"Bodybuilding supplements are a waste of money ... I gained over 60 lbs of muscle mass naturally."

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What Is The MuscleNOW Bodybuilding Program?

MuscleNOW is included as part of the IncrediBody Transformation Program, and let me briefly explain further so that you can understand exactly what I am offering.  Firstly, please realize that the IncrediBody Transformation Program is appropriate for any physical fitness goal, such as building muscle mass, burning fat (visit FatVanish.com), gaining strength, or achieving dramatic weight loss, and regardless of whether you are a man, woman, young, or old, my system is fit for you.  This MuscleNOW.com site is devoted to the MuscleNOW portion of the IncrediBody Transformation Program, which teaches you exactly how to gain muscle mass without bodybuilding supplements or steroids.

After spending many years attempting to achieve my own personal muscle building goals, I have developed an effective, easy to follow weight training workout and bodybuilding diet plan called MuscleNOW, that teaches exactly how to gain muscle mass naturally, without bodybuilding supplements or drugs. Through my years of experimentation with bodybuilding supplements, I have found that they are not the answer to building muscle mass, but rather part of the reason why so many are confused and aimless, as the majority believe the false hype offered by bodybuilding supplement providers instead of addressing the true issue, which is incorrect, ineffective diet and weight training workout techniques! Because so many are making serious errors in how they pursue bodybuilding, they achieve little to no muscle mass gains, and turn to bodybuilding supplements which, through powerful advertising, offer false hope.

The real answer to building muscle mass is not bodybuilding supplements

Soon after purchasing any of these so-called "safe steroid replacements", the bodybuilding supplement user realizes that the pill or powder is not providing the type of muscle mass improvements claimed in the magazine or Internet ad, and once again, begins to search for the real answer to building muscle mass (which is not bodybuilding supplements, but unfortunately, most continue to travel the road to ruin, investing in the latest pill or powder despite failing to achieve results with bodybuilding supplements in the past, and their lack of progress continues indefinitely). For some, the unsuccessful quest for impressive muscle mass gains spans decades, but most abandon the goal of improving their physique out of sheer frustration. After accumulating vast knowledge over many years of effort, I am here to end the muscle building confusion by providing a potent and proven plan for those who wish to gain muscle mass, without worthless and potentially dangerous bodybuilding supplements. Regardless of whether you are currently skinny, overweight, or of average build, my MuscleNOW bodybuilding program will provide you with the exact weight training workout and diet techniques necessary to transform your physique, as MuscleNOW is fit for all goals and every body type. Finally, you can begin following a bodybuilding program that has been proven worldwide for over 17 years to build muscle mass naturally!

I become your Lifetime Email Personal Trainer, ensuring that you build muscle mass naturally

Please keep in mind that the MuscleNOW bodybuilding program also offers access to me, the author, as your Lifetime Email Personal Trainer, where you may email me at any time with questions, and I will personally assist in any way necessary, whether it be designing a specific muscle building diet plan for you to follow using the foods you choose to consume, modifying the MuscleNOW weight training workout if necessary to meet your own personal situation, or just offering motivation and encouragement, as I will be here to guide your every workout and diet step, helping you to finally gain the muscle mass you've been striving for. This is the most powerful aspect of my MuscleNOW bodybuilding program, as I, the author, become your lifetime personal trainer, ensuring that you finally begin to gain muscle mass naturally, without bodybuilding supplements or steroids!

Please spend a few moments visiting my muscle building testimonial section and scan the hundreds of worldwide success stories written by those following my MuscleNOW bodybuilding program, as hopefully this will validate how potent my weight training and diet techniques will be in teaching you exactly how to naturally build muscle mass. Both men and woman can benefit, as can older and younger individuals (I have those in their teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s following the MuscleNOW bodybuilding program with success). So, my system is appropriate for any individual who wishes to greatly improve muscle mass naturally.

You have finally found the Internet's Natural Steroid

In short, you will finally learn the exact weight training workout and bodybuilding diet methods to build muscle mass, as the only obstacle between you and results is knowledge of how to properly exercise and eat, so please abandon worthless bodybuilding supplements, do not purchase the steroid saturated and pill pushing pro bodybuilding magazines which just add to the confusion, and focus on what truly will provide you with safe, effective, consistent progress. Learn the proper weight training workout and bodybuilding diet techniques through my MuscleNOW bodybuilding program, stay consistent, and the results will truly begin to amaze you and others. If you have any questions regarding the MuscleNOW bodybuilding program, please email me, and feel free to browse my Frequently Asked Questions section. Also, please make sure to view the hundreds of worldwide muscle building testimonials, as they highlight the amazing muscle mass improvements that are possible with my MuscleNOW bodybuilding program, and if you follow my specific weight training and diet recommendations consistently, you will soon send me another success story to post here at MuscleNOW.com! Remember, avoid bodybuilding supplements, and stay away from steroids, as your life is much more precious than any level of muscle mass that you could ever possibly build.

