Learn How To
Build Muscle Naturally

without supplements or steroids

The MuscleNOW video demonstrates...

  • How to perform MuscleNOW exercises with perfect form.
  • A complete MuscleNOW workout from start to finish.
  • Advanced MuscleNOW workout methods that will take your muscle growth to the next level.
  • Many tips and tricks from someone who has followed MuscleNOW for over 15 years and gained 75 lbs of muscle.

Since 1997, MuscleNOW has been building muscle naturally, and now the video shows you how...

The one request I have received many times since I launched the MuscleNOW natural bodybuilding program in 1997 is for a video demonstrating exactly how to perform the recommended MuscleNOW workout methods, because many learn better through visual tools as compared with written descriptions.

The answer is finally here! Since 1997, the MuscleNOW natural bodybuilding program has been teaching men and women around the world how to build muscle naturally, without supplements or steroids. It is a written book that includes Lifetime Email Personal Training direct from the author, and many additional benefits, but not until now has there been a video that brings the MuscleNOW workouts to life!

If you are a visual learner, then you will love the MuscleNOW video, and it will be one of the most powerful learning tools for you to grasp all that I teach about exercise for maximum muscle gains.

Francesco's natural muscle building photo

“I wrote the MuscleNOW natural bodybuilding program as an easy to follow blueprint for building muscle naturally, and the MuscleNOW video is a newly released companion to the program that will allow you to watch one of its most impressive success stories who gained over 75 lbs of muscle demonstrate the required MuscleNOW exercises and perform workouts! This educational and fun to watch video works best as a companion to the MuscleNOW natural bodybuilding program, and please click here to learn more about this revolutionary natural muscle building system.”

Francesco Castano
MuscleNOW Author

Why The MuscleNOW Video Is Such A Powerful Muscle Building Tool

See How To Perform Every Required MuscleNOW Exercise

"Correct exercise form is crucial for building maximum muscle mass and preventing injury."

In the MuscleNOW natural bodybuilding program, I provide written descriptions of how to perform every exercise, but the new MuscleNOW video allows you to actually see my form instructions come to life, as if I am right there with you.

Watch An Entire MuscleNOW Workout

"The fastest way to get started with my MuscleNOW workout methods with complete confidence is to watch an entire workout from start to finish."

You will see every exercise from Plan A of MuscleNOW, performed in order, with lots of helpful tips that will quickly turn you into a MuscleNOW pro.

Valuable Workout Tips To Maximize MuscleNOW Results

"Amazing advice from a man who has followed MuscleNOW for over 15 years and added 75 lbs of muscle"

Teaching someone how to eat and exercise is only valuable if that person decides to implement the knowledge into his own life, and the MuscleNOW video gives practical tips from someone who has been faithful to the program for over 15 years. Follow in his footsteps by listening carefully to what he's learned over many years of using MuscleNOW.

Advanced Methods Will Take Your Muscles To Another Level

"Many stop building muscle after their initial gains because they do not know how to challenge their body to force additional growth. This video will show you how!"

The advanced MuscleNOW techniques are a powerful way to keep building muscle, and you will see them demonstrated by someone who has used them for years.

Motivation To Get Your Butt Off The Chair & Transform!

"Building muscle mass requires two basic elements -- the knowledge of how to train and eat, which MuscleNOW teaches, and a willingness to put the plan into action."

Motivation is a missing component for many who pursue bodybuilding, leading millions to eventually quit without much progress. The MuscleNOW video will inspire you to transform your body by not only teaching, but also motivating you into action.


If the MuscleNOW video does not show you exactly how to follow my MuscleNOW natural bodybuilding program workout methods in an easy to understand and enjoyable way, or if you are not satisfied with the video for any reason whatsoever, then simply contact me within 90 days, and I will refund all of your money, no questions asked! Watch this video risk-free!

Why Do I Need This Video If I Already Own The MuscleNOW Natural Bodybuilding Program?

