Thank You Jesus

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First and foremost, I wish to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who has graced me with patience, discipline, wisdom, faith, good health and most importantly, life. In addition, I am grateful for my loving parents (Greg and Lisa), sister (Marianne), brother (Gregory Jr.), and late grandmother Carmen, along with caring and supporting friends who provided the earthly foundation and positive environment that have helped me to become who I am today.

I never wavered from my initial goal (drug free, lean muscle gains) regardless of the numerous obstacles and temptations, and I again thank God for gracing me with the persistence to overcome the negative temptations placed in my path. What is most rewarding about the time I spent experimenting with various bodybuilding methods is that it has provided me with the knowledge to help others avoid the dangers of supplements and steroids, while providing them with a proven path towards achieving their physical fitness goals naturally. 

Is Bodybuilding Superficial?

Although some categorize bodybuilding as a superficial, self centered pursuit, the process of building muscle or reducing body fat levels introduces patience, discipline, organization, and self control, traits that contribute to the accomplishment of other, more critical, life changing goals (fighting addictions, controlling impulses, pursuing a career, starting a relationship, etc). Is consistent exercise and diet vital to overall success in life? No, and physical appearance is the least important factor in examining what you can offer the world. Yet, achieving significant physical improvements through proper diet and exercise can enhance character, improve confidence, and develop new, positive attitudes and characteristics that assist in other worthwhile areas. Bodybuilding conditions the character traits that help a person succeed in any area of life, and that is the most important benefit, by far, of following MuscleNOW. When I receive a testimonial from a MuscleNOW client who says that he or she has developed the confidence, patience and determination to pursue a new career path, quit smoking or abandon other bad habits, it is by far the best part of having produced this program.

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Here is one such testimonial from a proud member of the United States Air Force:

Major James W. Stahl

USAF Test Pilot

On a personal note I wanted to extend my gratitude. Annually, about 1% of Air Force combat pilots are selected to attend the highly prestigious Test Pilot School at Edwards AFB, CA. Your MuscleNOW natural bodybuilding program helped give me the confidence to apply, compete, and eventually be selected for this honor. I had spent almost 2 years following MuscleNOW prior to this application process and found myself more focused, disciplined, fit, and ready to throw my name in the hat for such a challenge. Of course God had blessed me with a decent amount of natural talent as well. But again, I thank you.

Patience & Discipline

Has my dedication towards exercise and diet helped to circumvent negative thoughts and feelings in my own life? Yes, and this may in fact prove to be the most important, life enhancing impact of a strict, disciplined fitness program. How many solid foundations -- finances, relationships, career, or otherwise -- are built on quick indulgence designed to hide a lack of focus and purpose? Concentrate your efforts on a specific worthwhile task, with an effective plan, and you'll produce the desired result. That is what MuscleNOW will give you, and it will not only transform your body, but also your life.

I provide merely the roadmap; it's your obligation to initiate, continue, and complete the journey. Knowledge is power, and destiny is yours for the taking; seize the moment, and God Bless!