teaching them about proper nutrition, etc etc. I plan on really kicking it into high gear once this school year is out in a month or two and really packing on some substantial lean mass and cutting the fat back to around 5-7%. Thank you sooooooo much for getting me started in what i hope to be life full of proper nutrition and fitness, and helping others learn and reach their goals too!

James Dickinson
Honeoye Falls, NY

"Thanks for cutting out the confusion about gaining muscle."

"Everyone I know has noticed big time
and I have to say I'm very impressed myself."

Hi Francesco,

I'm on the workout plan and diet now 6 weeks so I thought I'd drop you a line and tell you how I'm doing. I've seen big gains in that time - in total my weight has gone up 15 pounds! Everyone I know has noticed big time and I have to say I'm very impressed myself and I have you to thank for cutting out the confusion out of gaining muscle. The vast majority of this weight gain seems to be lean muscle as I haven't gained much fat. My gains are as follows:


  • Weight: 146 lbs
  • Biceps: 13.5"
  • Chest: 38.5"
  • Thighs: 20"
  • Waist: 30"

6 Weeks

  • Weight: 161 lbs
  • Biceps: 14.5"
  • Chest: 40.5"
  • Thighs: 21.75"
  • Waist: 31.5"

Your system does work!

Update #1

As for my gains - the last time I weighed myself I had put on 20 lbs. That was nearly 7 months ago! I don't have scales in the house so I must purchase some. Since then though I think I've put on at least another 8-10 lbs. Measurement wise - the following gains in the last 11 months


  • Biceps: 13.5"
  • Chest: 38.5"
  • Thighs: 20"
  • Waist: 30"
  • Neck: 15"

11 Months

  • Biceps: 15.5"
  • Chest: 41.75"
  • Thighs: 22.25"
  • Waist: 31"
  • Neck: 15.5"

Thanks again Francesco for everything - you've eliminated all the grey areas I had when it came to building muscle.

Turlough Mc Aleenan
Newry, N. Ireland

"I have never seen these kinds of results before."

"I have already had someone ask me
how I'm achieving my results."

As you know I am a very skinny person with a substantial amount of body fat (150lb), and have been training/dieting without aerobics. I will have to tell you that I am kind of amazed at the current result and am excited to see more gains in the mere future.

Here's an update since last month that I've been on your program:


  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Biceps: 12"
  • Chest: 32"
  • Waist: 36"
  • Flat Bench: 100 lbs
  • Incline Bench: 75 lbs
  • Barbell Curls: 50 lbs
  • Deadlift: 190 lbs
  • Squat: 190 lbs

4 Weeks

  • Weight: 155 lbs
  • Biceps: 13"
  • Chest: 34"
  • Waist: 34"
  • Flat Bench: 140 lbs
  • Incline Bench: 100 lbs
  • Barbell Curls: 65 lbs
  • Deadlift: 210 lbs
  • Squat: 210 lbs

I have already had someone ask me at the Gym on how I'm achieving my results, which in turn was responsed by addressing your website. I want to inform people at the Gym to purchase and follow your program, but to convince others, I myself have to be established first. So, thank you for your advices and efforts and hope to send you updates with better results!

Update #1

I'm sorry to write to you so often, but I just have to update you on my latest achievements as I have never seen these kinds of results before.

I've recently changed to Plan D where I workout 3 times a week with intermissions in between and have noticed significant results in mass, weight & strength. My weight increased from 155lb to 160lb, and mass has increased overall in arms, chest, and legs. As far as strength, I've increased the following:

  • Barbell Curls: 65 to 75 lbs
  • Leg Curls: 140 to 160 lbs
  • Lat Pulldown: 140 to 150 lbs

Thanks for all the support!

Anowar Hossain
Sterling, VA

"I constantly get accused from fellow students of steroid use."

"I am very pleased with the amazing results
that you have given me."


This is Zack Phillips and I bought your program about five months ago, but due to wrestling season I just started the muscle building phase five weeks ago. I must admit that I am very pleased with the amazing results that you have given me and I'm going to try to promote this excellent program the best I can. I haven't been working out my legs because my knee has been bothering me for the last three years, but I thought it was minor. Then it really started bugging me this wrestling season so I decided to get an MRI after season ended because I didn't want to miss out on the season. The MRI results came back and it turns out that part of the lower part of my femur on my left leg is dead. They think that the bone died because of continual stress on the joint (probably from wrestling) witch caused the blood flow to stop going to the bone. So anyway the doctors but an immobilizer and I cant put any weight on it or even bend it for two months and I get my next MRI on May 2nd. But I didn't let that get me down. I have been working around the energy and I am getting unreal results on my upper body. I have just finished my 5th week on your program and I gained 10 pounds of pure muscle! I now way about 155 pounds and I gained on my biceps amazingly. Before this program both of my biceps were 14 inches and now they are both 14 5/8 inches. I never gained like that before and I thought I was a pretty buff dude before I got on this program, but I just gained over 1/2 inch on my Biceps in 5 weeks. My chest also had some huge gains. I started off with a 37 inch chest and now my chest is 38 3/4 inches, and I made these huge muscle gains without the ego dropping fat gains. My waist started at 30 inches and now it is 30 1/2 inches, so you can still see my six pack. I also had some really good strength gains. I started out benching 175 pounds and failing in between 4-7 reps but now I put 205 pounds and fail in between 4-7 reps. I feel great and I am very pleased with the results that I am getting. I was down at the mall the other day and I went into vitamin world and there was a natural body builder in there and now I think I am going to start body building once I get out of this cast thing and I get my legs up to strength.

I'm just telling you that you have my permission to put all of this on your website, and actually I would rather you do that because I want to help you out. I constantly get accused from fellow students at my school of steroid use which I'm not sure to take as an insult or just take as a complement, and I just tell them that I'm using the internets natural steroids and then I tell them that I'm on this unreal program and I give them the website.

So thanks again Francesco for this amazing program and God Bless.

Zack Phillips
Golden, CO

"And just think, I was a hardgainer."

"Ten pounds, over an inch on biceps
and 2 inches on my chest."


Hey, just wanted to write and tell you my results after the first 6 weeks of your program.


  • Weight: 134 lbs
  • Biceps: 11.5"
  • Chest: 32"
  • Waist: 28"

6 Weeks

  • Weight: 144 lbs
  • Biceps: 12.75"
  • Chest: 34.5"
  • Waist: 29"

So ten pounds, over an inch on biceps and 2 inches on my chest. And just think, I was a hardgainer. Thanks Francesco.

Ryan Cummings
Hartford, CT

Gains Over 25 Lbs Of Muscle Mass!

"The improvements were obvious in the mirror
and to my friends."

Dear Francesco,

I bought your MuscleNOW program when I was starting college. After reading through it I was extremely excited to get going. Unfortunately, self-discipline was the one critical thing I was missing back then. And since I was living in college residence with a 3-meal-a-day cafeteria and no kitchen available, there wasn't much hope of me eating enough, consistently. The next year when I went home brought a different problem: living in a rural area, there was no gym nearby and buying my own equipment didn't fit into my college-student budget.

This cycle continued until two years later, when I got a summer job at my collge and moved into an off-campus apparment (with a kitchen :) WOW! After only 4 weeks people at the gym that initially gave me that "wonder how long this skinny guy will last" look were commenting on how big my arms were getting! And the improvements were just as obvious in the mirror and to my friends. And to be honest, I did not stick with the program religously (on average I probably missed 1 session and 3-4 meals per week) I stuck with it for about 8 weeks (went from about 165 lbs to 190+ lbs of pure muscle) until school started again and a personal event caused me to lose focus.

Marcus Schroeder
Bridgetown NS, Canada

Gains 25 Pounds

"Are you taking steroids?"

Dear Francesco,

I just want to let you know that your program works!!!!!!!! There is no doubt about it. Unfortunately, I do not have any photographs and I can't give you exact measurements (in inches). But this is the reason why I know your system works: All the people who I have not seen for several months and having meeting them right now, ask me similar questions about my body; questions and comments like "Are you taking steroids?", "wow, look at your arms -- someone's been working out!" and "what workout program are you using right now -- can you share it with me?".

The changes are most definitely visible. I do know that I gained 25lbs since I started your program in August and I know it is mostly muscle just based on what I'm seeing in the mirror and the reaction of my relatives and friends. Some people might say that this isn't much of a weight change, but I have to tell you that I have never ever experience a gain this much within one year. Most importantly, I got a lot stronger. Since I started your program, my Bench Press (maxing out) went from 205 lbs to 245 lbs.; I use to pull down 80 lbs 10 times. Now, I'm pulling down 110 lbs 12 times, and finally I was curling 50lbs 12 times, but now curling 70 lbs with the same weight. And guess what -- the amount of weight that I use to be able to lift were done with improper form (where I actually use different parts of my body to lift the weight). Now I'm lifting more weight with the proper form. This is very important in my opinion! It basically means that I could be lifting a lot more if I continue to do the same improper form that I use to do. But of course I'm not going to do that :-)

Because of your program, I am more confident about myself. Like you, I thought I was genetically cursed, but now I have a different perspective. I hate to act immature, but I wish I can locate my old high school buddies who use to be so in love of themselves, so I can show them what's up.

Anyway, please continue what you're doing because you're making a lot of people's lives better.

Take care.

Joe Floresca
Springfield, NJ

"I'm still on your program and making incredible gains."

"I am so thrilled to have found your program
and recommend it to all my friends."

Hi Francesco,

It's been awhile since I have written but I'm still on your program and making incredible gains. I love lifting heavy and my body has definitely changed for the better. I am now at 180lbs with about 10% bf. I am aiming for 200lbs which with my hard work will eventually come. I am so thrilled to have found your program and recommend it to all my friends.

Thank you for you help Francesco.

All the best.

Jeffrey Jaoink
Fourways GT, South Africa

Gains Muscle Mass In 2 Weeks

"I have gained 7 pounds, half an inch on my biceps,
and a full inch on my chest."

Hey Francesco,

I wanted to tell ya that I have been on the program for 2 weeks now and I have gained 7 pounds, half an inch on my biceps, full inch on my chest, and have remained the same in the waist. I kinda cheated there for a while on the weekends and missed some meals so I know I could have gained even more but I'm going to stay with the program till the end of summer, my goal is to get to 175lbs and I know that it is realistic with your program. I started at 135 and i'm at 142 starting the 3rd week now.

Thanks for all your help.

In Christ,

Ryan Kellum
Memphis, TN

Loses 12 Pounds Of Fat While Gaining 16 Pounds Of Muscle!

"For the first time in my life,
I not only have a 6, but an 8-pack abs!"

I've purchased many different workout regimens and diet plans in the past, however, NONE of my previous purchases let achieve quite what I wanted. Some would help me bulk up but not really lose fat, some would help me tone but end up costly me muscle. I've been working out for about 15 years now and don't really have a problem putting on muscle but staying lean has always haunted me (never had more then a 4-pack). 2 years ago I came across this program and decided to give it a go. After 4 months, I was transformed. I could start to see the all the muscle strands in my shoulders and arms flexing and twitching even when on my off days. Most importantly, for the first time in my life, I not only have a 6, but an 8-pack abs! I had bumps all over me! AND while I actually put on muscle! When I started this program, I had a bodyfat % of around 14...in four months, it dropped to 7! I went from 190 lb of soft skin to 195lb of rocksolid. I only gained 5 total pounds but if you take those numbers, I lost about 12-13 lb of fat and gained around 16-17 lbs of muscle. I don't know what I was doing wrong but I thank Musclenow for teaching me. Im so glad I spent the money on this program....knowing then what I know now....I would have spent $1,000 on it. If you follow EVERYTHING he tells you to do, from the diet to the workout to the intensity, the results are AMAZING!

Finally Ripped,

Adam Krasinski
Monroe, NY

49 Yr. Old Loses 5 Inches Of Stomach Fat While Building Muscle Mass!

"I actually have the beginnings of a 6 pack."


  • Weight: 178 lbs
  • Waist: 40"

1 Week Later

  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Waist: 38"

My waist is my biggest problem area; I measured my waist around the belly button relaxed - even if I hold it in it only goes down to 37 "- I tend to carry fat internally instead of on the surface like most folks - I actually have the beginnings of a 6 pack - with a pad of fat under the abdominal wall. My arms and legs have become very vascular. I will send you pics, before and after once I finish my first 6 week cycle.

I will also send you my gains in weight lifting - although I do not lift nearly as much as some of your other clients, I have increased even over this week and a half - for example - I have gone from using 45 lbs dumbells to 60 lb in my flat bench presses.

And one more thing - I will be 50 in January.

Thanks for your advice.

Update #1


  • Weight: 178 lbs
  • Waist: 40"

5 Weeks

  • Weight: 169 lbs
  • Waist: 35"

I am a teacher and needed to buy some clothes for work - I am suddenly very hard to fit for sport coats - fit tight in the chest and arms and loose everywhere else - decided to wait before buying anything like that - but fit into most anything else though.

Thanks for your help.

Mike Dunning, Age 49
Vernon, CT
58 Year Old Losing Fat While Gaining Muscle Mass!

"Francesco promises to respond to every email question,
and he always does, very quickly."


Until just before my 50th birthday, I probably would’ve been voted the guy least likely to ever set foot in a gym. Lifting, grunting, sweating--- no thanks, not for me.

But reaching the half-century mark was a wake-up call, so I decided I’d better join a gym and get in shape. I was slender, a little bit skinny fat, as you call it, and had zero muscle. I wasn’t trying to get bulked and bigger really, just wanted to stay healthy and look more toned.

Things were going mostly okay. I was definitely seeing some small results , but it wasn’t enough. I was looking for more, so I turned to the Internet for advice. Lots of material about sets, reps, exercises, cardio, free weights vs. machines etc. The more I read, the more confused I became. I would still go to the gym wondering if I was doing the right things. After all, I’d suffered a nasty partial biceps tear from doing heavy bicep curls as my first exercise time after time, without even a warmup. Clearly I didn’t know what I was doing.

Then a trip to buy a suit led to a surprise when the tailor needed to let out the waist an inch and a half. Hold on, I thought, I’m going to the gym five days a week and he has to make the waistband larger? This was not good.

Enter Francesco Castano and the MuscleNOW program. I’d seen lots of other sites making promises, but something about his approach seemed genuine. It wasn’t cheap, but with a money back guarantee, I decided there was very little risk, so I signed on.

Well, I definitely made the right choice. Which exercises to do? Covered. Sets and Reps? Explained. Fat loss, food choices? Great details.

He takes the time to explain it all completely. He even builds flexibility into every area-- cardio, diet and strength training, so most people should be able to get what they need. He promises to respond to every email question, and he always does, very quickly.

I’d read that you can’t lose fat and build muscle at the same time. I think that means you can’t build massive amounts of muscle while losing fat, but if your goal, like mine, is to tone up, then muscle and fat loss seem to go together nicely.

I’ve even gotten some nice compliments at the gym, from serious muscle guys who know what they’re talking about.

My clothes still don’t fit. But now, the pants are too big.

Will Bertram, Age 58
Virginia Beach, VA
Simultaneous Fat Loss and Muscle Building Results!

"Very happy with the results so far and feeling healthy."

Morning Francesco,

How are you?

Im now in Week 4, and I've lost 1" from my Waist, Lost 2mm on the Bodyfat Calipers, added 1" to my Chest and for the first time ever I' ve added approx 1/2" to each Arm !!

It was difficult for me to change my mindset and get out of old training habits using 3 sets, 8~10 reps with 5 or 6 different exercises per bodypart, but now I realise that using the right exercises, cycling the number of sets and combining this with the correct diet makes all the difference.

I have recently started a BsC University Course in Chiropractic, so in the next few years we will spend a lot of time learning about Nutrition and Exercise, so we can pass this knowledge on to our clients to help them improve posture or muscular strength, and also reduce bodyfat. This is a purely Holistic therapy which focuses on assisting the body in healing itself without the need for dangerous antibiotics/drugs (similar to your system in many ways!!)

Although I have several years until I graduate, I do hope that when the time comes maybe we can have a discussion to see if we could organise some way of recommending your system to my future clients?

Have a good weekend and thanks again for your help.

Update #1

Now in week 9, still growing, even if it's a little slower than during the first few weeks, and best of all im still dropping bodyfat (approx 1mm on the calipers every 2~3 weeks) and my weight is staying around 90kg so im obviously gaining muscle mass, very happy with the results so far and feeling healthy.

Dave Ballentine
Cranfield BDF, England

Loses 9 Inches Of Stomach Fat While Building Muscle Mass!

"Before I got your program I was spending
over $200.00 a month on supplements."

Hi Francesco,

I purchased your program about a year ago and it has changed my life! I have always been looking for a way to gain weight. Before I got your program I was spending over $200.00 a month on weight gainers and other supplements in order to try and gain weight. For the most part it made the numbers on the scale go up, but it also brought my waist size to 40 inches.

Since I have been on your program I have lost 9 inches of fat from around my waist, and I have increased the size of my chest, arms and legs with new muscle.

I never realized how important diet was or for that matter the proper training techniques you have taught me. The best part of the whole program is, if I have a question I can email you and usually get an answer in 24 hours.

