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Francesco Castano is author of the MuscleNOW Bodybuilding Program

I began my bodybuilding pursuits weighing a rail thin 130 lbs at a height of 6'2" (first picture above, which was taken within approximately one year prior to starting my muscle mass quest). Unfortunately, I had no idea at the time how dramatic a physical transformation I would ultimately undergo, so I didn't document any shirtless photographs for picture #1. The before picture seen here was taken sometime before my 16th birthday, prior to setting out on my long, arduous attempt at gaining as much muscle mass as possible without using bodybuilding supplements or steroids.

At 250 pounds (second picture) I was following conventional "muscle building bulk" diet methods which helped me add weight quickly, but unfortunately, half was fat, and I systematically ruined my physique. People would always give me credit for being so large, which helped me overlook the fact that I had no muscular definition (43 inch waist). I went through two years of high school with a 38 inch waist, expanding to 43 inches during my initial years of college as I continued striving for muscle mass and weight gain, believing that 250-275 pounds was necessary to achieve a magnificent physique (the standard set by steroid using bodybuilders). In reality, I "showed off" my "muscular body" by wearing tight short sleeve t-shirts (even during the dead of winter), as I was so fat (43" waist) that what lurked underneath would ruin the illusion of being a well-built muscular bodybuilder. In addition to having a huge gut, I looked sloppy in tank tops, and my face was a balloon. Essentially, bulking up completely destroyed what I set out to accomplish, which was to possess an attractive bodybuilding physique, with lean muscle mass and definition. I had mass, but it was FAT mass, which was the very opposite of my initial intentions.

I will help you avoid the many diet and weight training mistakes that prevent muscle mass gains

I didn't know how to gain muscle mass without adding body fat, so I continued to use "bulk" type weight training routines with one additional variable -- bodybuilding supplements. I figured that adding these powders and pills to my muscle building diet would finally provide the long awaited answer to producing a muscular, defined physique, but to my dismay, after experimenting with bodybuilding supplements that promised impressive muscle mass gains with no side effects, I didn't notice the changes promised by the advertising. Luckily I continued experimenting with bodybuilding diet and training methods, hoping that I would find an effective and reasonable solution, and after a lengthy period of testing popular muscle building theories, I was finally sufficiently educated in bodybuilding to produce an impressive transformation!

I will help you to avoid the many mistakes that I made along my lengthy bodybuilding voyage. Regardless of whether you are currently skinny or fat, through my MuscleNOW bodybuilding program I will show you exactly how to gain muscle mass without worthless bodybuilding supplements, and I personally guarantee that you will achieve better natural muscle gains than you ever thought possible.