Can The Skinny & Weak Gain Weight & Build Muscle?

It’s amazing how many significantly underweight people experience a strong fear that there is nothing they can do to change their body shape or strength, believing that they were dealt a genetic hand that cannot be overcome. I receive so many emails from the extremely thin who have been in the gym for many months or even years, sadly achieving nothing for all of the time invested. They feel all hope is lost.

Why? Is it because they were not physically equipped to gain weight and build muscle? It would seem that way, because anybody who has visited the gym for months and achieved virtually nothing loses all motivation and moves on to other goals, although they always wonder if there is something they missed along the way.

And they did. Those who remain skinny do so NOT because their body is incapable of building muscle mass, but rather due to a terrible workout and diet routine that prevents results. But could it be this simple? Well, it’s not so simple after all, because knowing how to eat and exercise is no different than building a house; there are many variables that work together in achieving this goal, and if there is one missing factor from the success equation, all of the time and effort put forth amounts to nothing.

If you are having a difficult time believing that your skinny frame can become an afterthought, please consider that I gained 65 lbs of muscle mass naturally, beginning as a super skinny 16 year old at 130 lbs, and adding more muscle than anybody ever expected I could naturally. The shock on the faces of those who knew me was priceless, as it showed me how much change is possible when the correct plan is put into action.

It’s time for you to turn a losing equation into a winning formula, and if you are ready to finally gain weight and build muscle mass naturally, then take my 90 day MuscleNOW challenge and see your skinny body transform into a muscular powerhouse, right before your very eyes.