Thanks so much!

Jerry McKenna
Las Vegas, NV

Loses 4 Inches Of Stomach Fat While Building Muscle Mass!

"I have seen a great change in my appearance;
thank you so much."

The program has worked exactly as you said it would and I have seen a great change in my appearance (34 inch to 30 inch waist with increased muscle size and definition). I can't wait to move onto the next step!!! Thank you so much for your program. I hope to be able to give you even more referrals in the future as I continue to sculpt my body the way that I want. Thanks again!

Paul J. Hansen
Long Beach, CA

Loses Nearly 5 Inches Of Stomach Fat While Gaining Muscle Mass!

"At the beginning I was skeptical,
but you sure are the real thing."

Hi Francesco,

Man, you sure are the real thing, at the beginning I was skeptical about this program, you have delivered what you promise and for me that its big, am a man of my word and sure you are too. I started the course only doing cardio, I did 6 weeks cardio monitoring my heart rate like you said, 30 minutes a day 5 days a week, and now am on my 3 week with cardio and weights, I went from waist size 43" 1/4 to 38" 1/2, a whopping 4" plus inches off my fat belly, my arms got 1/4 inch bigger, and I feel like new, growing like a baby.

A lot of people contact me, I tell them the truth about your program, it's the best out there.

Thank you.

Carlo Dominguez
El Paso, TX

Loses Nearly 30 Pounds While Gaining Muscle

"Thank you so much for the life changing program."

I'll be 45 years old on New Years Day, plus I have battled with extreme thyroid disease for years. I have been extremely hyperthyroid as well as extremely hypothyroid. I've had massive doses of radioactive iodine twice for the hyperthyroidism (Graves Disease), and that is what made me go hypothyroid. Now, I have a "dead" thyroid gland and need to take thyroid hormone daily and have to have blood tests done regularly for the rest of my life in order to stay on top of this. It's been a tough haul, but I have now made the commitment to put forth the effort and do your program in spite of it all.

I've said all of that to say this...I can only imagine what my results would be if I were younger and didn't have health issues. The MuscleNow program is truly a program that will work for anyone willing to put forth the effort to do it...regardless of age or health issues.

I have lost fat while gaining size and strength consistently throughout the first 6 weeks. I was a pretty good sized guy to begin with at 6' 1" and 247 lbs. But I was out of shape and some of that weight was fat, mostly around my middle. After 6 weeks of your program, my weight is down nearly 30 lbs (fat loss), and my pant size is down 2 inches to a 36" waist. My weight is now holding and the fat loss and muscle gain is noticeable on a daily basis. I don't really want to gloat about my numbers even though I'm quite proud, but a quick example of my gains is my biceps. I started with 15" biceps 6 weeks ago, and now sport an additional 1.5" on my upper arms. That example is indicative of my minimum gains overall. My chest, shoulders, back, arms, legs...you name it. There is muscle in places now where there wasn't even places before! And I"ve only just begun!!!!

I absolutely LOVE the program, and can hardly wait until I have several cycles under my belt. The results so far are nothing short of amazing! The program is EXACTLY what you said it would be!

Prior to starting the MuscleNow program I was already doing a heavy workout, but was actually overtraining and under eating. My results then were nowhere near the results I've gotten in just 3 weeks using your program. I'm so grateful that I found you when I was looking online for supplements. This is so what I needed!

I love working out, I love the MuscleNow program and best of all...I LOVE THE RESULTS! My advice to anyone that wants to make positive changes to their body, would be to get this program and make the commitment to start it and stick with it. The program is simple and very easy to understand. All you have to do is put forth the effort to do the workouts and follow the program, and you will see amazing results. Yes it does take effort, but the results speak for themselves! I am bigger and stronger in just 3 weeks with this program than I ever was with any other routine I have ever done...and I'm just getting going! I can only imagine how good I'm going to look after getting through several cycles, let alone a year from now. One of my co-workers asked me the other day if I was on steroids or what? Of course I was able to answer ABSOLUTELY NOT! But I took his question as a compliment nonetheless!

My lifting weights increase on a steady basis as well. Weight I was using for sets 6 weeks ago, I now use for warmups! It is VERY SATISFYING! Anyway, thanks again for your words of wisdom and experience, and thank you so much for the life changing program you call MuscleNOW!

Michael Fultz, Age 44
Vashon, WA

Burns Fat & Builds Muscle Mass

"Your program has not only changed my life,
but my attitude as well."

Hello Francesco,

Hope things are well for you!

I just wanted to let you know that your program has worked for me far better than I ever expected. I feel so bad that I didn’t take pics.. You wouldn’t believe the changes. I have never felt better. I used to drink about 2 liters of Mountain Dew every day and eat anything and everything that was loaded with sugar. Even harder to believe, is how I stopped craving the sugar! I never would have thought that I could eat this much and lose weight. I don’t like being hungry, but on this program, I NEVER felt hunger! Your program has not only changed my life, but my attitude as well.

I REALLY wish I would have taken pictures like I was told to through the program.

God bless you!

Update #1

Im doing great as far as gains go.. Im just over 200 pounds with less body fat than I had at 193..

Matthew Floyd
Palm Harbor, FL

Loses 6 Inches Of Stomach Fat While Gaining Muscle Mass

"I have been following your course for about 11 weeks now
and have seen unbelievable results."

Hi Francesco

I have been following your course for about 11 weeks now and have seen unbelievable results. My waist went from 41 inches to 35, and I am bench pressing 225 lbs for 6 solid reps. I have been very consistent with my diet and exercise 5 days per week. I am 5'10", medium built, broad shoulders, and have gained a great deal of muscle size on my quads, biceps, and chest. I have never experienced these gains in the past because I was on a low fat high complex carb diet with very little protein.

My brother in-law has been working out 3-4 days a week for 4 years now. He currently loaded up on Creatine for the past year now and his muscles look real puffy. We are the same height and I worked out with him last weekend. He couldn't deal with the intensity nor could he bench press 225 for 3 reps without help!

There are a lot of skeptical people out there who are weary of ordering information off of the Internet (myself being one of them), but I had some knowledge of bodybuilding and a friend of mine had me convinced to start trying the EAS products before I stumbled across your web sight, and a lot of what you mentioned made sense. I am glad I ordered your program as you have been very helpful. You saved me $$$$.

Walter J. Paleski
Middletown, NJ

Loses 2 Inches Of Stomach Fat While Building Muscle Mass!

"In the last 6 years I have tried every diet,
supplement and workout program to get a great body."

Answers and Results were what I was searching for and you have given them to me. In two weeks I have lost 2 inches off of my waist and gained an inch on my arms. I personally have spent the last 6 years searching. In the last 6 years I have tried every diet, supplement and weight training plus cardio program to get a great body. I even spent a year working in a supplement store.

I am currently working on my degree in Exercise Science, but your information is just out there even talking to all of my lecturers with all the correct letters after their names. But they had no answers.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart for giving me answers and now results. If you could see now I have a smile from ear to ear.

Jarrod Olson
Palmerston North, New Zealand

Loses 18 lbs Of Fat While Building Muscle Mass!

"Everybody asks how I lost weight
and gained muscle so quick."


Today makes 4 weeks I have been following the program and I have gained close to 3/4" on my arms, while losing more than 18 lbs. of fat!

I have been telling friends. Everybody keeps asking how I lost weight & gained muscle so quick. I share an office with another guy who claims he can see a difference each week. I have lost fat while gaining muscle at the same time!

This program is great and is not hard to follow at all.

Bob Adams
Port Republic, NJ

Defining His Abs While Building Muscle Mass

"I am happy to say that I am thrilled
with the results I am getting."

Been on the program for about 6 weeks now and following the diet and workout routines religiously. I am happy to say that I am thrilled with the results I am getting. I have been very thin my whole life and after the age of about 24 I started gaining all my weight around my midsection. To someone looking at me with clothes on you would think I was a rail, but I was too embarrassed to take my shirt off in public because of the fat around my midsection. I am now almost 27 and have been working out for about 1 1/2 years, and yes it included one of those ab machines, but was not getting the results I wanted. I had about given up until I found your web page and figured it wasn't that expensive so it was worth a shot. Thank goodness I did it, in the past 5 weeks I have gained 7lbs. and have watched my midsection get trimmer by the week. I can almost see all my abs now which is a thrill in itself but as a bonus my arms are getting bigger as well as my chest and shoulders. My back has had incredible results from the workouts and the fat loss, every muscle in my back are clearly visible. I am presently on Plan-C and about to go to Plan-A as I have saved enough to get equipment for my house and am looking forward to even better gains. I can't thank you enough for the great program.

Stan LaFaver
Slidell, LA

Burns Stomach Fat & Gains Muscle Mass

"After knowing your program,
I see no sense in those routines."


For several years I've tried every kind of routine and diet found in magazines and books, yet I never really grew until I found your program. A lot of guys say they are all natural and they show their routines in magazines such as "All Natural Muscle Development". After knowing your program, I see no sense in those routines. Are they really natural or the drug test doesn't detect their steroids? Are there people that know how to grow naturally or are you unique?

During my first two months I lost 3 inches on my waist. Then, for the following 4 months I gained 2 inches all over my body. Currently, I weigh 195, have 32' on my waist and 17' on my arms. I can divide my life in two distinct periods: before the MuscleNOW course, and after MuscleNOW!

Thanks a lot Francesco!!!

Joe Benite
Boca Raton, FL

"I don't think I have ever been this motivated about training before."

"So far I'm very impressed."

Well, I just finished up my second week and I must admit, so far I'm very impressed. I don't think I have ever been this motivated about training before. I took my second measurements and I have already gained a 1/2" on my arms and lost a 1/2" on my waist. That has never come close to happening before. It's always been very small gains and a lot of work. I kept thinking my wife had to have measured wrong or something. I made her check it three times.

And you were right, so many people have told me the info is wrong or not accurate and on and on. I told my wife that I would just keep working and then they can eventually see the results with their own eyes.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Cary Marsalis
Irving, TX

"I don't know if you will believe me or not..."

"My waist has already gone down 2.5 inches!"


I don't know if you will believe me or not, but I swear I am telling the truth....since starting the program 8 days ago, my waist has already gone down 2 1/2 inches, my chest has gone up 1/4", and my biceps are 1/4" bigger as well!!

Thanks again for your help!!

Ryan James Bonham
Matthews, NC

"I am losing fat while gaining muscle!"

"This is the greatest program I have ever tried."


You are the man!!! This is the greatest program I have ever tried. I just took my measurements as of right now and my waist has gone from 31 to 29 and I am starting to get a six pack, my chest has gone from 35 to 37 and my biceps have gone from 13 to 13.5. I am losing fat while gaining muscle! I haven't progressed like this in my entire life. I am so anxious to gain more. Thank you for the program!!!

Matt Davies
Aliso Viejo, CA

Husband & Wife Burn Stomach Fat & Gain Muscle Mass!

"I want to thank you for your excellent program!!!"


First of all, I want to thank you for your excellent program!!! My wife and I have been on the program for a month now and our stomach size is decreasing and muscles are starting to pop out! THANK YOU!

Paul & Nicole Johnson
Fort Worth, TX

Losing Fat While Gaining Muscle Mass & Strength - "This program rocks!"

"Through your program,
I have noticed a huge difference."


I just wanted to thank you for your program. Its been about 5 weeks since I have been using your system, my gains are incredible. I started off lifting about 5 years ago. Since a shoulder injury, weightlifting was off limits per doctors orders. I gave your program a shot, and with your online help with my question my shoulder feels so much better. I can perform a lot more exercises than I could before and could even think that I could again. Through the past 3 years out of the gym, my physique was average. And thru your program, and taking it somewhat easy because of my shoulder, I have noticed a huge difference. I started off at a gross 185 pounds, 39" chest, 35 1/2" waist and a disappointing 14 1/2" arms. 5 weeks later after your help I am now 178-182 pounds, 42" chest, 34 1/2" waist and incredibly, my biceps grew about 2" to 16". My strength is even more noticeable. I am now benching 80 lbs. on incline dumbbells, curling 45 lbs. and 105 on preacher, all for 4-7 reps. And every week, these seem to get easier with your program. I never thought I would be this strong again, nor did I think I would be back in this good of shape.

Thank you so much, this program rocks!

Mark Marino
Burlington, MA

Gains Muscle Mass, Burns Fat & Builds Strength

"Your program works like magic!
It is realistic and quite doable."

Hello, Francesco! I completed my first 6-week MuscleNOW cycle this past Friday and am extremely pleased with the results. I am happy to report that I didn't miss one weight or treadmill workout and have been following all of your instructions as close as possible. I gained 5 pounds of body weight while decreasing my waist measurement 1-1/2". My upper arms have gained 1/2" and all muscle groups are much more dense, especially the shoulders and traps. I am very excited with the results and am eager to gain more. My strength gains almost scare me, they came so quickly. I am equally surprised by my energy level. Your program works like magic! The best part is that your program is realistic and quite doable. Weeks 5 and 6 weren't easy but they would have been a mental nightmare had I continued at that poundage and those number of sets for much longer. Knowing I could soon start the cycle over at two sets helped ease the mind tremendously. I used to think I was a failure because I couldn't stick with high sets of heavy poundages for more than three weeks on other courses. Thanks for everything!

Pete Lindberg
St. Louis, MO

"After 3 weeks, I look great, and I feel great."

"I too couldn't believe the new found firmness of my body."


I have just MADE IT my business, to write to you about your awesome program. I have been on (and off, but more on than off) your fat burning and muscle building diet and workout, for about 3 weeks now! I just wanna tell you that..... after the first week on MuscleNOW, I started seeing my underwear, showing clearly for all the world to see, as my pants had sank to my hips. I too, couldn't believe the new found firmness of my body.

3 weeks down the line, I look great, and I feel great.

Thanks a lot Francesco.

Warren Rudd
Durban, South Africa

"I can actually see results from my workouts."

"Since I see results,
I obviously enjoy working out that much more."

I joined Gold's Gym back in February and it is a decent Gym. for the most part, the people are there to work out. They do most of their talking when they're on the bikes, treadmills, or stair masters. I unfortunately don't have the money or space for a home gym, however I did purchase your MuscleNOW course. I don't normally write letters of praise (usually because I'm either not impressed or too lazy), but I wanted to take some time to do just that. I've been following the weight training program faithfully (plan A) for the past month. I've been better about my diet. (I used to work out and then get pizza or burgers, etc.). I've managed to cut out the majority of garbage that I used to eat, and I really don't miss it. As a result, I've increased on my chest, arms, and strength. My waist is almost 1/2" less than it was (which is fine by me). I can also, for the first time, see the veins running through the areas of growth. I can actually see results from my workouts. Since I see results, I obviously enjoy working out that much more. Thanks again for the wonderful course.

Mark Ennis
Alexandria, VA

Gains Muscle Mass While Burning Fat

"This program is unbelievable,
thank you for sharing this information with others."

I just thought that I would let you know about my progress. I have been on the program for two weeks. I have lost 1 1/2 inches off my waist and have gained 1/4 inch on my arms and chest. This program is unbelievable, thank you for sharing this information with others. I will keep you up to date on further progress.

Chad M. Hansen
Clutier, IA

"You have provided me with a winning plan."

"It works great."

I can't say good-bye until i tell you just how much your program has done for me....when i was on your program the first time a few years ago i was pretty thin but little muscle .....and i gained so much....but an accident put me out for sometime......but 6 weeks ago when i started your program.......i was fat and was losing weight ....so its a new side of your program im experiencing now...and it works great .....im motivating people around me to start to workout just cause of the results im getting......i just want to thank you ....you have provided me with the game plan...and I can say that its a winning plan.....thanks again.....

Jesus loves Us

Michael Grafton
Sulphur, LA

"I'm thrilled with the results so far!"

"I actually look forward to working out."

Just as a motivational thing for others starting your program, I just finished up week 2 of my first cycle. I've lost 4 pounds, but more importantly I've lost a full inch from my waist. My energy level is light years above where it was, and I actually look forward to working out. I took your advice and am doing aerobic work at least 5 times per week, usually 6. The 3 day per week lifting routine seems to be working out well for now.

Update #1

End of week 3. I've lost 10 pounds. My bench has gone from 125 to 160. Lost almost 2 inches from my waist, so I figure I've probably lost 20 lbs of fat, but gained 10 of muscle. To summarize, I'M THRILLED with the results so far!

Thomas C Watkins
Harrisburg, PA

"I think your program is amazing."

"So far I went from a 37 inch waist to 33 1/2."

Hi again Francesco

Just wanted to let you know I've been on your program for 11 weeks and I think it's amazing. My goal is to lose fat while gaining some muscle. So far i went from a 37 inch waist to 33 1/2, with this past 3 weeks really starting to kick in. I've followed your program almost to a T....but not totally so I could imagine what would've happened if i did. But I'm getting a lot better at it now. Also my arms went from 14.5 to 15.25.

Alan Agopian
Elmhurst, NY

Vegetarian Loses Fat While Building Muscle Mass!

"I have already lost 3 inches off my waist
and have put on 1.5 inches on my bicep."