For those who learn best when watching video presentation (visual learners), the MuscleNOW video is a valuable aid in understanding all that I teach regarding how to lift weights correctly for maximum muscle growth. Are you someone who in school always learned better from watching a movie or seeing a demonstration than reading a book? If so, then you will love the MuscleNOW video, as it will bring the MuscleNOW workout teachings to life.

John Stagikas
Gained 75 lbs with MuscleNOW

John Stagikas' natural muscle building photo

Motivation To Train The MuscleNOW Way

Another important reason to watch the MuscleNOW video is for motivation! John Stagikas, who gained 75 lbs of muscle and has followed the MuscleNOW natural bodybuilding program since 2000, began his journey as extremely skinny at 137 lbs, and while showing you how he succeeded with the MuscleNOW workouts, he will inspire you to become the next MuscleNOW success story.  In addition to being motivated by watching John perform the MuscleNOW workout in its entirety, he will give you valuable tips that he has learned after over 15 years on the MuscleNOW system. John has traveled the world, been employed in a very physical career as an athlete, yet was able to continue the MuscleNOW program and develop an amazing physique, and now he will hand his workout wisdom over to you. 

Watching The Step-by-Step Workout Demo Will Guide You Through Every Workout Detail

  • See how the exercises are performed. Watch detailed demonstrations of every MuscleNOW exercise, providing you with specifics on not only how to execute the movement, but also what body posture to maintain. It's not only a video demo, as you will be talked through each exercise and provided with important points to remember. 
  • Watch an entire MuscleNOW workout unfold before your very eyes. The exercise form demos are done with low weight and an emphasis on taking you through the proper motions so that your form is impeccable, but you will also see a complete MuscleNOW workout from start to finish, with heavy weight and multiple sets. This is going to not only teach, but motivate you to get into the workout room and begin to grow like never before!
  •  Advanced MuscleNOW techniques take your muscles to a different level. The advanced MuscleNOW methods are not for beginners, yet everybody who follows the program is going to reach a point where they benefit from the advanced workouts shown in the video, which bring muscle growth beyond what appears to be the body's natural limit.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Can I Buy This Video By Itself, Without The MuscleNOW Bodybuilding Program?

Who Demonstrates The Exercises & Workouts In The Video?

What Is The MuscleNOW Natural Bodybuilding Program?

Can I Buy This Video With The MuscleNOW Natural Bodybuilding Program, As A Package?

Do You Offer Free Updates To The Video?

This perfect companion to the MuscleNOW natural bodybuilding program brings my teachings to life!

"The MuscleNOW video shows you how to train like I do, and amazing muscle gains will be yours!"

MuscleNOW Video Reviews

Carl's natural muscle building picture

“Hey Francesco, I just finished the video, and think it is excellent. You did a nice job at the beginning & John explains things very well. He did an amazing job demonstrating the MuscleNOW workout routine. Adding the advanced techniques was an excellent idea as well. I’m glad I watched your video.”

Carl Canfield - Livonia, MI

Steve's natural muscle building picture

“I enjoyed the MuscleNOW video with great demonstrations of the exercises and also the advanced training techniques. I feel they are well explained. The book and the video go hand in hand and will definitely help. I feel John explains each exercise very well and also gives motivation.”

Steve Kay - Cleethorpes, UK

Natural muscle building results by Brett

“I think the video is a great addition to the program. It does explain in great detail how to perform all the exercises, and it will be very beneficial to everyone especially beginners starting the program. If someone has any doubts about how to perform a exercise they can simply go right to the video and watch it. Some people learn better from watching than actually reading (written descriptions sometimes may be confusing). I want to thank you for all the time, support and effort that has gone into making this video. You have a truly amazing program. God bless.

Brett Stilwell - Hamden, CT

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- Lifetime Email Personal Training direct from the author

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- 90 day money back guarantee

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- MuscleNOW workout video

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P.S.: This video makes MuscleNOW a more powerful muscle building program than ever before, and will make understanding my workout methods as easy as can be. Any questions? Contact me!