Is Bodybuilding Without Supplements Possible?

Many are under the impression that bodybuilding without bodybuilding supplements produces little progress, and that the only way to build massive muscles is to invest in a truckload of expensive pills and powders. This is of course what supplement companies wish for everyone to believe, since they spend millions advertising products that generate them many times more than this investment from those who believe the intense hype.

But, in reality, the reason so many turn to bodybuilding supplements is due to serious diet and weight training errors that sabotage muscle building results. Out of frustration, anyone who isn’t achieving progress feels that they can only benefit from weight training in the presence of a pill that promises overnight success, since the advertising certainly claims this is so. It’s an easy trap for any bodybuilder, but what most find is that when they introduce these supplements into their bodybuilding workouts, their muscle gains are no better than before (otherwise the product would be classified a drug due to the side effects), and the search then continues for the real miracle supplement, when what truly controls muscle gains is the diet and weight training plan itself.

So, wouldn’t it be wise for someone who isn’t achieving desired muscle gains to question their diet and workout plan? Yes, but few do, and instead choose to believe that some bottled potion will magically bring about rippling muscles. This isn’t true, but doesn’t stop millions of unsuspecting bodybuilders from believing the supplement hype, and they continue to dwell in obscurity due to not addressing the real problem.

If your muscle gains are disappointing, you must change your weight training and diet routine immediately! This means abandoning what you have learned about bodybuilding (because if what you heard was true, you’d be growing, wouldn’t you?), and learn from someone who has achieved natural muscle gains, without supplements or steroids. Yes, bodybuilding without supplements is truly possible, if you have the desire to learn how.