Bodybuilding Stereotypes

The word “bodybuilding” is stereotyped by many to imply huge, rippling, drug addicted muscle monsters, when in fact, this term describes any individual who desires a noticeable increase in muscle mass (whether large or small). One who wishes to achieve 5-10 lbs of added muscle mass is no less a bodybuilder than the “professionals” who injects a large quantity of illegal, dangerous anabolic drugs, yet those with modest goals avoid classifying themselves as “bodybuilders” for fear of fitting a mistaken stereotype.

The truth is, whether you wish to gain 5 lbs of muscle mass or pack on 60, you are considered a bodybuilder, and will engage in proper weight training workout methods in order to achieve these goals. Even if you aim to achieve muscle tone (which requires building a small amount of muscle mass), the type of weight lifting exercises will be similar to those who wish to build much larger muscles. The amount of food consumed controls the level of muscle mass produced, and once you learn proper eating and weight lifting principles, you can begin consistently building muscle mass, and stop when you are satisfied.

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