Vitamins & Minerals To Gain Muscle Mass

It is true that extravagant vitamin & mineral supplements offer greater potency than their drug store counterparts, yet, I recommend purchasing less expensive alternatives, since the nutrient overload offered in common bodybuilding vitamin and mineral packs can actually harm health. Since the body cannot effectively implement excessive quantities of vitamins or minerals, the majority of name brand vitamin & mineral packs are either excreted in urine, or can disrupt normal body processes, so my recommendation in the MuscleNOW bodybuilding program is far safer and equally effective at building muscle mass.

In short, avoid overly hyped, expensive vitamin and mineral packs, as they will not help you to gain muscle mass, and may actually damage health, as well as unnecessarily lightening your wallet. Remember, gaining muscle mass results from proper weight lifting and diet methods, and no available bodybuilding supplement (including vitamins) will lead you towards physical improvement.

I have gained over 60 lbs of muscle mass naturally, and have guided men and women around the world towards achieving amazing results (as you will see by the hundreds of muscle building testimonials here at Now, I will show you how to improve your body using proper weight training workout and diet techniques alone, without bodybuilding supplements or steroids.