Hi! I started the MuscleNOW program about 8 weeks ago and I have already lost 3 inches off my waist and have put on 1.5 inches on my bicep. And I'm vegetarian!

Kuldip Singh
Slough BRK, U.K.

"My body is in its best shape ever."

"You are the best entrepreneur I've dealt with."

Hi Francesco,

Just to tell you that I've achieved some progress. I've managed to drop from 72 to around 68-69 kilograms in less than 2 weeks. My mid section looks slimmer, and I think (I hope I'm not hallucinating) I can see the sides of my love-handles melting away (the fat I mean). Also, the fat in the area of my arm-pits have kinda.... disappeared. And I can now actually see the wings (what do you call them actually.... :P) and can also that my chest has kinda already separated from my arms :)

It's a wonderful feeling to look at myself in the mirror :) I thank GOD for letting me stumble across your program. Will inform you more on my progress in the weeks and months to come :)

Update #1

I'm starting to see veins on my biceps. I've actually been on the program for 7 weeks now. Tremendous fat loss (as I've told you be-4) :)

Update #2

It seems that I am noticing some improvement in my chest area. Seems to be getting less fatty and there seems to be muscle development. My chest is a bit 'abnormal' U see, becuz there is this one spott in the middle, where no flesh seems to grow :P Kinda scary uh? anyway, I can see that muscle has grown around it... and I am quite happy about this improvement. I can also see that when I harden my stomach, the upper abs are showing more clearly :)

Update #3

Hi there Francesco....

Firstly... I'd just like to say that...

My body is in its best shape ever :) Thanx for the great programme

Veins are also showing on some parts of my chest... as well as my biceps. And the number of veins has also increased on my forearms :D And the shape of my forearms are also getting a bit weird... Their actually looking a whole lot....well.... MUSCULAR! HAAHAHAHAHA!!! :) I am happy :D tq tq

My abs are also getting FLATTER! And when I flex... I can see the upper 4 :P

I have to say, that you are the best entrepreneur I've dealt with. The most honest and one thats very concerned with customers. Never found this type of 'service' anywhere else.

Alfian Abdul Halin
Selangor, Malaysia

"This program is very good."

"I recommend this for anyone
looking to improve their appearance."

Francesco, all in all this program is very good. I workout 5 times per week, workout option A. I've added muscle definition and lost about 10 pounds and I've been on the program for only 5 weeks. Before I started your program, I found that my muscles leveled off after doing the same routine week after week. Your program provides muscle confusion which I find allows for non-stop addition of muscle. I would recommend this for anyone looking to improve their appearance with exercise and diet.

Nathan Connell
San Jose, CA

Loses 65 Pounds & 13 Inches Of Stomach Fat While Building Muscle!

"Thanks for changing my life."

I have been reading all of the testimonials from various people about how much weight they lost and I thought you might be interested in how much I have lost. I have always been big. I played football in high school and that was my introduction to weight lifting. I have worked out off and on for the past 18 years and I have to say that I thought the plan you laid out would not work. So i was dead set on proving you wrong. I mean there was no way that all the coaches, weightlifters, bodybuilders, and powerlifters I have known were wrong. You had to be crazy. Well I set out on my quest debunk your theories 10 months ago. I have been on your program ever since. I wanted to lose some weight and gain muscle. I started out at 315lbs 6' 0". My waist measurement was 53". To date I weigh 267lbs and my waist measurement is 42". That's a WHOPPING 48lbs and 11" in 10 months. I can't thank you enough for this program. I have even got the attention of my gym's top bodybuilders asking me what I am doing. My strength has increased tremendously. My bench went up from 245 to 280, squat from 365 to 455, incline from 145 to 205, leg press from 990lbs with both legs to 900lbs with one leg, and shrugs from 365 to 655. So all the people out there who think, like I did, that this program will not work DON'T BE STUPID! Stop wasting time. The only regret I have is that I didn't start it sooner. Thanks for changing my life.

Update #1

The last time I wrote you I had lost 48lbs and 11 inches in 10 months. Well it is 3 months later and the weight is still coming off and the strength is still going up. I have the best upper body development that I have ever had. I am starting to see veins in places that I didn't even know I had veins. My family and friends have noticed that I am becoming more cut and ripped every time they see me. I have after following your program for 13 months and 11 days lost 65lbs and 13 inches off of my waist. I have maintained the same arm size (17.5 inches) and my legs have actually grown. All this in 13 months. I have never felt better. I have to buy new pants again. This will be the second time. I just wanted to thank you again. I also wanted to reassure all the skeptics out there that this program works if you work it. Thanks again and I will keep in touch.

Tracy Mize
Denton, TX

Burns Fat While Building Muscle Mass - "It’s working."

"I was ready for a change in what I was doing,
then I found your program."

Hey I just wanted to drop you a note on my progress. I am half way through my 2nd cycle. First off I am 35 years old, 6’2” and I have competed 2 times. I placed 5th in novice middleweight and 3rd in novice light heavy. I did not compete the following year because of an illness and other projects in my life. I do want to compete again. My goal is to be on stage at 5%-6% weighing 195-198 lb. I can see how this cycle takes shape. I am liking it. Here are my numbers:


  • Weight: 203 lbs
  • L. Biceps: 16.75"
  • R. Biceps: 16.75"
  • Chest (relaxed): 45"
  • Chest (flexed): 47"
  • Waist (navel): 37"
  • Waist (pant line): 35.5"
  • Lean Mass: 176.6 lbs
  • Body Fat: 13%

Two Months

  • Weight: 205 lbs
  • L. Biceps: 16 7/8"
  • R. Biceps: 17"
  • Chest (relaxed): 46.5"
  • Chest (flexed): 48.5"
  • Waist (navel): 35.5"
  • Waist (pant line): 35"
  • Lean Mass: 183.31 lbs
  • Body Fat: 10.58%

I used to do high volume once a week training. I usually felt over trained. I have yet to feel that using this program, in fact I sometimes do not like taking the weekend off. I may start doing cardio on the weekend. I have not been very good with my eating, so I know that if I quit being lazy and get my first two meals of the day going in good order my gains will probably be much better. You know its funny I was ready for a change in what I was doing, then I found your program. It’s working. The big key is to feed the machine.

Wendell Walton
Hood River, OR

"I am amazed at the muscular definition I am developing."

"It's great to know that I can finally
have the body I always wanted."

I began this approximately two months ago and my results are shown below. The chest size reduction must have been fat loss. I have consistently increased weight or the number of repetitions each time I lifted. I feel much stronger and I'm started to see veins and muscle definition that I have never achieved before.


  • Weight: 188 lbs
  • Caliper: 17 mm
  • Waist: 37"
  • Biceps: 15"
  • Chest: 42"

2 Months

  • Weight: 176 lbs
  • Caliper: 9 mm
  • Waist: 32.5"
  • Biceps: 15.25"
  • Chest: 41"

I must say I have caught myself more than once doing a double take noticing myself in the mirror at the gym now. I am amazed at the muscular definition I am developing.

I just wanted to say "Thanks." I was fat as a kid and have always had a stigma about my appearance, even though in clothes, I look fine. It's great to know that I can finally have the body I always wanted.

Thanks for everything,

Dr. Raymond A. Preisler
Forest Hills, NY

Losing Body Fat While Gaining Muscle Mass

"I'm getting good results."


I'm getting good results. I'm on week 5 and I'm down about 2 inches in my waist and up 3/8" in my arms.

Bryan Reid
Marietta, GA

Burns 5 Inches Of Belly Fat While Gaining Muscle Mass

"I have seen some excellent results."

Hi Francesco,

I want to tell you that I began the program 5 weeks ago, and I have seen some excellent results. I began the program weighing 190 pounds...not OBESE for me, because I had a lot of muscle, but definitely overweight. At this point, I weigh 182 pounds. 8 pounds in 5 weeks is pretty good for any long-term diet or lifestyle change, I think, but the real treat is that I know I have lost far more than 8 pounds of fat, since I am certain that on your program, I have put on a few pounds of muscle. I've lost about 5 inches off of my waist and see no sign of that slowing down, so the fat-loss phase in which I'm working is definitely effective.

I want you to know that I was doing a low-carb, high protein diet for about 3 years. I had indeed lost weight, but eventually my body just STALLED. I wasn't losing any more weight. Beyond the physiological effects on the muscles and fat, I think your program has a very powerful effect on curbing appetite and equalizing chemical balances that might otherwise lead towards intense cravings for different types of foods.

Best regards.

Mark Adam Leuchter
Newton, MA

Loses 4 Inches Of Stomach Fat While Gaining Muscle Mass!

"I'm cutting up while putting on size which is fantastic."


Just a quick note of thank you for all of your hard work compiling your program. Overall I am excited with my progress. I am quickly changing from a fat muscular guy to just muscular. At the start, my waist was 38, and now after four weeks of consistent gym work I am at waist 34. I'm cutting up while putting on size which is fantastic. The gym owner where I work out asked me what I have been taking for such dramatic results!

Thank you again for such an awesome program!

John Balogh
St. Albert AB, Canada

Losing Fat While Gaining Muscle Mass

"This information WORKS!"


I've been making good progress thus far with the fat loss phase. I'm dropping waist and scale readings rather slowly lost about .75" of my waist and about 3 scale pounds. But what i noticed recently is that I have gained ANOTHER 1/4" on my biceps. So does this mean that i'm losing fat and gaining muscle? Cause I don't believe my eyes.. but that's what it appears to look like. It looks like i'm burning the fat and putting on muscle. I guess this is the butterzone :) where every bodybuilder wants to be huh....

oh and one question.. during my leg's bicep's days i got a really extreme blood pump in my arms (bicep and forearm) more then i think i've ever had. People were looking at me (for a change) at the gym. I'm sure they were thinking .. "yeah he must be on the juice." Cause I was madly pumping away with curls haha..

This information WORKS! I try to get people hooked on buying your program whenever they can. But some really just wanna see results and put no effort in. There's not much I can to encourage those people except tell them all the benefits of a metabolism raise, fat loss, muscle gain, etc.

I've definitely realized that people at the gym (like I used to haha) who don't train with some kind of notebook or plan or sheet to write down their progress and weights with have really no idea where they are at. Perhaps some people are in maintenance and really know there weights. But when I look around my gym, I know a lot of these guys arent doing body maintenance, the truth is they just DON'T KNOW what they are doing.


Paul MAX Anthony
Hillsboro, OR

Loses Stomach Fat & Gains Muscle Mass

"It is working!"

Mr. Castano,

I would like to add my progress reports to your website where you have all of the other people listed. I took a picture of myself before I got very serious on the diet. My waist was at 42" (down from the 45" I think it was when i first started). That was May 10th. On May 20th, I measure again and my waist was between 40" and 40.5". Also on May 20th, my chest was at 43" up from the 40" 10 days previous. It is working!

Benjamin Nylin
Ann Arbor, MI

Doubles Shoulder Strength & Builds Muscle

"Better than any workout I've tried."

Mr. Castano,

Within 3 months of starting the program, my shoulder strength literally doubled! 4 months into it my arms had gained an inch with my back gaining about 3. I am not a big guy at all and have always had trouble getting bigger, but this program is absolutely better than any workout thing i've ever tried before. Thanks again man!

Thanks again for the whole deal man, e-mails and all.

God Bless too dude.  Later.

Nathan Dwain Click
Grant, AL

Achieves Fat Loss & Muscle Building Results In 2 Weeks

"Besides losing fat, I also became more muscular."

Hi Francesco,

I completed my 3-month program of the fat loss phase two weeks ago. My weight decreases from 61.2 kg to 58.6 kg. My waist decreases from 82 cm to 78 cm, and the caliper measurement shows the decrease from 21 mm to 10 mm. My upper body shows more definition and my abs is now flat. I plan to continue the fat loss phase until I reach the caliper measurement of 5-6 mm. I noticed that besides losing fat, I also became more muscular.

Christchurch, New Zealand

Burns 7 Inches Of Stomach Fat & 36 Pounds While Building Muscle!

"My wife loves the way I look."


I am receiving great results from your program! I am starting my second cycle this week and I can't believe how much progress I have made. I love lifting now. Even on my days off, I want to lift, but I don't. I have achieved more results in 6 weeks on your program than I did in my entire year of lifting. I have some pictures I took maybe a couple of days into the program, but I have to get them developed. I will send them to you sooner or later. Anyway, thank you for your knowledge, and if anyone is skeptic, you tell them to call me. Even other people are noticing. I am so excited. Sorry this is so long, just wanted to let you know how things were.

Update #1

Ryan Vernon here. To make a long story short, i ordered your program about 4 or 5 years ago. I followed the program for about 8 months and made huge gains. Well, i am embarrassed to say when the "real world" hit, i got off off the program and lost just about everything i had gained. On August 1st, I decided i was tired of being overweight and feeling like crap all the time. I am proud to say that as of today, I have lost almost 40 pounds (238lbs to 202lbs) and I look even better than I did the first time. I have followed the diet as close to perfection as possible. I can now drive by Mcdonalds (and the like), and not even think twice. I have gone from a 43" waist to a 36" waist, and I am still losing weight and inches. I can almost fit into a 34" pair of pants. I can not believe it!!

What's more amazing is my shirts are fitting tighter, i look more muscular, and my wife loves the way i look. I still want to lose a couple more inches before i jump to Category A guidelines. I can't begin to imagine the gains i will make when i increase my food intake. I have taken pictures along the way and will send them to you when i am a little more satisfied with my physique.

Well, i will let you go. i just wanted to share my story with you. This program has worked for me TWICE. Once in college, at 21 years old, and now at the age of 26. Thank you so much, you have definitely changed my life!!!

God Bless You,

Ryan H. Vernon
San Antonio, TX

Gains Muscle Mass & Strength While Burning Fat

"I got incredible results."

I just finished my first cycle, and I got incredible results.


  • Weight: 190 lbs
  • Arms: 15.5"
  • Waist: 32.5"
  • Bench Press: 150 lbs
  • Lat Pulldown: 110 lbs
  • Shrugs: 120 lbs
  • Deadlift: 120 lbs
  • Barbell Curl: 50 lbs
  • Squat: 150 lbs
  • Shoulder Press: 60 lbs

6 Weeks

  • Weight: 200 lbs
  • Arms: 16.25"
  • Waist: 31.5"
  • Bench Press: 205 lbs
  • Lat Pulldown: 150 lbs
  • Shrugs: 170 lbs
  • Deadlift: 170 lbs
  • Barbell Curl: 80 lbs
  • Squat: 210 lbs
  • Shoulder Press: 85 lbs

I feel super motivated, and I am really happy with the results I am getting. God Bless.

Hector Romer
Miami, FL

Gains 33 Pounds Of Muscle Mass & 70 Pounds On His Bench

"I am another satisfied customer. I love this program."

Dear Francesco,

I have to tell you that I am another satisfied customer. I love this program. Since starting this less than 6 months ago, my body weight has gone from 195 to 228 lbs. My goal has been to get to 230lbs. My strength and rep form and overall capabilities continue to go up almost every workout. I have done 3 complete 6 week cycles. The alternating rep work out weeks are perfectly placed to allow my body rest and I do not get feel tired out or bored on this workout. Bench went from 185 lbs. for 4 reps. to 255 for 5 reps. Squats went from 225 lbs for 5 reps to 415 lbs for 5 reps last week.

Thank you for this program and your support.

Joe Bianchini
Lake Forest, IL

Nearly Doubles Strength & Gains Muscle Mass

"I can't thank you enough for all you have done
to improve my physique thus far."

Francesco, Hope this finds you doing well. Thought I would send a progress report to you.

Due to a bad shoulder you helped me with, my bench press went from 135 to 190 now and gradually getting better. Chest was 44, now it is 48. It is amazing what proper form can do for you when someone like yourself gives proper guidance and instruction.


  • Chest: 44"
  • Bench Press: 135 lbs
  • Shoulder Press: 50 lbs
  • Side Laterals: 15 lbs
  • Lat Pulldown: 100 lbs
  • Pulley Row: 120 lbs
  • Shrugs: 120 lbs
  • Deadlift: 100 lbs
  • Triceps Press: 40 lbs
  • V-Bar Press: 50 lbs
  • Squat: 135 lbs
  • Leg Curl: 80 lbs
  • Preacher Curl: 40 lbs
  • Barbell Curl: 60 lbs


  • Chest: 48"
  • Bench Press: 190 lbs
  • Shoulder Press: 125 lbs
  • Side Laterals: 35 lbs
  • Lat Pulldown: 185 lbs
  • Pulley Row: 190 lbs
  • Shrugs: 315 lbs
  • Deadlift: 240 lbs
  • Triceps Press: 95 lbs
  • V-Bar Press: 100 lbs
  • Squat: 240 lbs
  • Leg Curl: 160 lbs
  • Preacher Curl: 90 lbs
  • Barbell Curl: 100 lbs

So thus far, I have put 2.25 inches on my arms, 4 inches on my chest, and three inches on my thighs.

