Does Glutamine Build Muscle Mass?

Glutamine is an individual amino acid promoted as the most important building block of muscle mass, yet in reality, many amino acids, in concert, provide for consistent, dramatic muscular increases, and glutamine supplementation is not necessary in one who consumes sufficient protein through natural (food) sources. In fact, supplementing with individual amino acids can be not only wasteful but counterproductive, as all essential amino acids are necessary to form complete protein in the body, and creating imbalances can harm the normal recovery process (meaning you build less muscle mass). By consuming sufficient protein through food sources as I teach in my MuscleNOW bodybuilding program, you will provide sufficient nutrients for muscle building, without the use of individual amino acid products.

Remember, gaining muscle mass results from proper weight training and bodybuilding diet methods, and no supposed band-aid (such as glutamine) is a valid substitute. I gained over 60 lbs of muscle mass naturally, and will show you exactly how to improve your body through proper weight training and diet techniques that have been proven effective. Please view the hundreds of muscle building testimonials that will show how truly effective my MuscleNOW workout and diet program will be in building amazing muscle mass, naturally, without bodybuilding supplements or steroids.