Weight Gain Powder

Weight gain powders are comprised of improper protein and carbohydrate ratios, thus can cause significant body fat accumulation, which ruins appearance and can damage long term health. You will add some strength and muscle mass as a result of extra calories that weight gain powders provide (which is just as easily achieved through juice and milk!), but the negative suffered through weight gain powder usage (body fat increase) far outweighs the benefit (muscle mass).

In addition, weight gain powders can contain potential cancer causing ingredients, no different than many protein powders, and far better choices exist for consuming sufficient calories to gain muscle mass without causing your body fat to quickly rise, or risking long term health damage.

You need to embrace proper ratios of carbohydrates and protein in order to produce quality muscle weight gain (which is the goal), while controlling body fat levels; caloric cycling, calorie division, and meal timing are also very important muscle weight gain principles, and all contribute to quality muscle mass improvements.

Weight training, of course, needs to also follow an effective blueprint, and concepts such as cycling of reps, sets, and rest periods, exercise selection, rep speed, and proper grips work together in molding a fantastic body (and producing desired muscle weight gain without a quick increase in body fat).

Believe me, you want to avoid gaining significant body fat during the muscle building process, and in my MuscleNOW bodybuilding program, I offer you suggestions for creating your own weight gain shakes that will allow you to build significant muscle mass, while controlling body fat, without the health risks that accompany weight gain powder usage.

Remember, muscle mass results from an effective weight training workout plan and bodybuilding diet routine, with no supposed band-aid (such as weight gain powder) serving as a valid substitute. I have achieved tremendous results (over 60 lbs of muscle mass gained) through food + exercise alone; when done correctly, the urge for bodybuilding supplements disappears, and I am teaching men and women around the world exactly how to build muscle mass naturally through my MuscleNOW bodybuilding program.