If it wasn't for your help I wouldn't be where I am today. You're the man Francesco!!!!!!!! I can't thank you enough for all you have done to improve my physique thus far, and you ain't seen nothing yet my friend. My wife thanks you too. She says she loves the way my chest has filled out.

Bryan McGahey
Cape Coral, FL

Gains 30 Lbs Of Muscle Mass!

"The results have been nothing but AMAZING."

Dear Francesco,

I think you would like to know about my results with your program. After I got myself down to a 31" waist and had fair increases in strength I figured it's time to grow. I did 2 cycles with the 5 day a week program. The results have been nothing but AMAZING. I never thought I could add in 3 months 30 pounds! Man.. That's just AMAZING.

I got so MUCH strength it was SCARY. I benched 225 pounds before the diet and I added 75 pounds Benching more than 300 POUNDS on the bench press in just 3 months.

I never thought I could be a big guy but now I AM!

Update #1

It's been a while since I wrote to you. I've added great mass and I'm very pleased with the whole routine. I never miss a workout. I feel like I have a secret program while everyone struggles at my gym and I'm always adding more and more weights. It's a great feeling.

Danny Nathan
Rehovot, Israel

Gains 36 Pounds & Improves Bench Press!

"Your program has given me the best results
of all systems I've tried."


First, I'd like to say that I am enjoying your program immensely. On the second day of my second week I have added 1/2" to my chest and lost 3/4" off my gut. It's also convenient to be out of the gym in an hour or less, because my schedule is sometimes tight.

Update #1

I have gained 13 pounds since I started 5 weeks ago, and I've gone from benching 170lbs ten times to 200lbs ten times, I can leg press 700lbs for seven reps, and I'm also curling 107lbs for seven reps. And thanks to doing bench press using the technique outlined in the program, my chest has become absolutely ripped!

Update #2

To date, your program has given me the best results of all systems I've tried. I ventured into Heavy Duty/ Mike Mentzer territory for quite some time, and it taught me that while one can maintain mass on once a week or less workouts, it doesn't yield the kind of startlingly quick gains your program does.

Between when I started your program in April and the beginning of July, at a height of 5'8, I went from 160 and 8% bodyfat with a 32 inch waist to 196 with a 33 1/2 inch waist. And, considering I was pulling 335lbs for 12 on stiff legged deadlifts, and my abs were still very visible, I estimate that only 1/4-1/2 inch of that waist gain was fat. Since then, I've gotten as heavy as 210 at times, but at my present height of 5'9 I tend to look kind of funny above 200lbs. The point is people, this program works!

Thanks for all your help!

Ben Porter
San Rafael, CA

Gains Muscle Mass & Strength While Burning Fat

"I've told everyone I know about your program."

Hey buddy,

Just thought I'd let you know that now, in just a couple of months, my bench press has shot up another 40lbs. making my max 265lbs. I never thought I'd be able to bench that much. My weight also went up about 8-10 lbs. while my waist went down about a half inch. I also gained about an inch in my arms, thighs, chest and an inch and a half in the calves. Your program is definitely the best workout I've tried. And I've not even been real strict with the diet. Everyone is saying that I look bigger. Even the owner of the gym I go to said so. I've told everyone I know about your program. Some couldn't believe that I did only 2-3 sets on some weeks. They think that's "not enough". But apparently it is because I'm gaining and they're getting minimal results. I LOVE IT!

Thanx once again for your guidance.

Joe Steck
Mt. Holly, NJ

Gains 374 Pounds On His Squat & Gains Muscle Mass!

"Labor Under Correct Knowledge = L.U.C.K."

Dear Francesco,

I followed the mainstream advice of so many magazines and took a whole heap of supplements to gain very little in 2 years worth of solid effort. My understanding at that point was that it was just luck, you know if you had good "genes". People were always saying eat right, train "HARD", but no luck!

Like so many others I would train more than 5 days a week, with sessions of over 2 hours long. I would look in the mirror and "think" I'm seeing "results". I would say things like in "just a few more weeks and I'm done", to the point where everyone would be impressed. I would go and train in such a manner you would think I'm trying to KILL myself because this is what I believed would get me the results I so badly wanted. I thought training harder and longer would equal better results (what an idiot I was!!!).

On the muscle phase I was able to grow at 1/4 inch in ALL MUSCLE GROUPS every week without "fail" :). May not seem like much but add it over 8 weeks!

I did not always monitor carefully because I believed my "eyes", and this cost me big time! When on fat loss I lost a lot of muscle mass because I failed to monitor carefully. Anyway my strength stayed and still increases, people call me "Powerhouse or Bruce Lee" because I'm similar in size, but my strength, WOW crazy! You know thanks to Francesco I can compete with people more than twice my size! I'm one of the strongest people I know in my area for my size and beyond my size too! (That’s comforting to know!)

After muscle phase I weighed in at 10 stones (140lb), I lost a lot of muscle mass "because I believed my eyes" instead of following Francesco’s measurement instructions, and I lost over 1 stone (14lb).


  • Bench Press: 110 lbs
  • Squat: 165 lbs
  • Preacher Curl: 66 lbs

6 Months

  • Bench Press: 220 lbs
  • Squat: 539 lbs
  • Preacher Curl: 163 lbs

When people tell me what they lift they ALWAYS tell me what they can do once and "try" to "impress" me with it, ALL of these are what I normally do! I’m going back to muscle phase with a vengeance and get back what is mine! Remember it's not your "genes" or "luck" that governs your results, it IS ONLY THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE. Labor Under Correct Knowledge = L.U.C.K

Dilip Patel
West Midlands, England

Gains Strength & Muscle Mass

"I keep on gaining and getting stronger each cycle."


Hi, I ordered your program a while back and to tell ya the truth I did not use the program until after my schooling began. Anyways I did your progam for two cycles and I'm very pleased! I put on ten pounds with an extra 35lbs bench press, squating over 315 for 4. I thought I reached my genetic limit, but with your program I keep on gaining and getting stronger each cycle it's an awesome feeling knowing your getting stronger each cycle. Your program is really great and the the only thing I regret is that did not use your program when I got it. Thank you for everything I would like to write more, but I have way to much to say about my lifts.

Chansamone Phommavongsa
Big Rapids, MI

Muscle Building, Fat Loss & Strength Increase In Only One Month!

"I only have one thing to say about it -- IT'S GREAT!!!"

I have now been on your program for 5 weeks and I only have one thing to say about it -- IT'S GREAT!!! In a month I've lost 3/4" off my waist while gaining an inch in each bicep and in my chest. Also, my weight in my exercises has skyrocketed. I went from being able to do 175 lbs on the flat bench 5 times to being able to do 195 lbs 4 times, in only a month!!! Im also starting to get a well developed six pack and overall my physique is looking great.

Thanks alot!

Brian Mosher
Durham, NC

Gains Strength & Builds Muscle Mass

"I would like to thank you for what you have done for me!
Your program is priceless."


I started week five of your workout plan today. I have increased in size about 1 inch on every major muscle group. My biceps went from 13 inches to 14 inches, chest 41 inches to 42 inches, thighs 2 inches gained, waist has stayed at 33 inches, and most amazing thing is that my curl has gone from 50lbs to 95lbs! in 4 weeks! So I have gained much strength and size.

I would like to thank you for what you have done for me! Your program is priceless, and I recommend it to all my friends. Anyone who has been let down in the past by programs that don't work, this one is for you! Let's have no more overtraining.

Blaine Mathis
Chattanooga, TN

"I am in love with the program. I'm growing by leaps and bounds!"

"I want people to know the astounding results
they can achieve through your program."


I am in love with the program. I'm growing by leaps and bounds! My friends and family frequently mention how my physique has changed for the better in under 5 weeks. Outstanding and wonderful program. You're the man!!

I want people to know how explosive the results can be when you follow the MuscleNOW system. After having done several other programs with very minimal success and then to do this one and see such dramatic results is amazing.

I'm constantly getting stronger and really starting to see some never-before-seen definition. I'm loving the program. It kicks my butt...but I love it!! My tris, traps, back, and chest are really starting to grow.

I want people to know the astounding results they can achieve through your program if they stick to it and bust their butt in the gym. Hey, I've long been a skeptic of these "get huge quick" programs. However, it takes hard, dedicated work (which is the way it should be!) to achieve results and with this program EVERYTHING is laid out in an easy-to-follow format. It's up to the individual to do it. You DO achieve tremendous results if you follow this program religiously...NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!

Christopher Tyson Green
Nettleton, MS

"Create the body of your dreams."

"Francesco's system is the most comprehensive
I've ever come across."

I'm a 50 year old busy psychotherapist and a vegetarian.

I've been doing Francesco's system for 11 weeks now and I'm really loving it. I'm gradually losing body fat and gaining muscle mass. My strength on some exercises is going through the roof. I just beat my all time Personal Best by doing a set of 6 Shrugs with 420 lbs.

I've tried lots of weight lifting systems over the years both on my own and with a trainer. Francesco's system is the most comprehensive I've ever come across. And, because of the ability to email Francesco with any of my questions I can keep fine tuning my program to maximize the possibility of fully meeting my training goals.

Owning and working with Francesco's training system is the single best thing you can do to create the body of your dreams.

Fred Talisman, Age 50
Marina Del Rey, CA

Builds Muscle Mass & Burns Fat While Gaining Strength

"I am impressed and very encouraged."

Just finished week 3 of your course and I must say I agree with you: Sustained low rep heavy weight training is a sure path to injury and over training. Thank God next week starts high rep lower weight. It will give my tendons a chance to catch up to my muscles. I wanted to give you my results so you could have a testimonial if you like. Strength percentage increases in the following muscle groups:

After 3 Weeks

  • Body Weight: +7 lbs!
  • Waist: 33.5 to 32.5
  • Shoulders: 18%
  • Back: 16%
  • Triceps: 25%
  • Legs: 38%
  • Calves: 25%

I am impressed and very encouraged. My greatest challenge now is trying to ignore all the free advice I get on training by my friends and workout partners. I also appreciate all your help in fine tuning my training and clearing up my confusion.

I can't wait to see the next two week results!!

Thomas Ahartz
Las Vegas, NV

Gains Muscle Mass & Strength

"I now understand why
I wasn't getting the results I desired."

Hi Francesco,

I've always been skeptical of supplements and have searched fruitlessly for information on proper training and dieting methods. By chance, fate or the hand of God I stumbled across your web site in search for weight gain information for a university assignment. I couldn't drag myself away from your site! I spent probably 2-3 hrs reading the information on it before deciding this is for me.

Reading your MuscleNOW program has cleared up my confusion regarding training and dieting and I now understand why I wasn't getting the results I desired. In 3 weeks on your program I've gained 5 pounds. In my chest I've gained 1 3/4 inch and have gained 1/2 inch in both my arms. I haven't had gains like this since I first started weight training over 4 years ago.

Also, I've broken through my 130 lb barrier on the bench press. For ages I've been trying to get to the stage where I could start on this weight but only ever managed 3 or 4 by myself. At the start of the 2nd week on your program I started on 130 and got to 8 without help and failed on the 9th. I was so stoked!!!!!!!

Thanks, and God Bless!

Jamie Walker Hunt
Hamilton, New Zealand

Nearly Triples Bench Press & Gains Muscle Mass

"I am now the biggest, strongest,
and fastest one in my group of friends."


I purchased your program over 3 years ago, and I thank you for the help. I am now the biggest, strongest, and fastest one in my group of friends. This is a real improvement from being the weakest one, benching only 85 lbs. I can now dunk a basketball and I'm only 5'10". THANK YOU.

When I first dunked a basketball in front of my friends their jaws dropped. They couldn't believe what I just did. I had to dunk again so they knew for sure that they weren't seeing things.

I have made big improvements from my puny 11.5-inch arms (currently 14.25") and weak 85 lbs bench (currently 235 lbs). The truly amazing thing for me is that I went from a non-active, junk food eater, time waster, TV watcher, video game player, with no healthy outlook in life, to the person I am now. I find the more I work at my training goals, the more it helps me in all aspects in life.

When I first order your course I was one of the laziest people in the world. I followed your course for 1 weeks before I quit, over the next two years after that I increased it slowly to the point were I would go for about 4 weeks before I quit. Looking back at that you would think that I would really regret it, but I don't, for one simple reason. It taught me the biggest lesson I have learned in my life! All things worth having take time and effort.

Even now I haven't been on your course for longer than 5 weeks. That is the main reason I don't have 18-inch arms already. Now I can think of a million excuses to why I haven't trained for longer than 5 weeks (who can't). But the truth is, you and I both know this, everyone has the same amount of time everyday. If you can't find 30 to 60 minutes a day to train, you really need to look at your life. I'm sure everyone can find 3-5 days a week they can train.

But my goals have changed now. I quit my job and I'm not currently going to school, so I have had a lot of time to think lately. And WOW! I would recommend everyone taking some time off to think about life and where they want to go. I have never really done this, but now that I have I know exactly want I want and how I am going to get it.

Now I no longer have a goal of beating my 5-week training time. Now I have a goal to train week in, week out for the rest of my life. There is never going to be a week that I don't train (unless and only unless I am physically unable to). Taking the time off and thinking has really helped me.

Thanks again.

Jacob Cassidy
Big Lake, AK

Gains 13 Lbs Of Muscle Mass!

"I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful program."

I have been on your program for only 3 weeks now and have gained around 13 pounds. I began at 118 and now weight around 131. i just wanted to thank you for this wonderful program and I finally hit the impossible bench mark of 130 and am raising my goal thanks to you.

Steven Sundstrom
W. Bloomfield, MI

"It's been the best money investment in a gym course ever."

"I still cannot believe how effective
your program has been for me."

I am in the 6th week of the program, and have piled on a considerable amount of muscle that I have never been able to gain before. I am more and more impressed with your program as I use it. I have been extremely surprised to see my weights and the amount of reps in the first set, and second set of each exercise increase quite dramatically - this proves to me that I am not overtraining but making very striking progress in regards to my weights going up.

I must say that I wish I had this program of yours a few years back from now, I still cannot believe how effective your program has been for me- its been the best amount of money investment in a gym course ever - to think of the hundreds of dollars I wasted on supplements and body building magazines. I could kick myself.

Thanks again for a great course that actually works.

Stephen Martin
Palmwoods QLD, Australia

"I'm glad that I tried your system."

"Francesco, I just want to let you know
how great I think the program is."

Dear Francesco,

Francesco, I just want to let you know how great I think the program is. I am in the musclebuilding phase and finishing up cycle 6 and my strength has increased tremendously. My bench is the highest it has ever been, all my measurements have gone up except for my waist, and I have veins I didn't know existed. You may not recall but I too sent you a skeptical e-mail prior to investing in your program. It was the testimonials of other clients as well as your response to my e mail that convinced me to try the system. I'm glad that I did.

Tom McCaffery
Long Island, NY

"In all my years of training I haven't made this much progress."

"The gains have been dramatic."

Hi Fransesco,

I bought your program about five months ago and have been training for the last two months the MuscleNOW way. The gains have been dramatic my bench press has gone from 160 to 200 pounds in such a short time in all my years of training i haven't made this much progress. I have grown everywhere and increased strength as well.


Zach Memtsas
Sydney, Australia

Gains 12 Pounds Of Muscle Mass While Burning Fat

"I see fantastic results."

Don't waste your time writing a reply to this, because it's not necessary - it's just something I wanted to share with you. I was at the gym today for my cardio workout (today wasn't a weights day) and I had just finished doing my treadmill workout. I went back to the changing rooms and was drinking some water (I was sweating quite a bit) and a woman in the changing rooms made some small talk with me.

"Had a good workout?" she asked. I nodded, smiling, and told her I'd just finished my treadmill session. Then she said, "Stop drinking the water!" I put down my water bottle, completely confused, and asked, "Why not?" I expected a long scientific answer threaded with examples and names of studies to prove her point. Instead she said,

"Well, you've just lost a lot of weight doing all your exercise, and now you're putting it all back on!" I paused, and then said,

"What?" I just didn't get it. She repeated what she just said, and then she said, "Water makes you gain weight! Don't drink it!" I just stared at her, completely confused, wondering if there was a hidden camera somewhere in the changing room. I slowly said, "But I'm thirsty - I've just exercised and I'm dehydrated." She paused for a moment to think, and then said,

"Fine, but just don't drink too much then." I just stared. She then said, "How are you eating? What do you eat?" I mumbled something about having meal ratios and generally having a sensible diet. She then said, "I just eat fruits and vegetables - I've lost so much weight already. You should do the same thing - just eat fruits and vegetables."

Anyway, the point of me telling you this? It just brings back such a blast from the past. I've always had major problems with food. Always. I used to be that woman, trying out fad diets and following what the scales said like crazy. On your program I have gained 6kg. Had I gained this much on any other plan, I would have been devastated and resorted to one of my crash diets. But on this plan with my extra 6kg, I've never been happier, because it's 6kg of muscle. My clothes are fitting looser (my tracksuit bottoms were falling as I ran on the treadmill today!) and my fitness levels have increased so much.

