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There are endless muscle building gimmicks on the Internet, starting with the plethora of false promises offered by bodybuilding supplement companies to ineffective (and often dangerous) muscle building diet and weight training advice masquerading as a natural remedy to poor muscle gains, so it's no surprise that many who find this web site are skeptical about my claims and authenticity. But, unlike others, I have been offering my MuscleNOW program for over 19 years (since 1997), with hundreds of testimonials from those who have produced the best muscle gains of their entire lives, transforming their body more dramatically and in less time than they ever thought possible, all through implementing my detailed MuscleNOW diet and weight training advice, so there is a track record of many years and countless success stories to back up my claims. In addition, I provide an unconditional 90 day money back guarantee, where if my MuscleNOW program does not live up to all of my promises, simply return the program and receive a 100% refund, no questions asked. I am here to help people who want to build muscle mass naturally, and have devoted my life to teaching others what I have learned so that not only can everyone produce impressive muscle gains, but more importantly can avoid the pitfalls of bodybuilding supplements and steroids that plague the fitness world and turn an otherwise healthy and beneficial hobby into a potential death trap. If you have questions, please contact me now, as I will gladly help alleviate your skepticism.

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Gains 65 lbs of muscle mass without bodybuilding supplementsI started my bodybuilding quest weighing a scant 130 lbs at a height of 6'2", the skinniest teen in my high school who showed absolutely no potential whatsoever for muscle growth (the typical "hardgainer"). One day, before I began lifting weights, I wore a Gold's Gym shirt to school that I received as a gift, which at the time ranked as one of the biggest mistakes of my life given the condescending and sarcastic remarks I received from numerous classmates, but in hindsight this probably helped fuel my motivation to transform my extremely thin frame into a body that would generate positive emotions from others. About two years later, one of the classmates who had kindly recommended that I not wear that Gold's Gym shirt to school ever again to avoid cruel criticism from others decided to surprise me with a visit to my home (along with one of his friends) asking for bodybuilding advice, since he was so impressed with my muscle building transformation! After I produced more muscle than I ever dreamed was naturally possible (a consequence of my weight training and diet routine), my goal shifted to helping others walk in my footsteps by way of what I call MuscleNOW, a natural bodybuilding program that really works. I soon had testimonial stories similar to mine from those who were once aimless and confused about how to build muscle, which is exactly what I was hoping to achieve with my MuscleNOW methods. Before MuscleNOW, there were plenty of excuses not to build muscle, because it was very difficult to find the correct diet and weight training methods without years of experimentation (which is how I was forced to learn), but now, with MuscleNOW putting every single detail into the lives of anybody who wishes to pursue my plan, the only excuse for failure is laziness, as the recipe for success is detailed, step-by-step, in MuscleNOW for anyone with the true desire to transform their body and life.