Is Muscle Growth All About Genetics?

Muscle growth supplements make astounding claims in regards to their potency, prompting many to forget (and neglect) the actual catalyst behind impressive bodybuilding results, which is a properly designed natural bodybuilding program. But there is another component to the muscle building success equation that many who achieve lackluster results often point to with fear, believing that if they are not achieving impressive progress on a new weight lifting workout plan, then they must be the victim of poor genetics.

It is true that genetics play a role in not only how much muscle is built, but how quickly the body is able to add new muscle mass. This is obviously a reality beyond our control, and has a connection with our ancestors before us. Countless bodybuilders who fail to build significant muscle mass, at a loss for where to turn and very frustrated, first experiment with large quantities of bodybuilding supplements, feeling as if they need an external aid to bring about consistent results, but once they produce nothing different than before, are quick to classify themselves as a hardgainer (a term used to describe someone with poor muscle genetics), often quitting bodybuilding due to a feeling that they are doomed to failure.

But, the truth is, those who are unable to achieve their muscle building goals are most often not a victim of poor genetics, but rather are merely making serious errors in their weight training workout or diet plan that greatly limit or prevent muscle gains. This is excellent news for those who are currently disappointed with their progress, but unfortunately, because of powerful advertising campaigns, muscle growth supplements continue to convince natural bodybuilders that any lack of results can be overcome with supplementation, prompting millions to waste time and money on false promises.

I started bodybuilding on my 16th birthday weighing 130 lbs at a height of 6’2″, so my genetics seemed to be terrible for bodybuilding, yet, I gained over 65 lbs of muscle mass naturally, without supplements or steroids. How? By following a potent diet and weight training plan.

The Biggest Factor In Building Natural Muscle Mass

So many seeking to build muscle mass seek out natural muscle building supplements, feeling that the fountain to muscle growth is buried somewhere deep inside of a health store shelf, but the biggest factor in building muscle mass has no connection whatsoever with supplements, and revolves around concepts that so many take for granted.

It’s amazing how many have contacted me from around the world wondering what bodybuilding diet to follow for optimum muscle gains, but insisting that their weight training routine is perfect. The immediate response that flows through my mind is, how can this individual be certain that his or her weight lifting plan is optimal when results are poor? Obviously, mistakes are being made since muscle growth is disappointing, but the assumption by so many is that some of what they do is correct, when more often than not, the entire routine must be overhauled, both the food that is consumed and the type of weight training workout plan that is followed, because the combination of proper eating and exercise is what produces impressive natural muscle mass improvements.

So, step one is to find a potent natural bodybuilding program that was designed by someone who has never used steroids, and has built muscle on a natural hormonal profile. The next step, just as important to achieving jaw dropping muscle gains, is consistency, where you regularly implement the effective bodybuilding routine, and in order for this objective to be met, the workout and diet must be realistic for the individual’s lifestyle and emotional makeup. This is why it’s important that whatever routine is adopted be flexible enough to change given specific circumstances, because anyone who tries to follow a weight lifting workout or diet plan that is causing them substantial mental stress is going to eventually scrap the routine, and the search for natural muscle building supplements will then return out of sheer frustration.

Just remember that external factors are what promote internal change, so if you aren’t building muscle mass weekly, then you need to completely overhaul your weight lifting workout and diet routine to one that has been properly designed by a natural bodybuilder.

Can Everyone Build Muscle Naturally?

Bodybuilding supplement advertising propaganda suggests that those who wisely avoid anabolic steroids need to find bottled assistance in the form of a pill or powder in order to build muscle, but this notion poses several questions. Firstly, are supplements a viable substitution for steroids, and secondly, if they are, is using such products consistent with the spirit of natural bodybuilding?

No bodybuilding supplement can replace the hormonal boosting impact of anabolic steroids, despite advertising suggesting otherwise. In fact, the reason many weight lifters avoid steroids is not because they don’t aid in building larger muscles, but rather due to the serious health risks associated with all hormonal drugs (heart failure and other cardiovascular issues, cancer, organ disease, etc), so logically, when searching for a bodybuilding supplement replacement, how can such a product possibly provide anywhere near the muscle gains of steroids without also impacting health in a negative way? If this were possible, no bodybuilder would use steroids, as they could purchase supplements legally and achieve the same benefit with no risk, but this is the fantasy world which supplement advertising tries to create in order to encourage confused bodybuilders to try their products.

To build muscle naturally, there are only two necessary components – a properly designed bodybuilding diet plan, and a potent weight training workout routine. The combination of these two foundational elements is what maximizes genetical potential, allowing significant muscle mass improvements without the health risks associated with bodybuilding supplements or steroid drugs. Unfortunately, because so many make serious errors in their diet and weight training plan that prevents muscle gains, they are strongly tempted to either experiment with supplements or even steroids, when there is a substantial amount of natural muscle building potential that has remain untapped as a result of diet and weight lifting mistakes. If you are unsatisfied with your level of muscle growth, before wasting time and money on supplements that don’t work as advertised, or risking health, well being and life itself with steroids, please correct the mistakes in your diet and workout plan, as by doing so, impressive results will soon follow.