I guess your program just encourages such a sensible attitude towards food and I'm really really grateful for that. I mean it. You have no idea how good it feels to finally eat without guilt. It feels great to put food in my mouth without feeling the need to count stupid 'points' or look up everything in a stupid carb counter book or a GI index. It's taken me the good part of seven years (my problems with food began at the age of eleven, believe it or not) to feel this happy with myself. One thing I was afraid of on your program was getting too obsessive with food once again and ending up on that all-too-familiar pathway to an eating disorder, and that just vanished as soon as I read through the program. I don't feel deprived in any way at all. And wow, does it feel good.

I did try and explain the need for protein to the woman at the gym, but she was adamant her system was working. She proudly told me she was a size 10, and stood up and gave me a twirl to prove it. On close examination, her figure had virtually no muscle and most of her mass was just fat. Seriously.

I, on the other hand, continue to weight train and eat sensibly and max out on my cardio sessions and see fantastic results.

I owe a lot to you and your manual.

God bless you.

Alexandra Lowry
London, England

Husband & Wife Burn Fat & Build Muscle Mass!

"I've had an incredible decrease in fat."

I'm currently finishing week 3 this Friday and so far I've had an incredible decrease in fat loss. 40.5 waist to 34 inches, weight down from 184 to 158. My arms have increased from 13.5 to 14 inches. As for my wife Wendy, she went from 33.0 inch waist to 29.0 (4 inch loss), arms from 10 inches to 11 inches and her weight from 134 to 128. I thank you for authoring and sharing your knowledge with everyone that's been on your program.

Russ & Wendy Escalante
Ashburn, VA

"Thank you for creating such an amazing muscle building program."

"I'm not aiming to look like a bodybuilder."

Hi Francesco. First of all, I'd like to thank you for creating such an amazing muscle building program. I've been strength training for over 12 years and frustrated with the lack of results. I've been following your program for almost 2 years now and I see a significant improvement. I'm not aiming to look like a bodybuilder. I just wanted to put on noticable muscle and look solid and healthy and I think that I've acheived that. I didn't tell my boyfriend that I've been training differently, and about 7-8 months into the program he felt my arms and said "Dang!, what have you been doing?! So anyway, thanks!

Charlotte, NC

"The best bodybuilding program I have ever used."

"I no longer have to take medications
to control my blood sugar levels!!"

Mr. Castano,

The program is working very well. Not only has there been a significant improvement in my physique, but my doctor has cut my diabetes medication in half because of the results of the program on by blood glucose levels. As far as I'm concerned, this alone makes MuscleNOW far better than any program I've even considered using. Thank you for all your help!

Update #1

I started using the MuscleNOW program on my 42nd birthday. I had no problem adhering to the program so I've been sticking to it with gusto. Frankly, MuscleNOW has turned out to be the best bodybuilding program I have ever used. Firstly, my physique has never come close to showing such impressive development at any time in my life, and I am much stronger than I have ever been before. In addition, I don't just look impressive, I am in much better physical condition (aerobic as well as anaerobic) than most of the people I know that are only half my age. Finally, one of the major fringe benefits of the program is the money I've saved (undoubtedly thousands) by not using supplements. This aspect of the program more than makes MuscleNOW pay for itself.

...and if you thought THAT was good news...

As you may recall, I am a diabetic. The results of my yearly physical came in just prior to my 44th birthday. Guess what's happened after my using MuscleNOW for only 2 years? My Doctor recommended that I cease and desist from taking any diabetic medications, as I don't need them any more! The fact is, I was initially diagnosed with diabetes 10 years ago. Do you know what this means to me? After one decade, I no longer have to take medications to control my blood sugar levels!! Needless to say, I was quite pleased by this news. I recall that 2 years ago you made revisions to the diet portion of the MuscleNOW program to accommodate my diabetes. Now you know just how effective those revisions were.

I don't think that I can possibly thank you enough for developing the MuscleNOW program. Thanx again!

Scott McKinney III
Elmhurst, NY

Man With Chron's Disease Gains Muscle Mass!

"PLEASE give this program a chance."


Now that the holidays are over and a new year is beginning it is time for me to reflect on this past year. I have a lot to be thankful for and two of them are you and your program.

As you know, I had my doubts about starting your program. Not that I doubted you, but I was nervous as I had tried so many other "regimens" and almost always became ill shortly after beginning. As you know, I have had Crohn's Disease for over 20 years and numerous operations that sometimes go along with the disease. Last year, as a consequence, I underwent surgery to have an ileostomy. At one point I was down to 100 pounds, small even for me who usually weighed around 110. I did gain the 10 pounds back but was told that I would never gain any more than a few pounds, if that, and I should be "satisfied with what I have." Well, I was grateful but after rereading your information about the course and you being good enough to answer my questions and concerns, I was convinced I could do better by following your course. And I have.

I have been on your program for about six months. Your program suggests that it will take be longer at 42 years of age to accomplish what someone half my age would do. In addition it has taken me even longer due to my illness and corresponding adaptations however I am pleased to report an 11% gain in weight while my waist has decreased 6% in "girth." My chest has gained 3 inches and my arms 2 1/2 inches. My wife says the "chicken legs" are on the way out. Granted I have a very long way to go and I did miss a month due to a shoulder injury caused by my over enthusiasm and a couple of weeks due to some very small flare-ups of the disease, but I'm seeing the progress I've made in everyday life. Whether it be carrying packages, moving furniture, shoveling the driveway, I'm doing all of it with increased strength and stamina. It's a feeling I haven't experienced since I can't remember when. It feels great!

Most of all I'm grateful because I believe this course, with all of its demands for the betterment of ourselves, has kept me out of the hospital for the first calendar year out of the last six! Now, if that's not getting your money's worth, I don't know what is. At the rate of hospitalization, who knows what you saved me!

I would like to take this time to write that if there are others reading this who have a disease or condition where they have been told to "just be satisfied with what you have" and don't feel like there's much hope to get yourself into good or at least better shape, PLEASE give this program a chance. By giving it a try, with great effort and determination, you too can be in much better condition than you currently are in. Both physically and mentally.

Francesco, I really don't know the words to use to express my gratitude for you and your program. I believe that everyone has a purpose while on this Earth and I feel as though you have, and continue to, fulfill yours to the fullest. God bless you.

Joel Robins, Age 42
Cleveland, OH

Greatly Reduces Back Pain While Gaining Muscle Mass & Burning Fat

"I'm very impressed with the results."

I'm in my 6th week of my first cycle. I'm very impressed with the results. Even though I haven't followed your diet plan exactly, I have used it as a guide. I'm starting to see allot more muscle, I am slowly melting away the love handles while gaining muscle.

Also I have had back problems for years, but my back has never felt better. I used to live off ibuprofen and now I hardly ever need it because sciatic pain has greatly decreased. Also I really like the psychological thinking you touched on in the beginning of your guide, I could really relate to some of the lame excuses and reasoning I would tell myself, it helped me be more aware of what not to do and prepare myself mentally to succeed. Anyway thanks for help.

Brian Wicoff
Danville, IL

Burns 31 Pounds Of Fat, Improves Health, and Builds Muscle Mass!

"My doctor's appointment went great!
He's very impressed by the weight I've lost."

Great news! I went to get a physical the 1st week of October before I began the routine. At that time, I was 221 lbs and my diastolic blood pressure was 105 which they said was high and wanted me to schedule a 2 month follow up. I went in yesterday afternoon, and my weight is down to 213, and my diastolic blood pressure dropped to 84. My doctor told me I was the 3rd patient he saw yesterday as a follow up for high blood pressure, but I was the only one who didn't need a prescription for high blood pressure medicine! He said my cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and weight were all down. Just to be safe, he set me up for a 6 month follow up which is next week. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thank you sooo much for all your help and the effort it took to lay out your course.

Update #1

On my wife's and I one year anniversary, I got an anniversary ring which was too small. Instead of resizing it, I dieted for what seemed like ever until it fit. Now, in just the couple months I've been following your guide, I have to get both my wedding ring and my anniversary ring resized down a size! If I hold my hands straight down at my sides, the rings will literally fall off my fingers. I'm going to scan and mail a copy of my bill which is one I definitely don't mind paying. I'm very excited in seeing the changes in myself in the coming new year. Thank you again.

Update #2

My doctor's appointment went great! He's very impressed by the weight I've lost. He says I'm much healthier, as my blood pressure is down to 110 over 80. I failed to ask him what it was before, but I know it must have been high as he was contemplating prescribing me medicine for high blood pressure. I went to the doctor in October weighing in at 221. 3 months later, I had dropped to 206. This time I weighed in at 184, and I'm now on a building phase as I hit my 175 goal weight! So in the last 6 months, I lost 31 lbs of fat, increased my calories, and gained an additional 9 lbs. I love this program! Thank you very much. I just ordered yesterday for my wife. She sees what the MuscleNOW program has done for me, and she wanted something for herself. I'm sure she'll enjoy it immensely. My brother in law is down from Washington. I haven't seen him since last 4th of July when my wife and I flew up there. He barely recognized me! He lifts a lot too, and he noticed the major difference.

Michael Minuth
Watsonville, CA

Building Muscle & Losing Fat Simultaneously!

"People compliment me daily on my new and bigger size.
It feels great to hear that from people."

Dear Francesco,

Thanks a lot for the help with the diet. Your guide has helped me to be able to eat the right things a lot easier. I just wanted to tell you that i have completed the 1-set week and that i am half-way through the 2-set week. To my surprise, i have achieved some pretty dramatic results as compaired to previous workout efforts before MuscleNow. I changed my mind about the muscle building fase and decided to go for fat-loss (i have done nothing but sit around and eat terribly this winter and it has really caught up to me.) Now, on the 2-set week i have started eating the recommended carbs and protein that you provided in your program. The fat on my stomach (my main concern) is really disappearing more and more each day. I really notice a difference each day i wake up. Also, my muscles in my chest and arms especially are responding very well to the workouts. I was a bit skeptical about your system at first but i am acheiving almost instant results with your system now. I have built such a great confidence with your system now. It feels so good to actually be able to trust the workout plan that you are partaking in. I cant wait to see what happens after i complete the first cycle, and then the second, and then on and on. I will let you know if i have any problems throughout my workouts. I also just wanted to thank you for being such a great help to me...its such a relief to have a workout program to follow that has an author that is truly worried about his customers' problems...I feel like i cant fail in my quest to be more muscular....

Update #1

Hey Francesco,

First of all i would like to thank you for your help w/my questions prior to me beginning the program. Other than that, i have great news. I have just recently completed the first 6 week cycle of MuscleNow. I haven't been measuring but i have achieved some pretty impressive results for my standards anyway. My arms and chest are really growing in size fast. People compliment me daily on my new and bigger size. It seems like everytime i go somewhere someone is telling me "Man, Seth have you been lifting weights? Your arms are really getting big." And let me tell you, It feels great to hear that from people. During the first cycle i really didnt notice much of a change in my strength and i was beginning to get worried that i wasn't doing the program right, but i really think that my muscles were just tired from adjusting to the new workload each week therefore not letting me see any strength results. However, this week i have just started the 2nd cycle and am now back on the 2-set week. Now i can really tell i have gotten a lot stronger. Here's a list of my strength accomplishments in just 6 weeks. These are workout weights, not max-out weights.


  • Bench Press: 135 lbs
  • Incline Dumbbell: 40 lbs
  • Dumbbell Curls: 35 lbs
  • Shoulder Press: 55 lbs
  • Squats: 225 lbs
  • Lat Pulldowns: 180 lbs

Six Weeks

  • Bench Press: 150 lbs
  • Incline Dumbbell: 50 lbs
  • Dumbbell Curls: 45 lbs
  • Shoulder Press: 75 lbs
  • Squats: 275 lbs
  • Lat Pulldowns: 220 lbs

With lat pulldown, i could do more but thats as high as the machine goes!!! Those are really the excercizes that i have really been keeping track of but on every single thing in the workout i have added a considerable amount of weight.

My weight fluctuates between 185-187...I started at 181 so i have gained some weight but i really think my fat levels are dropping a lot thanks to following the diet....(I used to eat way too much fast food and I really had more fat than i do now.) My abs are becoming more and more visible each week.

I am very happy with my results so far and now i am even more driven to continue the workouts in hopes of achieving even better improvements.

Thanks Alot for all your help Francesco.

I've never felt so confident and secure with a workout plan and without confidence in my workout i really dont have the full motivation to follow it. I have dealt with this lack of confidence with every workout plan i have tried until now....Thanks for making this fantastic guide to lifting weights and dieting....It really has made my life a lot better.

Thanks Alot,

Seth Latham
Monticello, KY

65 Year Old - "I'm impressed with my gains."

"Your guidelines are still the most effective,
common sense advise anywhere."


It's a refreshing presentation that I have the pleasure of following. I've been a student of bodybuilding for years but have not exerted the dedication or consistency necessary to achieve great results. I've always taken good care of my mind and body. Now, I'm retired and find time, daily, to pursue my goals, one of which is fine tuning what I have left to work with. I'm presently 62 years old and have no physical infirmities. Since studying your recommendatioms I must say I'm impressed with my gains. Diet + consistancy + reps to fail have made my workouts interesting and productive. I'm in the gym at most 50 min. Enough about me, just wanted to let you know how valuable your course has been to me.

Your program never ceases to move and motivate me each time I review its contents. I enjoy reading through, time and again, your theory and reasoning especially when I can use a "kick in the Proverbial gluteus maximums/minimus"

Update #1

Francesco, It's been awhile, Your guidlines are still the most effective ,common sense advise anywhere. I trust all is well with you and family. I past a milestone in May. I'm ,now, offically a member of Medicare. (65 yrs old qualifier).

Arthur Kibler, Age 65
Belews Creek, NC

"I am 65 years old and it works for me!"

"It is never too late to get in shape!"


I have had your course for a bit over two years now and while I have not been as diligent at following it as I should have, I can tell you that the times I did get serious and followed your instructions, I, as well as the regulars at the health club I attended, noticed the rapid results. Yes, when you follow the plan, it DOES work! The fact it works shouldn't be surprising but what is surprising is that I am 65 YEARS OLD and it works for me!

I am not necessarily trying to be a body builder at my age but am just trying to forestall and avoid the infirmities of aging that will, eventually, happen to us all. And I think that I have been pretty successful, too, when I look at many of those in my age group, and even younger; a lot younger, in some cases. I know I look and feel better, have maintained my balance and agility (which is a problem with many of us "seniors") and have continued a "zest" for life I find missing in many.

I do use the health club machines instead of free weights to avoid possible injury but, again, I am not looking to maximize muscle development.

I guess the message I would give to any "seniors" that might happen on your web site, is this: Get your doctor's approval, follow the "MuscleNOW" program at whatever level is appropriate for you and START!

It is never too late to get in shape!

D. Johnson, Age 65
Chisago City, MN

"Ignore the past and welcome to future results."

"It is, to me, more than a useful program."

Hi Francesco,

Here is my testimonial:

In March I decided to find a new body building program because I felt routine could no more bring me results I expected. Indeed the same excercises, same repetitions and the fact I did not respect any rest time were, to me, the reasons why I could not get expected level of muscle . I found your site and I said to myself why not!!! The program looked good, complete, written by a body builder (good news) and the testimonials of men who claimed the program is very effective. I could also see the pictures of men before the program and after. NOTHING TO ADD.

I orded the program and read it. With the online help service I could receive very quickly answers to misunderstandings.

I applied then at the gym club the program. The first thing I had to do was to forget what I heard before in the gym club. Indeed too many guys talk about body building, told me "you should do this", "you should do that" but actually they talked about body building without any true knowledges. It was just rumour, uncorrect information... . I had to stick to the program and to believe in what the author claimed.

In order to know if the program was good I had to perform the excercises according to the program. I chose program A with 5 taining sessions per weeks from Monday to Friday and started a cycle that includes 6 weeks.

My sessions lasted about 1h30 to maximum 2hours. With this new program I had to be very "programabiding" that is to say I had to fully respect the order of the excercises from the training chart (e.g the flat bench press first and the incline bench press then and not the contrary), to respect rest time which is to me very important - if I had to rest 1 minute it was 1 minute not 1minute and a half and I had to respect repetitions between 4-7 or 8-11. I also had to use the training charts which gave me the weight and the reps performed on 1st set of the previous trainig session. To avoid routine the cycle changed every week and every week I made two different group of muscle work. In the past I made each muscle work 1 time per week whici is in fact not enough and now I made them work two times per week.

This program and this method of training obliged me to be very organized and structured. I also had to weight food. In order to provide sufficient energy to my muscles and not to get fat I had to respect food intake in term of proteins and carbs. The program gives examples of meals, and gives me nutrition pieces of advice. In the past I tend not to eat the right quantity of proteins and I did not weight the quantity of food so I did not know if my body needed more or less energy.

The results: I had to stop a cycle for health reasons but then I started again the cycle and during that period of time I felt that muscle was growing and I realized the program fitted me well. For example my legs, back, buttock muscles and biceps grew rapidly compared with I did before (with the previous method of training) and I could see the reults in the mirror and I get dressed I realized some garnment were getting smaller! It was for me very encouraging.

