Natural Bodybuilding

The term natural bodybuilding has almost become an oxymoron in recent years, with steroid saturated bodybuilders lining the covers of “fitness” magazines and Internet sites, leading one to believe that natural muscle mass gains are no longer possible. Even natural bodybuilding contests many times do not live up to such a billing, as their advertised competitors often use steroids in the off season, or even to prepare for a contest, finding ways to circumvent any testing that does occur, making such apparent natural competitions anything but!

Despite the fact that many travel the dangerous steroid route, natural bodybuilding is possible, but only through a diet and weight training program that is specifically designed to work with one who is not using drugs. Unfortunately, some mistakenly follow bodybuilding routines written by and for steroid users, and these do not address the natural bodybuilding requirements of those who are drug free.

The dangers of steroids and growth hormone are substantial, but thankfully, you can gain significant muscle mass without such risks, as I have many who have achieved natural bodybuilding success using my MuscleNOW bodybuilding program (including Mr. Idaho, and others who compete, as you will find their success stories on the muscle building testimonial page), and I am certain you can follow in their footsteps by remaining faithful to my weight training and diet recommendations. With hundreds of natural muscle building transformations, MuscleNOW has a proven track record of building muscle mass, so your search for a natural bodybuilding program is finally over!