So when we fail with bodybuilding supplements once, then why do we continue experimenting with such products? Because we are CONFUSED! Early in my bodybuilding career, I assumed that finding the best bodybuilding supplement must be the answer to achieving my own personal muscle mass goals, so when I failed with one, I did not spend the effort to analyze what this was logically telling me, but instead, opted to try another. Why not? The bodybuilding supplement advertising always sounds convincing, and it’s legal, so what do I have to lose (other than $50+ on every bottle)? But at what point does ignoring the facts become complete insanity? Maybe after trying the second batch of products that claim to be the best bodybuilding supplement available and achieving nothing close to what was advertised? Or the third? How about the fourth? Tenth? The fact is, all of us who have experimented with bodybuilding supplements seem to develop a compulsion to continue trying and and again with the hope that one will finally prove to be the best bodybuilding supplement on the planet, because, of course, they ALL could not possibly be offering false promises (or could they?).  There must be at least one bodybuilding supplement that provides at least a small percentage of advertised results, and why not continue searching until we find it? This, of course, is the foolish premise we feed ourselves because of poor muscle mass gains. Companies promote their product as the best bodybuilding supplement available, promising our every wish in one clever advertising campaign, and we in turn experience a small bit of hope that maybe the NEXT product IS the often sought after road paved with dramatic muscle mass improvements, and who benefits? The companies selling bodybuilding supplements!