In order to perform successfully and to get muscles I would say in a few words what you could read page 105 if you buy the program:

  • Consistency: you need to train frequently and correctly.
  • Patience: body building is a long term process. Do not thing you will look like Schwarzzy after on month of training. You will get muscle slowly (not as fast enough as you wish) but surely.
  • Read and stick to the program: the program has to be your "best friend" if you want to get muscle.
  • Respect food intake, in order to provide sufficient energy and proteins to your body (to get muscle and not fat).
  • Intensity.
  • Ignore the past and welcome to future results.

It is, to me, more than a useful program, it is MY PROGRAM, My roadmap, an inevitable program for those who want to get muscle and to transform their body ( to sum up:a very useful expense).

Julien Bourdil
Bergerac, France

"Everyone I knew asked me what supplement I was taking."

"You gave me a body that becomes more finely chiseled
each and every week."

Francesco Castano ruined my voice, and I'll explain why at the end of this true story. Months and months back, I was well into working out...psychologically. True, I was attempting all kinds of exercises (most centered on widely varied pushup and abdominal routines) yet I did not have a solid foundation on which to work. I was using a resistance gizmo for arms and shoulders, and to shape my abs I, and I confess it in writing here, used a product endorsed by a former sitcom star. Low I'd sunk indeed. All this however, was replaced with weight training. Ah yes, I'd discovered the wonder and benefits of old school iron pumping. The only problem remained which exercises to do? Which were most effective? I poured over paper (Muscle magazines) trying to piece together the ultimate workout. Then, after many dollars and many paper cuts, I found Francesco's MUSCLENOW. Francesco's system works. You will loose bodyfat, you will get bigger, you will get ripped. You will experience that surge of adrenaline and that wave of triumphant intensity when you crank out your last rep of your last set on a high set week (cycling, you'll read all about it). I don't endorse anything...ever. I don't wear company shirts, or hats with logos, I detest brand names. I'm endorsing Francesco because this past summer everyone I knew asked me what supplement (even steroid) I was taking. And they continued to ask me over and over, because they couldn't believe that I could've attained my physique NATURALLY, without buying any high-priced supplement advertised in the fitness mag guaranteeing fat loss or muscle gain in three weeks or your money back. Thus, I had to explain, over and over continually, that I was on no supplement, and that I needed no supplement, simply that I was on an incredible workout program. Yes, Francesco Castano gave me laryngitis, but he also gave me a body that becomes more finely chiseled each and every week. So I guess we're even.

Eric Chessen
Long Island, NY

"I've trained for almost 10 years and I was going nowhere fast."

"And here I thought I was a hard gainer.
I make gains every week.  This system works!"


I just wanted to let you know how much I am improving since getting MuscleNOW! I've trained for almost 10 years and I was going nowhere fast. Heavy Duty had me all screwed up thinking that less was more, but I wasn't getting any bigger. Hell I was "under training"! And here I thought I was a hard gainer. I make gains every week. I'm getting great pumps, even during the day I feel pumped. I hope you reach other bodybuilders who think they are overtraining. This system works!

You truly dispel the myths about bodybuilding and are helping hundreds of people in the process. If there's any way I can offer you some sort of help, let me know.

Shawn Manson
Cedar Rapids, IA

"Your program is exactly what I have been searching for!"

"There are so many useless body building programs...
yours is the best around."

Hi Francesco,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your excellent program. I have spent hundreds of pounds in the past, trying to get a better body (most of that went on EAS supplements!), and your program has answered all the questions I have ever needed to know. It's exactly what I have been searching for!

There are so many useless body building programs out there, people need to know that yours is the best around. I will recommend it to everyone I know!

Keep up the good work, you are the answer to all body builders prayers.

Benjamin John Hague
Tickenham North SOM, U.K.

"Thanks so much for a top rate product."

"I spent years struggling, trying all kinds of approaches,
but now I feel as though I have found the direction I needed."


I am so glad that I did not hesitate to order your course because by waiting I would have only been postponing making progress. I really appreciate the comprehensive nature of the course. You address all the pertinent aspects of the program fully. Also, you describe in the course some of the things that must be avoided that will lead to failure. I had made some of those mistakes before but thought that my failure was do to me personally just not having what it takes to succeed. It was so incredibly refreshing to hear someone else express having had the same difficulties, I no longer felt alone. And with the answers you give to deal with those problems, I now know how to avoid those setbacks.

I can tell by just reading through it that you know what you are talking about. I get a strong feeling that your advice is down-to-earth, borne of experience, without the hype. I have started into the program and am already seeing results! Thanks so much for a top rate product. I spent years and years struggling, trying all kinds of approaches, but now I feel as though I have found the direction I needed.

David B. Cox
Normal, IL

"Nothing has compared to your diet and workout plan."

"I can honestly say I have seen more results (quickly)
in 3 weeks then I have in 3 years."

I must say at first I was skeptical. I have been lifting weights for almost 3 years, I know that's not to long, but in those 3 years I have done every diet and supplement out there, and nothing has compared to your diet and workout plan, straight up bro thanks. I can honestly say I have seen more results (quickly) in 3 weeks then I have in 3 years.

David McCarroll
Mississauga ON, Canada

"Others who see me confirm my progress."

"I just completed the first 5 week cycle
and I have had great results."

Hello Francesco:

I just wanted to say thank you for the enlightenment and the help you gave me to start the program. I just completed the first 5 week cycle and I have had great results, and others who see me confirm my progress. I work out alone at home where I feel comfortable and thanks to your help you emailed me about the diet and routine repeatedly. Since I am blind I had a bit of trouble initially, but again your help got me going.

Louis Scrivani
Colonia, NJ

"I had succumbed to the bodybuilding magazine fraud."

"I'm finally starting to get out of the non-progress
that has had me stymied for so many years!"

I've been lifting for many years and had succumbed to the bodybuilding magazine fraud. More sets, more exercises, etc. I have to say that your course is the most comprehensive material on the subject that I've ever seen, and that's with over 20 years of bodybuilding experience! Now I'm finally starting to get out of the non-progress that has had me stymied for so many years!

All I can say is thank you!

Edward B. Jones
Marietta, GA

"I walked into our living room without my shirt on..."

"...and my wife lost her train of thought
in the middle of a sentence!"

I know the program is working because of something that happened sometime around the end of the first cycle or beginning of the second. I walked into our living room without my shirt on and my wife lost her train of thought in the middle of a sentence! What more could a guy ask for?

Homer Shoemaker
Lancaster, PA

"This is by far the best advice I have ever read."

"I am really excited about working out everyday
because I have already seen results."

Hi Francesco,

I am really excited about working out everyday because I have already seen results. This is by far the best advice I have ever read, and am extremely grateful for it.

Christopher M. Honstain
Allen Park, MI

"Your excellent diet and training cycles are amazing, and very easy to do."

"Best of all is that if I need any help or motivation
I got you as a personal trainer."

Dear Mr. Castano,

Your excellent diet and training cycles are amazing, and very easy to do, and the best of all is that if I need any help or motivation I got you as a personal trainer, thanks to you I got into my first bodybuilding contest.

Jose Alejandro Quiros
Miami, FL

"I am 57 years old and am making some nice progress."

"By far the best info on weight training and diet
that I have ever had the pleasure to read."

Mr. Castano,

I purchased your course last year and I went through the first 6 weeks and was quite impressed. The MuscleNOW course is by far the best, most informative info on weight training and diet that I have ever had the pleasure to read. I am 57 years old and you have taught me quite alot. I am now into my 4th week this time around, and am making some nice progress.

Thank you for your time...God Bless....And as we skydivers say.....Blue Skies......

Phillip P. Vassar Sr, Age 57
New Boston, OH

"My abs are looking great!"

"People began noticing the changes!"

Hi! My upper body is already becoming big and people began noticing the changes! My abs are looking great! I'm feeling great and looking great and my lower body is catching up too, especially my thighs and butt! Hard work is really starting to give me its rewards!! Thanks again!!!!!

Roberto Jose D. Celdran
Iligan City, Phillippines

"It is the single best program I have ever tried."

"I look bigger and stronger."

I follow your words like the Bible because I feel that it is the single best program I have ever tried. That is why I follow it wholeheartedly. My friends, new wife and family think I am out of my tree. They are then subsequently puzzled when they realize and comment that I look bigger and stronger. Go Figure!

Michael DePellegrin
Thornhill ON, Canada

"I have to thank you!!"

"In 4 weeks I have gained more in strength and muscle mass
than I did in 4 months previously!!"

I have to thank you!! About 2 years ago I was into a pretty good workout kick... I was working out 6 days/week but completely ignoring the nutrition aspects.... basically I was eating like crap (college life :) ... While I did eventually gain some muscle I have to say that in 4 weeks time on your plan I have gained more in strength and muscle mass than I did in 4 months previously!!

Thanks a bunch!

Steve Pelton, DVM
Katy, TX

Gains Muscle Mass & Loses Fat Simultaneously!

"Guys at work have been asking me
if I've been on steroids!"


First and foremost I would like to commend you on your wonderful training guide. Its exactly what I was looking for; a detailed step by step guide on how to really gain natural muscle mass and lose fat.

I've been training now for two years and although I have made some gains I have also gained a lot of fat as well. It's so frustrating when you've put so much effort into your workouts and then meeting someone you haven't seen for a year saying, " Nick, you've gained a some weight there I see. " It totally defeats the whole purpose of training. Your training hard in the gym and your friends are thinking that you have just been stuffing your face with doughnuts!

This was all due to the fact that I had no real concrete training guide. I had previously bought so many bodybuilding books and magazines and studied them religiously. However, I still had no clear system of training that I could be confident was going to work. So I'd kind of hit a brick wall and had almost given up in frustration.

That was until I came across your web site. Your guide has given me the real no nonsense information on how to achieve results. The information contained in your program is exactly the information I was looking for and it answered all my questions. This information I had failed to find in other books and magazines. Which I am now realizing to be so much nonsense information with selfish motives behind it rather than real tried and tested information, which has been given to benefit bodybuilders.

For example one article I had read advised that anyone who was a vegetarian would never be able to make serious muscle gains as a test proved that meat consumption was essential in gaining muscle mass. Me being a lacto vegetarian found this very discouraging. I then found out that Bill Pearl and also Al Beckles were strict vegetarians and they had 21 inch arms! I cant believe people are allowed to write so much rubbish.

I would just like to say how grateful I am to your training guide, it gives a complete guide, and HONEST information without all the rubbish you find in other guides which flood you with information you don't really want to know and fail to give you the information you want to know. I just feel sorry for the new bodybuilders out there who have no real guide to training.

But here comes the real proof. Since being on your program I have made some serious gains in muscle mass while achieving leanness at the same time. Guys at work have been asking me if I've been on steroids! This is while I have been on a restricted caloric diet, as I have needed to loose some body fat. I cant wait until I start increasing calories I'm really looking forward to the gains i will make.

Your advice on sticking to one or two basic movements instead of lots of varied ones is really working. Just sticking to flat and incline bench press my chest is really growing! My chest was a real problem area. I knew your advice made sense but the proof speaks for itself.

Your knowledge of training and diet is very advanced and it is invaluable to all natural bodybuilders out there. I would recommend your program to anyone!

All I can say is thank you so much! I'm just so grateful.

Nicholas Webb
London, England

"I have made great advances in the shape of my body."

"Your program replaced my personal trainer
which cost me much, much more."

Hello Francesco,

I would like to thank you for this program. I have made great advances in the shape of my body in a very short amount of time. Your program replaced my personal trainer which cost me much, much more.

Gary Johnson
Ft Lauderdale, FL

"I have gained some of the best results by following your suggestions."

"People I know come up to me
and ask me what supplements I've been taking."

Hello Francesco,

My name is Marko and I have gained some of the best results by following your suggestions. I lost the water weight from taking creatine and people I know come up to me and ask me what supplements I've been taking it's a great feeling.

Marko Hijar
El Paso, TX

"You can't imagine how cool it is to be able to ask you questions."

"The money I spent to buy this program from you
is by far the best money I've ever spent."

Hello Francesco,

First off, I'd just like to say that you, sir, are a genius. How you ever managed to figure out both the perfect training methods and the perfect carbohydrate/protein ratios is a mystery. And as far as I'm concerned, the money I spent to buy this program from you is by far the best money I've ever spent. Over the years since I bought your course, I've used Plans C and D at different times, and I've experienced miraculous gains from both. You can't imagine how cool it is to be able to ask you questions.

Anyway, thank you, Francesco. You're the best!

Jim Mackey
Brookhaven, PA

"Been using the system for mass gains and am very impressed."

"Yours is the BEST
and most clearly thought-out system I've seen."

Hi Francesco,

Been using the system for mass gains and am very impressed. I've read and tried stuff by Ian King, Charles Staley, Charles Poliquin, et al. and yours is the BEST and most clearly thought-out system I've seen, and this is coming from a guy who has read almost everything out there on the subject and tried quite a few of them. Count me as another very satisfied customer.

Jack Sampson
Mercer Island, WA

Mom Is Happy That Her Children Are Pursuing Natural Results

"I have seen such a dramatic change in his body
as well as his emotional well being."

I just wanted to thank you for your program. My youngest son saw an ad in a muscle magazine and asked me to buy your program as a Christmas present. I was very skeptical. I don’t like buying things on the internet. But he begged and promised he would follow through with the program. I was still skeptical. But I thought it might be what he needed to get his life back on track. He was an excellent athlete a few years back before he went under a surgeon’s knife that left his equilibrium out of "whack" and his hearing compromised. His life began a downward spiral that lasted for 4 years. Within the past 3 months I have seen such a dramatic change in his body as well as his emotional well being, that I just had to thank you. He and his older brother are very dedicated to "working" your program. They both have most of their friends, now going to the gym and working out. To see my 17-year-old and my 21-year-old sons choosing exercise and good nutrition over all of the other negative options in life makes a mom’s heart beat with a gratitude that you can’t imagine. Thanks.

Pam Nelson
Prior Lake, MN

"I have been very impressed with the results."

"It's almost strange having to adjust to feeling
all this new mass on me, and I am a vegan."

Hello Francesco, just thought I'd drop you a quick note. I've been on your program for two months, and have been very impressed with the results. I haven't followed it all to a "T" like I wish I could but, I've now got about as much muscle as I've ever had in my life. It's almost strange having to adjust to feeling all this new mass on me.

Also, I am a Vegan, so have been using pretty much just the soy products.

Ryan Van Denburgh
Walla Walla, WA

"Thanks for the great program!"

"I am already seeing great results
in both appearance and strength."

Thanks for the great program! I ordered it over a year ago, but have really been using it consistantly in the last month or so. I am already seeing great results in both appearance and strength so I figured I would just contact you and thank you for all the hard work you must have put into this program.

Paul McCaghren
Memphis, TN

"The nutrition program is outstanding."

"Thanks again for giving me hope."

I have spent 3 years losing weight and gaining weight, trying what every supplement out there. Never have i felt so comfortable in my own skin until i found the internets natural steroid. With the help of Francesco my confidence in and out side the gym has boosted. I've just started my second week and though what i have written sounds corny i can't express how great it feels to know your getting somewhere with your workouts and the nutrition program is outstanding. Thanks again for giving me hope.

Scott Bradley
Salt Lake City, UT

"Your program captures bodybuilding in its entirety."

"I have had fantastic results."

I purchased you MuscleNOW program six months ago. After carefully reading it and working out my diet I began the program nearly five months ago and must say I have had fantastic results. I was very optimistic before I read your program but all my negative thoughts have well and truly been squashed.

Your program captures bodybuilding in its entirety. I now see the way I eat and train as a way of life, not just a hobby. I had previously been training 2 years, much of it as wasted time !!

I am now in the process of fulfilling a dream and something I never thought I could do and thats compete as a natural bodybuilder with the INBA federation as a novice.

thanks heaps,

Cameron Johnson
Melbourne, Australia

"You have the only system that works as far as I am concerned."

"You have made my life a lot easier
and have enabled me to reach my goals."

First let me thank you for the effort you put into this. You have made my life a lot easier and have enabled me to reach my goals. It is obvious the Lord used you, and He led me to your web sight. I am 28, and have been in and out of the work out scene for 13 years. I averaged 155lbs at 6-0 tall. I have had only minimal results using creatine and it affected my kidneys. I have never seen enough results to keep me motivated. Just weeks after starting your system, people started noticing my arms getting bigger and my shoulders. Any way thank you. You have the only system that works as far as I am concerned, I have tried numerous supplements, and none ever did what they said, even through consistant work outs.

Again, Thank you.

Andy Lawrence
Columbus, MS

"I changed my physique and my look greatly."

"I did get a lot of comments."

I should probably also take this opportunity to give you a thank you. I followed your program to the letter for about 6 months. the only exception was that I simply could not eat the required amount of food. Whilst I did not get huge gains in muscle size I did get a lot of comments. In fact I was walking down the street and someone stopped me and asked me if I was a triathlete. And my friend who played first class rugby league for ten years and was a personal trainer told me he simply could not believe how fit I looked and what was I doing?

In short, whilst I did not put on more that about 4kg it did change my physique and my look greatly which I am very pleased with.

Paul Jones
Sydney, Australia

"I have totally transformed my physique."

