The First Step To Building Muscle Without Supplements

Those who are lucky enough to build muscle without supplements often do so as a result of either not being able to afford expensive bodybuilding supplement options, hence forcing them to pursue natural muscle building methods, or wisely have a healthy fear of supplement health side effects. With long enough experimentation, certain bodybuilders stumble upon an effective natural bodybuilding program, but what about those who wish to avoid months or years of weeding through the false theories?

There is unfortunately not an easy several word answer to natural bodybuilding, simply because so many variables exist in regards to both weight training and diet (reps, sets, rest, exercise form, workout structure, rep speed, macronutrient diet ratios, meal frequency, etc), but the first step for anyone who wishes to escape the supplement trap and build muscle using only natural, safe methods is to learn from someone who has already achieved this exact goal, as opposed to relying on instructions from a trainer who is using steroids or relies on various bodybuilding supplements in his or her own routine.

Unfortunately, most bodybuilders who achieve impressive muscle gains are on steroids, so they never had to learn how to properly manipulate their own natural hormone levels through diet, or how to cycle weight lifting volume in a way that promotes proper recovery for someone who has no artificial chemical assistance. They then mistakenly feel as if the routine they use is adaptable to someone who wishes to avoid the same bad habits, but in reality, anybody who wishes to maximize his or her own natural genetic potential does not train or eat like a steroid lifter.

So, step one in an effort to build muscle without supplements is finding a trainer who does not rely on steroids for his or her own progress, and who has opted to avoid any supplement that claims to enhance muscle growth, so that you can benefit from the experience of someone who has learned how to produce the best possible natural progress using diet and weight training alone, without any artificial or potentially harmful aids.

The Best Time To Weight Train For Maximum Muscle Growth

Timing of weight training sessions is one of the most important factors in achieving maximum muscle mass improvements, but not for the reason many believe. Often it’s thought that there is an exact exact time of the day that always forces the body to achieve superior progress, with some opting for early morning or afternoon workouts because they hear that this provides some biological muscle building advantage.

But in reality, morning, afternoon and evening workouts are objectively identical in their muscle building potency, so why, you may ask, did I mention workout timing as being such an important concept in achieving maximum muscle growth? Because bodybuilding is a hobby that is fueled by intensity with weights, and a sub-par workout leads to disappointing results. Therefore, selecting a weight training time that is consistent with the most energetic and least distracting part of the day is ideal, so that the mind and body can devote 100% effort to moving the most weight, and in turn producing the greatest muscle gains.

But what if the most energetic time of the day happens to be occupied by a job, school or some other requirement that prohibits scheduling a weight training session? If it’s impossible to rearrange daily activities so that weight training occurs in a perfect time slot, then schedule a workout at the most energetic non-conflicting time, but always remember that muscle mass gains will be best with maximum workout effort.

It’s important to try and avoid workout times that force rushing through a weight training session, if at all possible, as this type of pressure generally leads to eventual skipped workouts, and inconsistency is the foundation for poor progress (a fact that any natural bodybuilder will attest to). In the case of a very hectic schedule, workout time may need to occur at a less than ideal part of the day, but if this is the only choice, it’s far better to plan a weight training session whenever free time allows as opposed to avoiding bodybuilding completely and achieving nothing, as it’s still possible to produce impressive results when training at a time when energy may not be at its highest point of the day.

The MuscleNOW natural bodybuilding program provides numerous weight training plans that fit even the most demanding of schedules, and I, the author, am available to all MuscleNOW clients as their Lifetime Email Personal Trainer, where I can tailor the workout to provide the ideal workout for whatever schedule limitations may be present.

Is It Possible To Gain Muscle Naturally Without Steroids?

Many who pursue bodybuilding presume that they are doomed to lackluster muscle growth unless they embrace steroid use, but are the limits placed upon natural bodybuilders truly a consequence of their decision to avoid steroids, or also greatly impacted by diet and weight training misinformation within the bodybuilding industry?

The latter devastates the progress of natural bodybuilders more than the former, because most achieve only a fraction of their natural genetic potential due to following misconceptions found on bodybuilding Internet sites, magazines and in gyms around the world. I’m amazed at how many who email me wanting to know why their current routine isn’t working have continued to follow the same flawed plan for months, as any diet and weight training program that does not produce consistent improvements is in need of an immediate overhaul. To continue training and eating in a certain way because it’s considered popular despite poor progress is illogical, and will simply result in more of the same wasteful disappointment.

Following the correct diet and weight training methods is much more of an important factor for natural bodybuilders, because those who use steroids, due to artificially high hormone levels, can make numerous errors in their diet and weight training plan and still achieve decent results, while those who abstain from steroid drugs must embrace specific natural methods to help boost their hormone levels while avoiding overtraining and undertraining (both are equally detrimental to muscle building).

But the question remains, is it possible to gain significant muscle mass without steroids? The answer is a resounding yes, but only when following an effective natural bodybuilding program, with the correct diet and weight training methods to maximize genetic potential. Because most do not, they as a direct consequence achieve very little muscle mass improvements, and begin to feel as if only those who use steroids can possibly produce impressive growth. It’s simple to fall into this trap, but the resolution is to abandon misconceptions, and learn the correct, effective natural bodybuilding diet and weight training methods that are proven to build muscle mass without any steroids or supplements. This really does exist!

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