The truth is, many never gain muscle mass because of a poor bodybuilding diet plan. If you are attempting to gain muscle mass, and have not been achieving weekly results, then you need to change your bodybuilding diet plan immediately! Food is the fuel that builds muscle mass, but eating the wrong combinations of protein, carbohydrates and fats will guarantee very little (if any) progress in your muscle building efforts. In fact, because of a poor bodybuilding diet plan, most out of frustration mistakenly turn to worthless supplements, which create false promises for those who are confused as to the proper diet plan and weight training routine to follow. Therefore, your number one rule is to never invest in any bodybuilding supplementation, as bottled fads are not the answer to achieving dramatic muscle gains, despite the powerful (but misleading) advertising.

What about low carb bodybuilding diet plans? Many have become infatuated with low carb bodybuilding diet routines in recent years, especially when pursuing fat loss, believing that carbohydrates are evil by their very nature, a notion that is not surprising given the level of misinformation available on the Internet. But what proponents of the low carb diet plan fail to mention is that a lack of sufficient carbohydrates will burn muscle mass and slow metabolism, meaning that you slow metabolism, which makes regaining body fat extremely easy and likely! Therefore, low carb, ketogenic bodybuilding diet plans are horrible strategies which prevent muscle building, burn already built muscle mass, and slow metabolism, therefore making them a very poor choice for anybody wishing to display a lean, muscular physique.

Will high carbohydrate diet plans help me to gain muscle mass? While significant muscle mass can be built in the presence of excess carbs, such muscle gains will be accompanied by substantial body fat, which blurs definition, and creates a bloated, disappointing appearance. Many fail to realize that muscle mass is not the only important factor, as there is an equally critical element if the goal is to develop a bodybuilder type physique; keeping body fat levels very low yields a high level of definition, which is necessary to effectively display newly built muscle. A high carbohydrate bodybuilding diet plan will bring about muscle gains, but also produce a level of body fat that will prove unacceptable, not only hiding the muscle mass you worked so hard to produce, but also adversely impacting appearance in general e.g., a bloated face, neck, etc.

Should I follow a higher fat diet plan? Unfortunately, the higher fat bodybuilding diet plan offers the same downsides as low carbs, in that muscle can be lost and metabolism reduced, but higher fat principles can be used for certain meals throughout the day to control blood sugar, especially in those who are sensitive to carbohydrates (gain fat quickly or hesitate to burn fat in the presence of carbs), but if the higher fat techniques are used improperly, they will lead to the same downside as low carbs (metabolism slowdown and muscle mass reduction).

How much protein should a bodybuilding diet plan be comprised of? A bodybuilder seeking to build muscle mass needs a greater quantity of protein than one who is sedentary, but consuming excessive quantities can cause body fat increase and unnecessary kidney stress, so a balance needs to be achieved.  Unfortunately, many either consume excessive or insufficient protein for their body to produce desired muscle mass improvements. A bodybuilding diet plan void of sufficient protein will not produce any significant muscle growth, and will quickly burn muscle when calories dip into fat loss levels, while a diet plan which focuses upon excessive protein can prevent fat loss or cause unhealthy stress to the body’s internal organs.

So which bodybuilding diet plan actually works? I’ve personally experimented with high carb, low carb, balanced carb/fat, higher fat, etc, and was able to produce over 60 lbs of new muscle mass without bodybuilding supplements or steroids, learning from the many mistakes I made during my own personal bodybuilding journey, and am now helping others achieve dramatic muscle mass gains through a potent bodybuilding diet plan and weight training workout routine called MuscleNOW.

Is the MuscleNOW bodybuilding diet plan sold in stores? I am the author and sole distributor of MuscleNOW, and I have hundreds of muscle building testimonials from around the world. For many years I have been teaching men and women which bodybuilding diet plan and weight training routine to follow for dramatic, consistent, impressive muscle mass gains, and based on the many success stories, MuscleNOW is a proven winner.

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