"I look in the mirror sometimes
and I can hardly believe I'm looking at myself."

What can I say, we need more people like you in the world today who strive to do things the right way without falling victim to quick fixes and easy ways out that are often dumb and dangerous. I remember when I was just getting into working out I badly wanted to improve my physique not too particularly be the biggest guy but just so I could fill out my clothes better and be in better shape. I initially bought the so called fitness and bodybuilding magazines but I was just dumbfounded by the way they all tried to convince me in order to be in shape I had to take one drug or supplement or the other. I vowed that if I couldn't achieve a solid physique using the natural food products God himself placed on this Earth then it wasn't worth it and I would happily remain as God had made me. So I just continued to work out and eat good solid balanced meals but with no really outstanding results, as I continued to search for a program that was legit which, for some reason, I was so sure existed somewhere out there one day I decided to search the internet and BAM! I found your Muscle Now site. I was blown away by the honesty and passion with which you talked about your program and I could relate immediately because I was so unconvinced by the whole drug and supplement crazed magazines out there, and there my journey began. Your program has helped me achieve all that I wanted and more and to be honest I haven't even been able to stick directly to it 100% but just by putting the basic ideas and principles together and doing the best I could with what I have I have totally transformed my physique. I look in the mirror sometimes and I can hardly believe i'm looking at myself your program was worth every single cent and I will stick to it for as long as I'm on this Earth because I know every single rep and set and second I'm in the gym is going to give me results because of your total program. So THANK YOU! God definitely answered my prayers through you.

Udoka Onyekwe
Surrey, United Kingdom

"Nothing produces gains in muscle size and strength like MuscleNOW."

"I wish this routine was around years ago."

Carl Canfield builds muscle mass naturally with MuscleNOW

Hi Francesco,

I've been bodybuilding for 25 years and having done pretty much every routine possible, yours is the best. I like how you cycle sets so you're constantly increasing the intensity and I like the rep ranges also. I honestly believe your routine works, as I haven't been this excited about a bodybuilding program in years. You have everything structured very well.

MuscleNOW rules the roost as far as training routines go you have it all in one routine - low, medium, high sets, higher reps, lower reps, and you even throw in the intensity principles to top it off. So your constantly manipulating the muscles. Back in the day it was just going heavy all the time even when I had injuries, so I wish this routine was around years ago as I would have gotten better results and suffered a lot less joint issues, anyway bro have a good weekend

Update #1

Hey Francesco,

I have trained in most routines, even HIT, Heavy Duty, and got no muscle size or strength. When I did HIT about 5-10 years ago I don't know how one could get strong because Mentzer had his clients, (my friend included) doing the reps "super slow" to supposedly trigger the "growth mechanism" in the body. Whatever!!? I can honestly say I have made more gains in muscle mass and strength using the MuscleNOW system than any other routine, and as I've mentioned before I've trained like Arnold, Franco (who are my bb idols) Yates, Mentzer you name it I've trained in it and nothing produces gains in muscle size and strength like MuscleNOW.

Carl Canfield
Livonia, MI

"Your program is absolutely second to none."

"Lots of compliments."

Your program is absolutely second to none. I have been following it for close to 2 months now and I have seen some amazing results already.

Lots of complements also, I sing on a worship team at my church, and one Sunday I was wearing a form fitting shirt and many people let me know how great I looked. I have not been following the diet as strictly as I should be, but am getting a lot better.

Thanks again,

Chad Slater
Lethbridge AB, Canada

"In 1 week your program has shown me more than in the past 10 years."

Timothy Daley from Stockton, CA

Your program has already, in the first week, shown me more than I have learned in the past 10 years.

Timothy Daley
Stockton, CA

"This was the best bodybuilding investment I could have ever made."

"I would have paid thousands for your program."

Hi Francesco,

I haven't spoken to you in a while. Hope you are doing well.

I have been a customer of yours for a few years now, and I would just like to say that I am still following your program religiously. I am definitely still making gains. This was the best bodybuilding investment I could have ever made. Had I known at the time that I would be where I am today, I would have paid thousands for your program, and more importantly, for all of your advice.

We have discussed many different topics in the past relating to general health, not just bodybuilding, and I thank you very much for your time.

Astoria, NY

"Even after just 2 weeks, I have already been able to turn heads."

"I have never come across such a well-written
and brilliantly structured nutrition plan."

Greetings from Brunei Darussalam. When I received the MuscleNow training manual, I can't tell you how extremely excited I was, and I wasted no time in reading it.

Wow! Talk about a boat- load of valid bodybuilding information! Your training program has everything I ever wanted to know, and has definitely more than all those muscle building training programs that I have invested before. They're very clear and easy to follow and to comprehend too. Some of the information in the training manuals I purchased in past were valid though as they did provide me with some result but lack in other areas which are quite crucial for the drug-free builders, such as nutrition. They are either incomplete or totally don't make any sense! But your nutritional program has, by far, surpassed every single bit of the hundreds of bodybuilding nutrition theories that I have ever come across!

The nutritional information that you outline in your MuscleNow training manual is unique and one of its kind. I have never come across such a well-written and briliantly structured nutrition plan. It helps me clear, if not all, but most of the confusion over the diet issue, and you pretty well know it that this is one area in bodybuilding which is the most debated and confused topic in the fitness community. Finally, my long search for the prefect and personalised nutritional plan is over.

Even after just training for 2 weeks, I have already been able to grasp attention and turn heads, especially among gym mates and few young iron-pumpers in the local gym where I train. Some of them, even don't say a word about what they see, but you know you can tell that they notice something different about you from the looks on their faces. Of course, the progress I've made thus far is still on a small scale, and I believe I'm still far from maxing out in terms of my personal muscular development (God knows how much muscle building potential He has in store for me) But with God's grace and your training aid, I strongly believe I will make a whole lot of muscle- packing pounds faster and larger than anything esle that I have ever tried before (judging from the amount of progress made and the rate at which it is going). So, keep your head up and e-mail checked, and be on look out for a guy from Brunei Darussalam in weeks or few months to come, whose bodybuilding gains stem solely, genuinely and legitimately from the MuscleNow training system.

Well, let's not get too excited, shall we. I am a type of person who gets easily turned up especially anything that concerns bodybuilding training and diet information which is truly effective and revolutionary.

Yours Truly,

Jeffery B Maharip
Brunei Darussalam

"I have never been in better shape after using your program."

"It's a pleasure to finally buy something
where the author is honest in what they say."

I just wanted to say a few things and also ask a question. As I stated in my last email, I bought your program when I was 26 yrs old. I have never been in better shape after using your diet, weight lifting, and cardio program. All three together, with consistency work like nothing I have ever seen. Its a pleasure to finally buy something where the author is honest in what they say. Your program is a God send.

Christopher Hanlon
Danbury, CT

"Creatine, what a bunch of crap!!!!"

"I've already noticed more gains without supplements
than I had in the 16 years previous."

Hello Francesco, Jim Turnbo III here. I bought you program last month. I have been on it for about 3 weeks now and noticed some gains in my chest, legs and arms. My body adapts to things quickly even I just turned 36 today. I've kept it simple in the early stages by following your meals as printed in the program everyday with very little alterations. I've already noticed more gains in these "Supplement Free" days than I had in the 16 years previous.

I look forward to getting into the members forum and see what other clients have to say about their results. I must say Francesco, I have a new passion and focus on bodybuilding. I never really looked like a Bodybuilder and still have a long way to go. But I now see the light approaching, even if it took me to my late thirties to get there...it's worth it. The muscle fullness I felt just from eating the increased amounts of proper food was unbelievable......Creatine, what a bunch of crap!!!! All I wanna do is eat and hit the gym right now.

Thanks for the great information, and God Bless,

Jim Turnbo III
South Bend, IN.

"Finally thanks to your program, I am muscular and defined!"

"I have been frustrated for years."

I have been involved in weight training for 13 years and I went through all of the stages of being skinny, fat and now finally thanks to your program, Muscular and Defined! I am only thankful because I have been frustrated for years.

Art Pulido
Los Banos, CA

"I started off as an extremely skinny hard gainer."

"I had the power to increase my measurements
on a weekly basis without any supplements."

I started off as an extremely skinny hard gainer. I tried many of the top  programs from the Internet, from books and from magazines. Nothing worked for  me. Until I tried MuscleNow that is. I gained week after week and I had the  measurements to prove it. No expensive supplements. Just the MuscleNow diet and  workout. With use of this program I had the power to increase my measurements on  a weekly basis, without the use of any supplements. I also gained a huge  amount of strength. Many people have asked me what I'm taking. I  just point them to MuscleNow. Thanks Francesco, you have been a tremendous  help.  With your program, the best thing is I feel I am able to do what ever I want with my  physique. Be it gain muscle, lose fat or both. I plan on sending more pictures  to show how my physique is developing.

James Brindley
London, UK

Gains 30 Pounds While Increasing Strength & Reducing Body Fat!

"I experienced the largest gains
in size and strength in my life."

I'm 5'11 and genetically predisposed to be lanky/skinny with proportionally long arms and legs.  I started your program at about 160 lbs and "skinny fat".  I peaked out at about 190-195 lbs with single digit body fat after using your program for close to two years.  My strength increased also...probably could max bench press a little over 200 at the time I started and eventually got up just over 300 lbs. 

Several life changes to include marriage, children, and moves have kept me from the musclenow program for the last three years.  I have tried short cuts (never steroids!), experimented with supplements, and played with numerous workouts.  I will say without hesitation that after many many months on your program I experienced the largest gains in size and strength in my life.  Now, as I approach 35 yrs old I have found a renewed vigor to pack on the muscle once again.  Interestingly, as I re-read your system I have found that many of the habits I formed during the musclenow program are still with me today.  I look forward to incorporating the full program once again.

Amazingly, as I've started to grow out of my youth I've come to truly appreciate the underlying philosophies that resonate in the musclenow program.  Whether you meant it or not, it truly is a program built around teaching sound principals that allow for success in life.  Hard work, discipline, perseverance, and a long term vision are but a few.  All to often in our "must have it all and must have it now" society we fail to realize and teach our youth the value in these simple principals.  The best things in life, the truly intrinsic rewards, come from our blood, sweat, and tears.  A sound body makes for a sound mind -- your safe, natural, and disciplined approach to reaching our fitness goals can be applied in our life endeavors.  Kudos.  

On a personal note I wanted to extend my gratitude.  Annually, about 1% of Air Force combat pilots are selected to attend the highly prestigious Test Pilot School at Edwards AFB, CA.  In late 2005 I applied for acceptance to this school.  Your program helped give me the confidence to apply, compete, and eventually be selected for this honor.  I had spent almost 2 years on your program prior to this application process and found myself more focused, disciplined, fit, and ready to throw my name in the hat for such a challenge.  Of course God had blessed me with a decent amount of natural talent as well.  But again, I thank you.  Next on the agenda is the astronaut program; maybe after several months of musclenow I'll be ready for that challenge;) 

God has truly blessed me.  My greatest testimony is a 45 min speech that I give about the numerous miracles that the Lord worked in order to save my wife and daughter during an emergency c-section.  It was truly the most unbelievable experience of my life and in this particular case His work was so blatantly obvious at every critical juncture that even the doctors and nurses were amazed and even unbelievers had to pause and take note of His power.

Anway, gotta run, God Bless.

Major James W. Stahl
USAF Test Pilot

"Of everything I have tried, nothing has ever given me these results."

"I was growing and trimming up at the same time.
Most people don’t think that this is possible."

I graduated high school in 13 years ago weighing 145 at 6’1”.  I started lifting because I was tired of being that sickly looking guy.  My thought process was get big with out gaining weight. I tried to eat only what I needed to not be hungry. As I lifted weights usually the same old 3 sets of 8 reps without eating enough I never really got any where.  I then started loosing interest and found myself missing the gym more than I was there.  I did this for about 4 years.  9 years ago I weighed about 175 and being disgusted with little to no results I started the regular bulking up training.  With this type of training I made very large gains unfortunately most of which was in my waist. I hated the fact that I had to gain all this weight to get stronger but from what I heard and had experienced this was the only way to get where I wanted.  Everyone that I talked to was like EAT!!! And then eat some more.  Also they said to take supplements.  I did this and then trained the same way as before 3 sets 8 reps. I didn’t really like it but this was working in theory.  I jumped up in weight to about 230 and my strength was a great deal better but I was still unhappy with the way I looked.  After all the reason I was doing all of this work was to look good, getting bigger and be stronger.  I still worked hard at this for about 2 years thinking it was the only way. Then I started looking at all of the resources I could find for something better. 

One day I was on the web and I came to the musclenow.com website. At first I was a little skeptical, but the more I read and when I got to the testimonial from you Francesco Castano your story, it sounded so much like what I had been through and tried that I figured I had to give it a shot. After all I had wasted that kind of money on all of the supplements over the years.  So I ordered your program 6 years ago. I took the time to read it over a few times and it was very easy to understand and it makes sense.  I started doing what you said in the program I changed the way I worked out cycling reps going to failure and the biggest thing was the diet, eating the right foods at the right times.  In just a few months I started to see results. I was losing the waist I hated and still retained, even gained the strength that I wanted.  In fact I had been asked many times what I was using and if I was doing anything illegal.  I was growing and trimming up at the same time.  Most people don’t think that this is possible, but I think that is because they are not really willing to give the 110% to do it.  I used your training method for about 3 years and I was extremely happy with the results.  Out of everything that I have tried nothing has ever given me these results and no regrets.

Three years ago my wife and I decided to build our house on our own. I took off a little more than a year from training.  In doing this I have gained some of those hated inches back around the waist.  Things have finally slowed down for me so I am jumping back on the wagon and I will be hitting it hard again so that I can regain that trimmed up look and feeling that I had enjoyed.  The only reason I tell you this is because I feel that everyone needs to know that you have to stick with it and change your way of life to enjoy all of the benefits of this training.  Also I think that the only way for me to get the results back that I had is through the ways Francesco Castano talks about in his program.  Follow his system and trust me you will not be disappointed or lead astray.

Jeff Tuttle
West Virginia
"You get what you pay for."

"This program really works, I'd recommend it to anyone."

I have been following the MuscleNOW program for a number of years now and have experienced great results.  I am not someone who is interested in leading a 'Body Builders' lifestyle and certainly not interested in competing.  I am a normal guy who simply wanted to look fit and athletically muscular.(and look good on the beach too!). Francesco's program delivered exactly what I was after.  In short, I found that whilst there are many types of programs out there, you get what you pay for.  Be disciplined and follow the instructions and advice and you will get the results you desire, whatever they may be - it's that simple. This program really works, I'd recommend it to anyone.

Steve Brooks
Southend-on-Sea, UK

"I'm on week 4 and my results are outstanding."

"I am making better progress on your plan
than I've made on anything so far."

Dear Francesco,

I'm on week 4 right now and am making better progress on your plan than I've made on anything so far. I've had your program for about 8 years, when I first got it I remember going through a cycle before I had to commit to the football weightroom and the coaches plan, and I remember going from benching 145 to 190 in 6 weeks time... and then I get on the coaches program for about 8 months and I only got up to 205.

I actually tore my acl that season and got on your program again for a quick minute after I got surgery and did pt and my leg press built itself back up quickly. But all that is neither here nor there because I've never been able to stick to a program and up until now I'd been in limbo between workout philosophies because I sometimes had a lack of dedication and I gave in so many times to these programs and diets that ultimately wouldn't work out for me.

Anyways, as I said I'm on week 4 and my results are outstanding. On another diet program that required no workout, I lost alot of weight but most of it was muscle. The gimmick was that I could lose 9 pounds every 11 days. I did lose 9 pounds every 11 days like it said, but only about 3-4 of those pounds were fat. I lost so much muscle, as I started out weighing about 281 and I got down to around 210.

When I was 281, 200 pounds of that was muscle, as I use a bodyfat analyzer that is pretty accurate.

Well, after I got down to around 210, I found out that I had 158 pounds of muscle and 52 pounds of fat. I only lost about 30 pounds of fat. 50 pounds of muscle was lost.

All I was eating everyday was maybe 700 or 800 calories. I had next to no protein and I was very hungry. I was drinking alot of water, and even through fruits and vegetables are good for you, they shouldn't be the base of your diet.

I quit this diet around december, and didn't workout or eat right... and as I went back to eating like I used to, my weight went up to 240.

I gained about 10 pounds of that muscle back when my weight went back up, but now I had gained back 20 of the 30 pounds that I had lost.

So ultimately, this diet lost me 10 pounds of fat and lost me 30 pounds of muscle.

Well, I started your program full speed and since then I've gained 10 pounds of muscle and lost about 5 pounds of fat.

It probably would be ALOT more fat but the thing is, I'm not following the diet as welll as I should be. I'm getting the protein and carbs that I need to get for a 2500 calorie diet, but I'm cheating on my diet everyday by eating a normal dinner where I don't count any carbs or protein and drinking a coke or 2.

On top of that, I'm not doing cardio. I'm doing high intensity interval training twice a week because I'm trying to slowly make every single aspect of the musclenow lifestyle a habit.

