Whey Protein Powder

You may turn to protein powder for convenience, but such products do not provide a biological advantage over complete protein sources that are available in your local supermarket (regardless of what the bodybuilding supplement pushers claim). If you need a protein powder for convenience or portability, I suggest avoiding whey protein powder and using an egg based product instead, since whey protein powders have been said to contain MSG, which may be cancer-causing, and most whey protein powders also add other dangerous artificial sweeteners and additives to their products. Since MSG is often a byproduct of whey protein powder, I suggest using egg based products instead (not to mention you can pay less for egg protein, while avoiding MSG or the additional additives many whey powders contain).

I can recommend a specific egg based protein powder that I personally use for convenience and portability, as the product contains no artificial sweeteners or additives of any kind, and is farm fresh. But please remember that no protein powder is superior to complete protein foods such as chicken, fish, etc (the potency is identical), and should only be used for convenience or portability.

One of the biggest misconceptions in bodybuilding is that certain overpriced protein powders offer a more potent form of nutrients, and thus bodybuilders find themselves spending far more than necessary for protein powder simply because a company claims their product is slower digesting, or offers a higher biological value, when per gram, their protein powder is no more effective than any complete protein food, or egg protein powder. Beware of this false advertising gimmick claiming superior potency, which is used by bodybuilding supplement companies to try and rank their protein powder above the competition.

You should avoid ALL protein powders that contain additives or artificial sweetening (such as aspartame, sucralose, splenda, Acesulfame K, which is also called Acesulfame Potassium, etc) due to their adverse impact on health, and use egg protein powder to avoid potential health issues with whey supplements (if you own the MuscleNOW bodybuilding program, you will learn of my specific egg protein powder recommendations, and can contact me anytime with questions).

Remember, you will gain muscle mass by using a potent weight training workout plan and bodybuilding diet routine, with NO supposed band-aid (such as protein powder supplementation) serving as a valid substitute. I have achieved tremendous success (over 60 lbs of muscle mass gained), and am now teaching men and women around the world how to produce natural muscle gains through my MuscleNOW bodybuilding program, without supplements or steroids.