I cover all diet & workout methods so you can gain muscle mass naturally
The IncrediBody Transformation Program includes the following
Gain muscle mass without supplements by using the MuscleNOW bodybuilding program

The step-by-step, easy to follow MuscleNOW bodybuilding program describes everything necessary to build muscle mass, regardless of how much you wish to gain, as I allow you to control the total amount of muscle mass built (up to your own individual genetic limits).  This comprehensive muscle building system includes workout charts on which you can record weight used, reps performed, etc, and sample diet plans demonstrating all of my specific, step-by-step instructions on how to gain muscle mass naturally. You will finally learn the exact bodybuilding diet and weight training workout techniques necessary for natural muscle mass improvements, and by following my detailed recommendations, you, just like the many muscle building testimonial authors, will achieve the best results of your entire life.

MuscleNOW teaches you exactly what I have learned over my many years of experimentation in pursuit of gaining muscle mass, and any bodybuilder, beginning or advanced, who is confused, has reached a plateau, or needs to clear up unanswered questions regarding weight training or diet will find that the step-by-step MuscleNOW bodybuilding program eliminates all confusion by outlining the exact path you must follow to gain muscle mass naturally.  In essence, MuscleNOW will save you time, effort, and most of all, frustration, allowing you to finally gain muscle mass weekly, without using any bodybuilding supplements or steroids.

In addition, MuscleNOW is very simple to read and comprehend, as during high school and college, nobody despised a poorly written textbook more than I, and through multiple edits and rewrites of my MuscleNOW bodybuilding program, I have produced a weight training workout and diet system that is not only simple to understand, but very easy to implement. MuscleNOW outlines, step-by-step, exactly how to eat and weight train for quick, consistent muscle mass gains, naturally, without any bodybuilding supplements or steroids.

Lose weight & burn fat naturally with Fat Vanish

You will learn the exact diet and exercise methods necessary for dramatic, natural fat loss, and regardless of whether or not you wish to gain muscle mass, you may follow my Fat Vanish weight loss diet and exercise plan to lose weight, improve health, define your stomach, burn fat from any area of the body, and enhance self confidence. My easy to follow Fat Vanish diet and exercise techniques are not only effective at burning stored body fat, but also help to improve long term health, so you will literally transform all aspects of your body by following my recommendations. Remember, you may follow my Fat Vanish weight loss diet techniques alone, focusing on fat loss without muscle building (for men and women who do not wish to weight train or build muscle mass), or you may pursue my Fat Vanish Toning Workout Plan to improve the shape and appearance of your body without significant muscle gain, for those who wish to avoid intense weight lifting, or, alternatively, you may embrace my MuscleNOW recommendations if you wish to build muscle mass (any level -- you decide!) and burn fat simultaneously. The choice is yours, as my IncrediBody Transformation Program is flexible enough to meet any muscle building or weight loss goal, and Fat Vanish is the most effective weight loss and fat burning program you will ever find. As mentioned earlier, FatVanish.com describes in great detail why my Fat Vanish portion of the IncrediBody Transformation Program is the most effective weight loss and fat burning method you can hope to find anywhere. Please visit FatVanish.com to learn more!

Gain strength naturally with the Massive Strength workout plan

For those who wish to achieve incredible strength gains, I have included the Massive Strength workout plan which will teach you the exact weight training techniques to follow for amazing strength development. Those who play sports, work law enforcement, are in the military, or who simply wish to set personal strength records will greatly benefit from the Massive Strength system, which is designed to produce impressive, consistent increases in strength, without causing body fat to rise!

Lifetime email personal training to gain muscle mass naturally

To ensure that you understand every detail of my MuscleNOW bodybuilding program, I'll provide Lifetime Email Personal Training through a special user code and E-Mail address, allowing you to send me (the author) any and all questions. I will personally respond to all of your inquiries, usually within 24 hours, and you can ask as many questions as you wish. For a limited time, this is included as part of the MuscleNOW bodybuilding program so that you are left with no unanswered questions regarding how to naturally gain muscle mass (using my MuscleNOW plan) or burn fat (with Fat Vanish). In essence, I will become your Lifetime Personal Trainer, making sure that you understand exactly how to eat and exercise for muscle mass gains, body fat loss or strength increase. Remember, this is truly a lifetime privilege, as I have customers who many years after purchasing MuscleNOW and Fat Vanish are still asking questions to this very day, and I always respond. You can be sure that every answer originates from me, the author, as I personally reply to all exercise and diet questions, because my goal is to help you achieve the best muscle building, fat loss or strength improvements of your entire life!

I'm offering you the ability to contact me with questions because I want you to stop wasting time and money on trash, and finally begin achieving all of your body improvement goals. Many simply email me for motivation, knowing that I have achieved the level of muscle mass that they are diligently working towards, and having the confidence that I am always available for assistance helps to promote strong, consistent, dedicated effort on the part of my clients. With the MuscleNOW bodybuilding program, you will no longer be left guessing, as I will always be by your side, ensuring that you are heading down the proper path towards dramatic muscle mass gains, naturally, without bodybuilding supplements or steroids.

