Why Many Natural Bodybuilding Programs Don’t Work

Those who seek to build maximum muscle mass and wish to avoid supplements and steroids often seek out a natural bodybuilding program through the Internet or magazines, implementing the advice they find consistently, to utter disappointment. The reasons behind such lackluster progress can be broad, but what follow are some of the common errors found in many bodybuilding workout and diet plans.

Firstly, workout frequency is often less than adequate for maximum muscle growth. Because so many programs stress how important avoiding overtraining is to the natural bodybuilder, they promote once per week muscle group training, which is insufficient to induce maximum progress. While it’s true that frequent direct stress upon each body part can cause overtraining, this is only an issue if sets and reps are not properly cycled, and when they are, targeting each area every 3-5 days provides for the best possible improvement in muscle mass.

Secondly, often natural bodybuilding programs recommend a large amount of different exercises, selecting some that are not designed to promote maximum muscle growth in lieu of those that provide greater overload to the body, just for the sake of adding variety. A large number of exercises is not necessary, as there are specific weight training exercises that stress muscles better than others, and these are what a muscle mass routine should be based upon.

Thirdly, reps and sets are often either not cycled, or structured in a way that leads to overtraining or undertraining (both are extremely detrimental to muscle building). Personal trainers are notorious for focusing on the dangers of overtraining, but more often than not, bodybuilders are actually entering the opposite undertrained state due to poorly designed set, rep and workout frequency cycles.

Lastly, half of the success equation for muscle building, which is an effective diet plan, is either overlooked or based on flawed principles. Natural bodybuilding diet plans often contain too little carbohydrates, incorrect meal division and calorie selection, etc. There are just as many variables in diet as weight training, and those who achieve disappointing muscle growth must ensure that both their eating and weight training routine is consistent with what maximizes muscle building. A perfect diet without the correct weight lifting plan is worthless, and the opposite is also true.

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