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Is It Possible To Gain Muscle Naturally Without Steroids?

Many who pursue bodybuilding presume that they are doomed to lackluster muscle growth unless they embrace steroid use, but are the limits placed upon natural bodybuilders truly a consequence of their decision to avoid steroids, or also greatly impacted by diet and weight training misinformation within the bodybuilding industry?

The latter devastates the progress of natural bodybuilders more than the former, because most achieve only a fraction of their natural genetic potential due to following misconceptions found on bodybuilding Internet sites, magazines and in gyms around the world. I’m amazed at how many who email me wanting to know why their current routine isn’t working have continued to follow the same flawed plan for months, as any diet and weight training program that does not produce consistent improvements is in need of an immediate overhaul. To continue training and eating in a certain way because it’s considered popular despite poor progress is illogical, and will simply result in more of the same wasteful disappointment.

Following the correct diet and weight training methods is much more of an important factor for natural bodybuilders, because those who use steroids, due to artificially high hormone levels, can make numerous errors in their diet and weight training plan and still achieve decent results, while those who abstain from steroid drugs must embrace specific natural methods to help boost their hormone levels while avoiding overtraining and undertraining (both are equally detrimental to muscle building).

But the question remains, is it possible to gain significant muscle mass without steroids? The answer is a resounding yes, but only when following an effective natural bodybuilding program, with the correct diet and weight training methods to maximize genetic potential. Because most do not, they as a direct consequence achieve very little muscle mass improvements, and begin to feel as if only those who use steroids can possibly produce impressive growth. It’s simple to fall into this trap, but the resolution is to abandon misconceptions, and learn the correct, effective natural bodybuilding diet and weight training methods that are proven to build muscle mass without any steroids or supplements. This really does exist!

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Are Steroids Necessary To Build Muscle?

Steroids are very dangerous and completely unnecessary in building muscle mass. In fact, I was VERY skinny at age 16 (130 lbs), and gained over 60 lbs of muscle mass without using steroids or any other drug, with many of my MuscleNOW bodybuilding program users also having added substantial muscle mass naturally, through the muscle building diet and weight training workout plan that I personally designed.

By following proper diet and weight training techniques, you will build muscle mass without risking quality, or quantity, of life, and what many fail to realize is that most of the improvements made using illegal and dangerous steroids disappear after discontinued use, meaning that, unless you regularly inject yourself with artificial hormones, the majority of added muscle mass will vanish, and you will potentially feel and look worse than prior to using the drug (due to a sharp reduction in natural hormone levels), not to mention risk destroying your health.

Just ask any of the many families who have lost a loved one to steroid use, and they’ll quickly point out the price paid for the short term superficial change in appearance.

It’s very rare for an individual to immediately die from steroid use, as the damage occurs gradually, meaning that one may contract disease or pass away in their 30s, 40s or 50s, instead of living into their 80s or 90s, all because they decided to risk their life by taking a dangerous, artificial substance to temporarily boost muscle mass. What is the safe alternative? Achieve your genetic potential through a proper bodybuilding diet and weight training workout plan, while actually enhancing health and well being, which is a far more logical decision (as you can maintain a natural physique for decades, without harming yourself in the process). I’ve never heard of any man or woman smoker dying from one cigarette, but we all know that long term smoking carries a substantial risk for lung cancer, and many pass away decades before their time due to such a foolish habit. Gambling with life is a very serious mistake!

Steroids impact each individual differently, which is why using such drugs becomes a deadly game of Russian Roulette, as you may be a lucky survivor, or find yourself with cancer or an enlarged heart in several years (nobody knows all of the medical ailments that are linked to abuse of steroids, but cancer and enlarged hearts are health issues that clearly can develop through steroid abuse). There is NO cure for these potential deadly side effects, so why take the risk of shortening your precious life?

For those who feel they are strong-willed enough to take steroids for only a short period of time, psychological addiction is very common with steroids, especially considering that the muscle mass gained will only remain with continued usage, and since a steroid user develops a natural tendency towards addiction, even those who may have the intention of only using steroids for a limited predetermined period of time find themselves, like the smoker, fighting an extremely difficult and powerful psychological compulsion towards continued use. If you work long and hard to build a certain level of muscle mass with steroids, you’ve set an unnatural standard for yourself that can only be maintained by continuing to inject yourself with drugs, and the consequences are potentially deadly.

Becoming a living pharmacy creates a life filled with potential mental and physical breakdown, and such a lifestyle fails to consider the obligation we have to God in preserving our gift of good health, not to mention the duty we have to protect our lives for family and friends who care about and rely upon us.

Also, avoid bodybuilding supplements for similar reasons, as any that actually work as advertised can risk health, and since most do not function as claimed, it’s clearly a lose-lose proposition. In short — avoid steroids, growth hormone, and bodybuilding supplements that claim to manipulate hormone levels for added muscle mass. Remember, safe muscle gain results from a structured, potent bodybuilding diet and weight training workout plan, with NO supposed band-aid (such as steroids) serving as a valid substitute. I have achieved tremendous success (over 60 lbs of muscle mass gained) without steroids or supplements, and am teaching men and women around the world how to safely build muscle mass through my MuscleNOW natural bodybuilding program.

HGH Human Growth Hormone & Muscle Mass

Products that claim to safely and naturally increase Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels are worthless, and if you decide to experiment with illegal synthetic Human Growth Hormone, you risk serious, potentially deadly side effects, as HGH not only reduces body fat level and enhances muscle mass gains, but also promotes the growth of bone and internal organs (including the heart), which can lead to death and deformation.

Therefore, growth hormone is only to be used by those who have a legitimate medical deficiency, and never for bodybuilding purposes due to the serious health risks. Again, most bodybuilding supplements that you find in health food stores or on the Internet claiming to naturally increase human growth hormone do not work as advertised (and if they did, you’d experience the same risks outlined above), so I encourage you to save your time and money.

Again, using the Human Growth Hormone drug is very dangerous, and unnecessary to burn fat or build muscle mass. In fact, I gained over 60 lbs of muscle mass through a proper bodybuilding diet and weight training program, as opposed to risking my life using Human Growth Hormone or anabolic steroids.

Many are unaware that a potent bodybuilding diet and weight training program can actually promote natural increases in both testosterone and growth hormone within the normal healthy range, which is why natural bodybuilders who adhere to an effective routine are able to achieve impressive results without the use of bodybuilding supplements or drugs. Therefore, by following a correctly designed diet and weight training routine, you can encourage natural Human Growth Hormone secretion within a safe range without using dangerous, illegal substances that can cause cancer, organ failure and premature death.

In short — avoid Human Growth Hormone! Remember, building muscle mass is possible through proper weight training and bodybuilding diet techniques, and no supposed band-aid (such as HGH) is a valid substitute. I have helped men and women around the world to gain muscle mass through my MuscleNOW natural bodybuilding program, and can show you how to accomplish the best results of your entire life using my proven methods, without any supplements or drugs.