Bodybuilding Magazines

Many look to bodybuilding magazines as an objective, inexpensive source of effective weight training and bodybuilding diet principles that will help build muscle mass, yet in reality, the vast majority of bodybuilding magazines aim to promote supplementation as their primary (and often sole) focus. In fact, many bodybuilding magazines are run by supplement companies, and their print space is reserved primarily for promoting bodybuilding supplement usage, while they occasionally write articles that claim to outline routines of steroid addicted pros (which do not benefit the natural bodybuilder, and from what I can gather, are often not even the routines of those who they claim follow such weight training workout methods!).

Most diet and weight training mistakes stem from incorrect advice offered in popular bodybuilding magazine publications, and realizing their prime focus (pushing bodybuilding supplements on confused, misinformed weight lifters) should prompt you to stop reading.

Are these bodybuilding magazines helping natural weight lifters looking to gain significant muscle mass? Absolutely not. Are these bodybuilding magazines accomplishing their own selfish supplement pushing agendas? Most certainly. Since bodybuilding supplementation remains an extremely lucrative industry, these magazines are very effective at their primary focus, which is to sell you truckloads of bodybuilding supplements! If you’re seeking to gain muscle mass, please avoid investing in bodybuilding magazines, as doing so benefits everyone except the reader!

In short — avoid bodybuilding magazines, as they are simply propaganda laced advertising vehicles designed to push supplement sales! Remember, muscle mass originates from a potent diet and weight training workout plan, and NO available bodybuilding magazine will provide you with a cohesive, effective muscle building diet and exercise program (which is what you need to produce a dramatic physical transformation). If such magazines spent their 300 pages teaching you how to properly eat and weight train, you’d have no desire for supplements, nor would you ever need to buy another issue of their magazine (and they know this)!

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