Please note that although I am still offering Lifetime Email Personal Training for those who purchase MuscleNOW today, this offer will be eliminated for new clients when I am no longer able to devote my undivided attention to my current customer base, as I do not wish for my quality of service to decline, and therefore when I reach a level of questions that I feel is the maximum that I can confidently handle, I will no longer offer Lifetime Email Personal Training to future clients.  Therefore, if you purchase today, you are guaranteed lifetime access to me as your personal trainer, where we will both work together to ensure that you finally begin building muscle mass consistently and naturally.

Communicate with other MuscleNOW bodybuilding program users who aim to gain muscle mass naturally

Everybody who purchases the MuscleNOW bodybuilding program will receive a lifetime subscription to the IncrediBody Member Online Gathering, an Internet web site where you can communicate with other MuscleNOW users, share recipes, and help motivate and inspire one another to remain consistent with my muscle building diet and weight training workout recommendations. One of the most common reasons why men and women fail to gain muscle mass is due to lack of accountability, and by starting a journal in the IncrediBody Member Online Gathering, other MuscleNOW users will have the opportunity to follow your progress, offer comments and suggestions, as well as encourage you to persist in your efforts, which greatly increases the likelihood that you will achieve all of your body improvement goals. I am currently offering lifetime and complete access to the IncrediBody Member Online Gathering to all who purchase the MuscleNOW bodybuilding program, which hopefully will encourage as many people as possible to “take the plunge” and begin to achieve amazing muscle mass improvements!

Body fat measurement calipers

You will receive body fat measurement calipers with the IncrediBody Transformation Program so you can track changes to your body fat levels as you progress with my recommendations. Many of the calipers you will find on the Internet and in stores offer a special plastic "click" mechanism that registers when a reading is complete, and over time inaccurate measurements can develop as friction wears away the plastic hole. Conversely, the IncrediBody fat caliper is designed in such a way where no such risk exists, and therefore you can maintain 100% accurate readings.

Retractable measuring tape to track muscle mass gains

Tracking progress accurately and regularly is the most important factor in determining proper food intake for consistent muscle mass gains, so in addition to providing you with body fat measurement calipers (see #6 above), I also include a retractable measuring tape so you can monitor changes in muscle mass as you follow my detailed MuscleNOW diet and weight training recommendations. The measuring tape offers a spring tension, allowing you to snugly grip each muscle group so that you can easily and quickly follow my measurement instructions; by doing so, you will ensure that food intake is correct for continuous muscle mass improvements.

Earn referrals as you gain muscle mass without bodybuilding supplements

An exciting and simple method for you to generate income while enhancing your physique! Once you begin following my MuscleNOW bodybuilding diet and weight lifting recommendations, others will notice your significant muscle mass gains, and inevitably ask you for specific exercise and diet advice. In response, simply send your friend or acquaintance to MuscleNOW.com and, if he or she pursues my MuscleNOW bodybuilding program, you receive a check for 20% of the purchase price! I send you payment at the beginning of each month for the prior month's referrals, and you will receive 20% of the price for each customer who purchases MuscleNOW due to your encouragement! You’ll find that the general public will begin asking you what weight training workout and diet methods you follow when they notice how much muscle mass you are gaining, and in response to their questions, simply send them to MuscleNOW.com (have them mention you when ordering, or you can email me with their name), and when they join, I pay you 20% of the purchase price. Obviously, with only five referrals, the program will pay for itself, and you'll then be earning significant profit just for sending those who are curious to my web site! It’s as simple as it sounds!

Money back guarantee that you will gain muscle mass naturally

If for any reason you don't agree that the MuscleNOW bodybuilding program is all you will ever need to gain muscle mass naturally, simply return the program within 90 days and receive a 100% refund, no questions asked! But in addition, if you do not experience the greatest muscle mass gains of your entire life with MuscleNOW, return the course, and I will not only refund all of your money, but also pay the shipping charge for you to return the program to me! With this guarantee, you can read the MuscleNOW bodybuilding program, ask me unlimited questions via email, visit the IncrediBody Member Online Gathering and communicate with other MuscleNOW users, all for 90 days, and if you are not satisfied for any reason, return the program, and receive all of your money back. I set myself up to be taken advantage of with this type of guarantee, as I have individuals who have completely transformed their body in 90 days (see the muscle building testimonial section), therefore one could gain muscle mass, seek my email assistance throughout the 90 day period, and then return the program for a full refund, but I feel most people are honest, and when they begin achieving the best muscle gains of their entire life with my MuscleNOW bodybuilding methods, they will feel as if their investment was worth far more than what I charge (testimonial authors have mentioned this to me), because I finally solved the complex muscle building improvement puzzle.