The Best Time To Weight Train For Maximum Muscle Growth

Timing of weight training sessions is one of the most important factors in achieving maximum muscle mass improvements, but not for the reason many believe. Often it’s thought that there is an exact exact time of the day that always forces the body to achieve superior progress, with some opting for early morning or afternoon workouts because they hear that this provides some biological muscle building advantage.

But in reality, morning, afternoon and evening workouts are objectively identical in their muscle building potency, so why, you may ask, did I mention workout timing as being such an important concept in achieving maximum muscle growth? Because bodybuilding is a hobby that is fueled by intensity with weights, and a sub-par workout leads to disappointing results. Therefore, selecting a weight training time that is consistent with the most energetic and least distracting part of the day is ideal, so that the mind and body can devote 100% effort to moving the most weight, and in turn producing the greatest muscle gains.

But what if the most energetic time of the day happens to be occupied by a job, school or some other requirement that prohibits scheduling a weight training session? If it’s impossible to rearrange daily activities so that weight training occurs in a perfect time slot, then schedule a workout at the most energetic non-conflicting time, but always remember that muscle mass gains will be best with maximum workout effort.

It’s important to try and avoid workout times that force rushing through a weight training session, if at all possible, as this type of pressure generally leads to eventual skipped workouts, and inconsistency is the foundation for poor progress (a fact that any natural bodybuilder will attest to). In the case of a very hectic schedule, workout time may need to occur at a less than ideal part of the day, but if this is the only choice, it’s far better to plan a weight training session whenever free time allows as opposed to avoiding bodybuilding completely and achieving nothing, as it’s still possible to produce impressive results when training at a time when energy may not be at its highest point of the day.

The MuscleNOW natural bodybuilding program provides numerous weight training plans that fit even the most demanding of schedules, and I, the author, am available to all MuscleNOW clients as their Lifetime Email Personal Trainer, where I can tailor the workout to provide the ideal workout for whatever schedule limitations may be present.