I believe that after this cycle I'll be able to drop my cheating ways and start doing real cardio...

But the results of your program so far have been outstanding.

The strength I lost doing that 9 pounds in 11 days diet has come back FAST.  just a few months ago I could only bench 185 about twice. Right now 185 feels very light and I use it on 8-11 rep weeks, getting it for about 10 usually.

Everything else is going up really fast, too.

Anyway Francesco,I will soon be able to do your program in full force.

No cheating and 5 days of cardio. When I start that I know that these last 40 pounds of fat I want to lose will fall of quick, and I'll have good testimonials that you can put on the site with pictures, hopefully sporting abs. I know I'll sport abs with your program, but I am slightly fearful of excess skin around my midsection, which I will get removed.

I will surely be on your program for the rest of my life because I now realize how good it can get if you do it right, and how easy it can be. how much better i feel now than how I felt when I didn't workout and ate garbage all day.

If I don't get abs because of the excess skin, I plan on getting surgery to remove it and when I start gaining mass on your plan, I will have the 6 pack and I will send you pictures for your site.

Thank you for your contribution to my life and many others Francesco, you've made a *HUGE* difference in many, many lives.

Tony Lewis
St. Albans, WV
"I was skeptical at first..."

"Your program is incredible."

When I first began your program I was skeptical but after close to 3 weeks in using your diet and exercises it's incredible. Every tv ad you see is a gimmick on just 20 minutes and you will look like that guy performing the exercises. That's impossible and that's why people get discouraged and they just quit. It takes commitment and believe me I hated working out before using this and now I'm looking forward every morning to doing it. I'm not sore and I am even more productive because of it. You just have to commit yourself. I know people who did the p90x and they achieved very little results. Yours however is just traditional lifting and maintaining a good diet to give you energy. My arms are getting bigger and it's not just a pump after the workout. It's actual mass that stays with you. Your program is incredible.

Sent from my iPhone

Tyler Schofield
Philadelphia, PA

Gains 28 Lbs

"The very BEST muscle building program ever."

I bought and used this program about 8 years ago. I went from 154 pounds to 182 pounds in 3 1/2 months! 19 pounds was pure muscle while the remaining 9 pounds was fat.

Co-workers were convinced I was using steroids - a major compliment since I was all natural. My wife could not believe how thick my leg muscles had become and I had a few double takes catching my own reflection in dept store windows.

The details are easy to understand but really require 100% intense effort. After the first 3 1/2 months I was spent. It took a few more months before I was ready to give 100% again. In the meantime I was able to give about 75% effort. I measure effort in terms of intensity when lifting to failure on the safe to do sets, i.e., I have a smith machine with safety bars and can go all out while working alone. I would never go to failure without a trusted spotter or the right equipment.

The MuscleNow website looks too good to be true - a real gimmicky looking page of before and after photos of real people. The price is steep but nothing compared to the cash spent on fitness/muscle supplements. Worth the cost and then some for a dramatically changed body. I have tried about 5 other internet programs. Some have been good but none compare to the simplicity of the MuscleNow book. Still, despite the simplicity, I re read the book a few times and kept it handy as a reference to make sure I was doing everything correctly. Good for males or females. Email support included.

You program truly has been the best I have ever used. I am thankful for finding your program and the knowledge it brought me.

Jarrod Marshall
Mississauga, ON, Canada
Gains Over 70 Lbs Of Muscle Mass!

"The one thing that makes his manual
priceless is the lifetime support."

Gain muscle mass testimonial by Raheel Khan

It has been 1 year of training and I must say the results have now started to speak for themselves. I am becoming huge, I mean when i flex my bicep and chest the entire shape of the muscles are visible even with the shirt etc.

I must say i am so turned on with the mass building stage that i did not even started the fat cutting phase yet. The trainers in the gym are asking me what supplements i am using etc and when i am doing my sets they quietly go through my workout chart and weight chart that you have provided me. I mean each day I am keeping on adding weight, I mean the strenght etc are just sky rocketing each time. I must say the results took a bit time but now they are comming at a great pace. Soon I am going to send you a picture you will be surprised, I mean i started at 55 kgs and now I am 70 plus kgs in a year.

Update #1

I want to say that if you remember around 8-10 years back when my sister ordered the manual for me from london. I was 55 kgs mostly fat and now i am 90 + kgs with around 9-10 % body fat. ALL NATURAL.

I remember there were days when i started out, i used to be on my knees and in tears because my mind wanted to give up but the heart wanted to continue always, that is when i always emailed you for motivation and you did that for me always. You will not believe me but when i felt i cannot do it, I always made printout of your emails for motivation. Sometime i secretly even took the printouts to the gym this is when i started out. The motivation made the difference because i knew it was coming from a top bodybuilder who is natural and not from some foolish so called bodybuilder. I started believing in my self.

Honestly speaking i always wanted to go hard and never believed in cycling the diet like going down 500 calories etc. I felt this was foolish. I mean i always felt you want to grow big then you have to eat big. I always had questions about your manual.

However i came to my senses when i hired a pro bodybuilder from the US for online diet and consultation. He gave me the same theory and i the felt that francesco know his job. However when i realized this my pocket was 900 dollars lighter, thanks to the pro bodybuilder consultation which went on for nearly 1 month.

All and all I just want to say there are no shortcuts. I used Francesco Castano's program to build the solid base and foundation for around 3 years and now i have modified it to my own. However the base foundation remains the same.

The one thing that makes his manual priceless is the lifetime support. I mean i remember asking almost everything. I think most of my questions always missed the target and were based on some foolish questions other than bodybuilding most of the times, like dangerous anabolics etc. he always replies back.

This is a 5 year transformation all natural with a lot of blood and sweet. Remember these are raw pics no fancy lights and no fancy camera.

God Bless.

Raheel Khan
Mumbai, India

Husband and Wife Gain Muscle Mass

"We appreciate the help and
great advice THAT WORKED!"

Muscle Building and Fat Loss by Adrian Payne and Wife

We appreciate the help and great advice THAT WORKED!

Adrian David Payne
Hermitage, TN

50 Years Old & In Awesome Shape With MuscleNOW!

"At the age of 50 I was in the best shape
still putting on muscle."

John gains muscle mass at 50 with MuscleNOW

I have been weight training since my early 20's, I've tried many different routines and programs but they all seem to have the same result after a short time, I would hit that wall where it seemed like there was no progress anymore. Again I thought I would try something new and purchased MuscleNOW, for me, the most amazing aspect of this routine is that I have never hit that wall. At the age of 50 I was in the best shape, still putting on muscle and was the strongest I have ever been in my life. The wall was broken and there was consistent change month after month that was not only felt, but able to be seen. This is the best program I have ever tried and would never change to another one. Another thing that is great about it, is that it is built to give maximum results in a short period of time in the gym, no more 2 hour workouts with nothing to show for it, some days I'm only in there for 30 minutes and at the max I'm there for 75 depending on the schedule, and for me, no matter if it is the 30 minute workout or the 75 minute workout, the results are the same, AMAZING!

Northern VA

Gains 44 Lbs Of Muscle Mass Naturally!

"I gained an average of about
2 lbs per week in muscle."

Peter gains 44 lbs of muscle mass naturally

I have been on and off weights ever since I was 12 years old trying to gain weight. Many told me that it is fated to my genetics and impossible. I tried many techniques. I'm not kidding. I tried reading through all the bodybuilding articles I can find online from various very well known sites. But the problem is, every one has a different opinion. Everyone is telling you to do high reps, low reps, 1 rep and so on. I tried everything. From 1 hour in the gym to 3 hours in the gym. Everything with a goal. To gain muscle.

Finally I gave up trying and I found MuscleNOW. I don't know how I came across it and like most people I thought it was some sort of scam. But then again to have so many wonderful testimonies and so many back up reviews I was thinking what's the harm in trying it out? He gives a money back guarantee anyway. And once I got my copy, it blew my mind how simple muscle building can be. It is a VERY powerful piece of information I was trying years to figure out! The techniques are so straight forward that anybody will be able to do them and after which I gained an average of about 2 lbs per week in muscle (healthy weight). Every time I had question, I email Francesco and he will be sure to send me a LONG LONG LONG email to make sure I understand what to do.

After trying out MuscleNOW, I'm telling you I realised that I could gain weight in muscle mass! And this program taught me how. A serious must have for anyone hoping to gain muscle and shed that belly fat.

Oh and not to mention, after reading MuscleNOW, I ASSURE you that you will have enough information to start your own personal training service too. It is THAT comprehensive! A lot of the things mentioned in this program are things not even personal trainers know about!! Thanks so much Francesco for your help in not only changing body shape, but changing lives too.

Peter Nguyen
San Jose, CA

"MuscleNOW has done wonders for my life."

"My sincere thanks to Francesco and his program."

Chris Edwards-Wood builds muscle mass, burns fat and gains strength with MuscleNOW

Francesco's MuscleNOW bodybuilding program has done wonders for my life. It has turned me from a fat lazy alcoholic into a physically fit, confident go-getter! Just six months ago I started the program and I've noticed a world of difference not only to my physical health, but more importantly to my mental well-being. This program is not easy, but through example it has taught me the value of discipline and hard work in order to achieve a goal. I am currently striving to become a firefighter and I can honestly say that without MuscleNOW I would not have been able to pass my Fireman's Physical agility test, which involves for example wearing a 75 lbs vest and climbing stairs for 3.5 minutes! I could not have passed the test without this program.

Also this past week I helped the local pastor and his wife move everything in his house. Homemade oak furniture, 400 lbs pianos, and all. I was asked if I could help and what popped in to my head was, "My time to shine!" Whereas if you'd asked me to help before I started using MuscleNOW, I would have thought of possibly faking my own death to avoid the situation all-together.

So what once would have seemed a daunting task instead became an easy endorphin-filled rush for me. I urge all healthy men and women out there to run and lift weights to strengthen our bodies so that the mountains whose peaks seemed once too high to climb will instead become your next goal to stake a victory flag! Anyways, the pastor's husband could not thank me enough and I felt like a hero for those 3 days.

The program has also convinced me to stop smoking cigarettes to make my running easier, and I also don't touch alcohol at all during the 5 days a week when I work out. I could go on and on about the side-benefits which surfaced that were completely unknown to me at the time, but for now I'd just like to give my sincere thanks to Francesco and his program for all the wonderful things it has done for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

P.S. I'm benching 270 lbs for 8 reps now, and I feel great lifting that at only 5'7''.

Chris J. Edwards-Wood
Alameda, CA

"MuscleNOW 100% delivers on exactly what it says."

"With MuscleNOW, you can make your goals whatever you wish."

Ron Kraft builds muscle mass naturally with MuscleNOW

My personal goal was to get definition, a little size and have low body fat. I would roam from one workout routine and/or supplements to the next. I was highly disappointed with the results and ended up skinny fat. In addition I battled through quite a few injuries over several years due to overtraining. I then came across the MuscleNOW system which promised to show you all aspects of weight training and dieting. It 100% delivers on exactly what it says.

The program offers a complete system and you can make your goals whatever you wish. If you want to gain size adjust the diet according to the system. If you want to maintain and slowly build up keep the workout routine and adjust your diet. The system for me was able to deliver the exact results I wanted – decrease body fat and build muscle. The workout aspect of the system is comprised of fundamental weight lifting exercises with variations in reps, timing between sets and grip/stance depending on the exercise. The approach prevents from over-training and keeps you from plateauing. The most difficult part of any training program - the diet - is straight-forward and easy to understand.

The best part if you have a question about any aspect you can send an email and within 24 hours you not only get your question answered but Francesco provides additional information that expands your overall fitness knowledge.

With any fitness training you have to be prepared to work. Do the work, follow the system and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Ron Kraft
Margate, FL

Gains 65 lbs Of Muscle Mass Naturally

"Now let me show you how."

Francesco Castano gains 65 lbs of muscle mass without steroids or bodybuilding supplements

I began my bodybuilding pursuits weighing a scant 130 lbs at a height of 6'2" (picture #1 above). Unfortunately, I had no idea at the time how dramatic a physical transformation I would ultimately undergo after I started lifting weights, so I didn't shoot any shirtless photographs of myself, but it’s safe to say by the picture that I was extremely thin and weak, and the negative comments I received at school confirmed this to me. Picture #1 was taken at the age of 15, just several months prior to setting out on my long, arduous attempt at producing a bodybuilder physique.

At 250 lbs (second picture), diet mistakes that I made at the time (and millions continue to make every day) turned me into a monster. People would always give me credit for being so large, which helped me overlook the fact that I had no muscular definition whatsoever (43 inch waist, with no hint of abs or veins in my arms). I went through two years of high school with a 38 inch waist, expanding to 43 inches during my initial years of college. In addition to having a huge gut, I looked sloppy in tank tops, and my face was a balloon. The diet methods I followed at the time developed plenty of FAT mass, which was the very opposite of my initial intention, and I also suffered numerous injuries due to serious errors in my weight training routine.

My bodybuilding experiment continued, with one additional variable that I hoped would provide me with the physique I was seeking -- supplements. I figured that adding these powders and pills to my routine would finally provide the long awaited answer to producing a muscular, defined physique, but to my dismay, after trying far too many muscle building and fat burning supplements, I looked exactly the same, showing me the grim reality behind such products (they are a waste of time and money). Instead of abandoning my goal, I continued to experiment with diet and weight training strategies, hoping that I would find an effective and reasonable way to produce the physical look I desired.

After years of persistence, trial and error, and plenty of lessons learned along the way, I was finally sufficiently educated in natural bodybuilding to reach my goal, which you see in picture #3. This is when I decided to develop my MuscleNOW and Fat Vanish programs, to teach the world exactly how to build muscle mass and burn fat naturally, without supplements or steroids, so that others around the world who are confused and looking for answers can save the time and effort that I had to endure in order to find a path to success.

Regardless of whether you are currently skinny or fat, I can help you to avoid the many mistakes that I made along my lengthy bodybuilding voyage so you can achieve your own muscle building or fat burning goals without wasted effort, just as the many success stories and photos at both MuscleNOW.com and FatVanish.com indicate. If you want to reach your own physical potential for muscle growth or fat loss, then my MuscleNOW and Fat Vanish programs, which includes Lifetime Email Personal Training direct from me, provide you with all you need to succeed!

Francesco Castano
MuscleNOW author

Burns 84 lbs Of Fat In Only 5 Months!

"Your great program is easy to follow and has changed my life."

Burns 84 lbs of fat and developed ripped abs naturally

Your great program is easy to follow and has changed my life. I actually purchased your book I believe i was 24, and I will be 36 in a few days. I actually purchased both the old MuscleNOW and Fat Vanish, before I got the updated version 2 years ago. I knew both MuscleNOW and Fat Vanish worked because I gained muscle and lost fat over the years with your methods.

I struggled with depression for the longest and yo-yoed up and down with my weight just letting life affect me by overeating a whole lot. I would use your fat loss methods to go down in weight when I had it in me enough mentally. I lost fat but would always go back to old habits and being affected negatively by life.

So I never made a complete lifestyle change until now, as I am mentally strong now and physically also. When I used your diet and exercise methods before it was never consistent like I did this time. I can say now that I have overcome the depression finally after all these years.

My before photo was taken 5 months ago, when I was 263 lbs with a 54 inch waist, at a time when I decided to finally begin following your program consistently. I was almost diabetic, with high cholesterol and blood pressure. Now, I am 179 lbs with a 34 inch waist, having lost 84 lbs and 20 inches from my waist, only 5 months later, and my blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure are all normal! Also, before at 263 lbs my resting pulse was in the high 90s to over 100, while now it's 59 to low 60s. The health benefits are all great.

I have not been this lean with veins and everything since I was about 20. Being consistent on your plan and seeing results weekly I have really gotten a drive and determination back for life and it feels good not having the depression and obesity keeping me down. I have surpassed people that have been working out for years, and your plan is definitely the best and takes the guess work, trial and error out of it.

Francesco gives lifetime email support and answers any questions you have. He is very helpful will ensure your success.

Regardless of your lifestyle and schedule, this will work for you. I have 5 kids, a wife and 2 jobs and I accomplished AMAZING results in a short time.

What’s amazing is that before, when I was stressed, I would seek comfort in food, but now, I don’t think like that anymore. My mind has completely changed and with my body getting better I’m feeling so complete. It just feels great!

Thank you so much again Francesco for your support and for your work in developing an awesome plan for achieving the physique I have developed. I’m so excited to reach my final goal where I can then maintain for life. It’s still surprising me how I keep improving. When I look in the mirror it seems like I get leaner daily. I was running around and sprinting with my kids, and I'm beating them and not even getting winded. My intensity in the gym seems to improve every week too.

I will definitely recommend your plan to anyone trying to reach their fitness goals, and I thank you for your continued support, and for your vision to help as many as possible reach their goals. If you’re looking to change your life, then get this program, as it is the only one you will ever need to buy.

If anybody reading this has questions, please email me, as I don’t ever mind talking to people who are skeptical about your program. I can even provide them with my phone number to talk if anyone would like. I'm just so excited and amazed with how things are going.

Tulsa, OK