Why Many Natural Bodybuilding Programs Don’t Work

Those who seek to build maximum muscle mass and wish to avoid supplements and steroids often seek out a natural bodybuilding program through the Internet or magazines, implementing the advice they find consistently, to utter disappointment. The reasons behind such lackluster progress can be broad, but what follow are some of the common errors found in many bodybuilding workout and diet plans.

Firstly, workout frequency is often less than adequate for maximum muscle growth. Because so many programs stress how important avoiding overtraining is to the natural bodybuilder, they promote once per week muscle group training, which is insufficient to induce maximum progress. While it’s true that frequent direct stress upon each body part can cause overtraining, this is only an issue if sets and reps are not properly cycled, and when they are, targeting each area every 3-5 days provides for the best possible improvement in muscle mass.

Secondly, often natural bodybuilding programs recommend a large amount of different exercises, selecting some that are not designed to promote maximum muscle growth in lieu of those that provide greater overload to the body, just for the sake of adding variety. A large number of exercises is not necessary, as there are specific weight training exercises that stress muscles better than others, and these are what a muscle mass routine should be based upon.

Thirdly, reps and sets are often either not cycled, or structured in a way that leads to overtraining or undertraining (both are extremely detrimental to muscle building). Personal trainers are notorious for focusing on the dangers of overtraining, but more often than not, bodybuilders are actually entering the opposite undertrained state due to poorly designed set, rep and workout frequency cycles.

Lastly, half of the success equation for muscle building, which is an effective diet plan, is either overlooked or based on flawed principles. Natural bodybuilding diet plans often contain too little carbohydrates, incorrect meal division and calorie selection, etc. There are just as many variables in diet as weight training, and those who achieve disappointing muscle growth must ensure that both their eating and weight training routine is consistent with what maximizes muscle building. A perfect diet without the correct weight lifting plan is worthless, and the opposite is also true.

Those who seek to achieve the best possible muscle growth without using supplements or steroids should consider the MuscleNOW natural bodybuilding program, which teaches all of the correct diet and weight training workout methods to follow for consistent results.

Can I Build Muscle Naturally At Home?

I receive many emails from those interested in my MuscleNOW bodybuilding program who wonder whether they can build muscle naturally at home, or if they will be forced to join a gym to achieve desired results. Because many bodybuilders opt to train at gyms, there is a commonly held belief that joining one is a prerequisite for muscle gains, but this isn’t only untrue, but, in my own personal case, I have achieved far more benefit from weight training at home (over 60 lbs of muscle gained, naturally) than would have ever been possible had I opted for a gym membership.

Firstly, I detest waiting for or sharing machines, as when I lift weights, my mind is focused on one objective, which is to generate the greatest possible intensity for each of my weight lifting sets. Someone asking to share a machine with me, or needing to wait in line for weight lifting equipment to become available would be a great distraction for me, reducing my ability to put forth maximum workout effort. This alone was an important enough reason for me to purchase equipment for my home, so that I can dictate my own pace each set and devote maximum mental focus to my workouts.

Secondly, when I’m focused on building muscle, there is no time for conversation, and gyms are notorious for generating idle chatter that either unnecessarily prolongs a weight training session, or actually pulls a bodybuilder’s mind away from his workouts to the point that he is no longer able to produce the necessary intensity to build muscle mass naturally. By training in my basement, I have been able to avoid conversation and focus my mind and body on challenging muscles to reach their maximum growth potential. When it’s time to train, nothing else should prove to be a distraction if maximum muscle growth is the goal.

Lastly, when totalling the cost of an average gym membership, in several years, purchasing weight training equipment for the home will pay for itself, and then begin saving significant funds compared to carrying a monthly gym fee. In fact, I can recommend weight training equipment that has a lifetime in-home guarantee where any issues will be addressed by the manufacturer, and is of a quality comparable to what you will find at most gyms. This allows you to save large amounts of money long term if you plan on continuing to pursue bodybuilding, which in and of itself makes purchasing weight training equipment for the home a wise decision.

Of course, there are those who do not have the space for exercise equipment, travel often, or who actually prefer performing their weight lifting workouts in a public environment, and for such individuals, the gym becomes a viable option.

If anybody is interested in constructing a customized home gym setup that takes into consideration your space limitations and budget, please contact me, and I will be glad to help!

Can I Build Muscle Naturally Without Weight Gain Powders?

Many who seek to build muscle naturally opt for weight gain powders, which are promoted as providing the necessary nutrients for thin weight lifters to finally achieve their desired muscle gains. This is one of the first supplements purchased by those who wish to add muscle weight, yet, the results achieved by those who use such products more often than not are quite different from what the supplement advertising suggests.

Because weight gain powders are filled with simple sugars, they contribute to massive amounts of fat gain; the reason for this is not only the simple sugar content, but the fact that weight gain powders inherently force the bodybuilder to consume excess carbohydrates in relation to protein, which forces insulin to rise, pushing excess calories into fat cells.

Most are convinced through bodybuilding magazine articles and Internet message forums that to build muscle naturally, the critical factor is to keep calories high and to maintain sufficient protein, which is true on the surface, but harmful if divorced from the proper ratios of protein, carbohydrates and fat, all of which play an important role in hormone manipulation (testosterone and GH). This is a critical factor to anyone who seeks to build muscle naturally, without steroids or any other artificial hormone boosters.

Bodybuilders often feel that weight gain powders are an easy way to reach their caloric requirements for muscle building, yet, because the protein and carbohydrate levels in protein powders are less than optimal, and consist of refined sugars, the excess calories lead to significant body fat accumulation. In addition to the overabundance of simple sugars in weight gain powders, often such products are filled with artificial additives and sweeteners, which can harm health. This is a factor few fail to analyze when opting for weight gain powders in place of real food, yet, like whey protein, weight gain powders are not a healthy option for satisfying the necessary nutritional requirements for muscle building.

Often, bodybuilders feel that they have no choice but to utilize weight gain powders because their appetite will not otherwise support sufficient food consumption for muscle growth, but, a far more effective approach is to create a natural liquid weight gain shake using egg protein powder (that contains no additives or sweeteners) mixed with the proper quantities of healthy sweet foods such as raw honey and bananas. This approach focuses upon natural, healthy ingredients, using the proper amount of each to reach the ideal protein and carbohydrate level, promoting natural muscle building without boosting body fat to unreasonable levels. Instead of artificial sweeteners, this type of muscle building shake focuses on natural sweet food sources to provide the necessary flavor.

Never forget that to build muscle naturally, calories and protein are not the only variables, and to focus on these two exclusively will result in massive body fat accumulation that will harm as opposed to improve the appearance of your body. The MuscleNOW bodybuilding program teaches you exactly how to combine protein, carbohydrate and fats to create the optimum levels of each, as well as how to produce your own natural muscle building shake so that you can achieve maximum results.

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