HGH Human Growth Hormone & Muscle Mass

Products that claim to safely and naturally increase Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels are worthless, and if you decide to experiment with illegal synthetic Human Growth Hormone, you risk serious, potentially deadly side effects, as HGH not only reduces body fat level and enhances muscle mass gains, but also promotes the growth of bone and internal organs (including the heart), which can lead to death and deformation.

Therefore, growth hormone is only to be used by those who have a legitimate medical deficiency, and never for bodybuilding purposes due to the serious health risks. Again, most bodybuilding supplements that you find in health food stores or on the Internet claiming to naturally increase human growth hormone do not work as advertised (and if they did, you’d experience the same risks outlined above), so I encourage you to save your time and money.

Again, using the Human Growth Hormone drug is very dangerous, and unnecessary to burn fat or build muscle mass. In fact, I gained over 60 lbs of muscle mass through a proper bodybuilding diet and weight training program, as opposed to risking my life using Human Growth Hormone or anabolic steroids.

Many are unaware that a potent bodybuilding diet and weight training program can actually promote natural increases in both testosterone and growth hormone within the normal healthy range, which is why natural bodybuilders who adhere to an effective routine are able to achieve impressive results without the use of bodybuilding supplements or drugs. Therefore, by following a correctly designed diet and weight training routine, you can encourage natural Human Growth Hormone secretion within a safe range without using dangerous, illegal substances that can cause cancer, organ failure and premature death.

In short — avoid Human Growth Hormone! Remember, building muscle mass is possible through proper weight training and bodybuilding diet techniques, and no supposed band-aid (such as HGH) is a valid substitute. I have helped men and women around the world to gain muscle mass through my MuscleNOW natural bodybuilding program, and can show you how to accomplish the best results of your entire life using my proven methods, without any supplements or drugs.