Are You Addicted To Bodybuilding Supplements?

Most who seek to gain muscle mass fall into the bodybuilding supplement trap early in their weight training career, as the powerful supplement advertising convinces millions of unsuspecting lifters that such products are not only necessary to achieve impressive muscle gains, but are also a legal, safe alternative to steroid drugs. Anybody who takes such a path, if they are honest with themselves, will soon realize that these so-called miracle muscle builders do not even provide a small fraction of what the advertising promises, but if bodybuilding supplements do not offer the type of muscle building results they claim, then why do so many feel a strong desire and compulsion to continue experimenting with such products even after they have experienced disappointment and frustration when doing so?

Since most who use bodybuilding supplements are not eating and training correctly (but mistakenly believe that they are), the only variable that they feel can change is the type of bodybuilding supplement they are using, so it’s no surprise that the moment a new advertisement hits the Internet or is plastered inside of a muscle building magazine, it’s time to place faith in the next bottled craze, which offers a sense of hope that muscle gains will finally surface. If someone visits the gym regularly, following what they feel to be a potent diet plan, yet does not gain muscle mass, other than quitting the process, the only alternative is to continue searching for the one bodybuilding supplement that will finally turn misery into fortune.

Of course, this search ends in vain, since no bodybuilding supplement will make up for diet and weight lifting mistakes, and the supplement user therefore continues to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars seeking the group of bodybuilding supplements that will finally bring about noticeable improvements in muscle mass. If such an individual learns the truth, which is that he or she is not achieving disappointing muscle gains due to a missing bodybuilding supplement, but rather as a result of a poorly designed diet and weight lifting plan, and if a potent bodybuilding program is implemented that provides impressive muscle gains, then the desire for bodybuilding supplements declines dramatically, and eventually disappears.

But there are some who find a potent bodybuilding program, achieve impressive improvements in muscle mass, and still feel compelled to continue experimenting with bodybuilding supplements, feeling as if their muscles will shrink into oblivion if they aren’t consuming at least several highly promoted supplements as part of their diet routine. They then never actually enter an experimentation stage where they eat and weight train without bodybuilding supplements to see if their results remain the same, but are instead intensely afraid to stop using creatine, glutamine, prohormones, no2, or other bodybuilding supplements due to an emotional attachment between future muscle gains and those products. What they fail to understand is that often bodybuilders who finally begin eating and weight training correctly do so while still using bodybuilding supplements, so they mistakenly credit the pills and powders with their progress, instead of the modified weight training and diet routine. The bodybuilder therefore never knows the truth, which is that his new muscle growth has no connection whatsoever with the bodybuilding supplements he or she was using, but is a direct result of the new diet and exercise plan, and he or she mistakenly continues to credit supplements for the newly built muscle mass.

Often those who feel this strong compulsion to continue using bodybuilding supplements find themselves rationalizing their behavior by claiming that nobody builds muscle without supplements, and that every bodybuilder needs supplements to provide proper nutrients for muscle building, etc, and these incorrect notions stem from strong advertising in magazines and on Internet bodybuilding web sites which make supplements appear to be the muscle building backbone for any weight lifter. In fact, most supplement advertisements show a huge, steroid using pro bodybuilder holding a supplement bottle, making the reader believe that by using the advertised product, similar results will be achieved, when in fact the product being promoted has no connection with how the pro bodybuilder endorsement subject built his steroid saturated level of muscle mass (drugs are his secret ingredient).

No weight lifter should mistakenly assume that bodybuilding supplements have a connection with any of their muscle mass gains unless he or she eats and trains the exact same way both with and without bodybuilding supplements. In fact, it’s all too common for a weight lifter to begin a new diet and exercise plan while at the same time deciding to buy a brand new group of bodybuilding supplements, and if muscle mass is built, they quickly use this as proof that the bodybuilding supplements provide promised results, when in fact the new weight lifting and diet plan that they implemented in conjunction with the supplements is actually the sole reason behind muscle growth!

So, what is a bodybuilder to do? Simple — first, stop all bodybuilding supplements, every last one, in order to form a baseline for which to experiment with future muscle gains. This is an important initial step, as anything you do next will mistakenly remain forever linked with any supplements you are using at the time that muscle mass is built, so you must stop using ALL supplements. Then, the next step is to consistently implement a potent, proven effective weight lifting and diet plan to see what type of muscle growth you are able to achieve naturally, and compare this to the type of results you were producing in the past.

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